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Thor: Ragnarok
After being absent for the beginning of Phase 3, we finally catch back up with the God of Thunder, Thor. After his realization that someone is hunting the Infinity Stones, Thor has spent the last few years unsuccessfully searching for them....

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The Crow
So yeah, I really can't recommend this movie enough. While it's definitely sad that Lee died while making this, at least there's some small condolence that his magnum opus was damned near perfect.

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Stranger Things: Season 2 Stranger Things: Season 2
I'll admit it... the last scene of the last episode? I...
The Mist The Mist
I really enjoyed how this wasn't just another...
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Yeah, the Sony/Marvel deal is looking more and more...
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Last I read, there's going to be a confirmed rated R...
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters
Shit sucked. 0/10
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I really liked the first movie in this reboot. This...
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia
Wait, you don't like John Goodman? He's had his duds,...
Suicide Squad Suicide Squad
Pretty much terrible from start to finish. DCCU pretty...
Us Sinners Us Sinners
There's a new VOID service and Us Sinners is available...
Zootopia Zootopia
Loved this. I didn't think it was as great as the...

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