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Posted: 04/14/2016, 10:35 PM
George Snow
Body Count Fodder
Posts: 88
I love movies. It wasn't till I tried writing that I even cared who wrote or directed a film. When I did start caring I found out that Frank Capra is my favorite director. Of course he did It's a Wonderful Life. But, he also created my all-time favorite It Happened One Night, and Mr Deeds Goes to Town and a host of other magnificent films. To my shock Robert Riskin wrote many of these films. So, the combination of Capra/Riskin is my #1 film making team.

Tonight on ebay (first time I searched for Riskin) I bought a one page contract for Capra to get $25,000 for working OT on Meet John Doe (another one of my fave classics starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyk) Signed by both Capra and Riskin. It's like a dream piece of memorabilia come true. Holy SHIT!!!!!

I did pay too much. But, it was worth it. Now I have to get a cast photo (found a nice one on the net) to frame it with.
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