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Posted by George Snow on July 22, 2016
Us Sinners
Us Sinners There's a new VOID service and Us Sinners is available on it. There might be some other underground films you might be interested in seeing.
Posted by George Snow on July 12, 2016
Zootopia Loved this. I didn't think it was as great as the Box-Office presented it.

Pixar and Disney didn't split, did they?

I paid $21 for the 3D set. They didn't send me the digital code, so I complained. They sent me a code which got me one hundred Disney points. They sent me another code which got me the digital copy and 150 points. Then I sold the DVD copy for $7. I love a bargain.
Posted by George Snow on March 13, 2016
King Kong
King Kong Just watched this after years, and it's AMAZING.
Posted by George Snow on March 13, 2016
Inside Out
Inside Out I enjoyed Cranium Command much more than this movie. I have it somewhere on MiniDV.

Posted by George Snow on February 25, 2016
Inside Out
Inside Out There was a "show" at Epcot called Cranium Command that was this movie. It told the story of a boy's day at school when he doesn't get to eat breakfast. All his functions working against each other.

I enjoyed this. But, it's one of the weaker Pixar films IMO. The story structure seemed off. The Protagonist/Antagonist wasn't necessarily clear. I still own it though.
Posted by George Snow on January 20, 2016
Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2 I like them both equally. Though I was surprised that Moretz's role wasn't much bigger in this one. She was the stand-out in the first.
Posted by George Snow on December 08, 2015
Kick-Ass This is the movie where I said Moretz was going to be a huge star. She stole the show.
Posted by George Snow on November 14, 2015
American Sniper
American Sniper Overall the professionalism of the film is excellent. All the performances were first rate... But, in the end, it was boring. The action was extreme. I just wish the family story was a little more interesting.

I also don't see why so many were offended by this film.

People are fucked up.
Posted by George Snow on November 02, 2015
Interstellar This movie bored the hell out of me. I tried to enjoy it, and it just did nothing for me.
Posted by George Snow on November 01, 2015
Bride Of Frankenstein
Bride Of Frankenstein I bought the Universal Monster set, and watched Frankenstein and Bride as a double feature. It was a great night. Both are well deserved classics.

Without looking it up, who was Elsa Lancaster married to? Hint, he played an iconic monster in a remake of one of Lon Chaney's famous roles.
Posted by George Snow on October 09, 2015
Frankenstein The Bride should be next. It's BETTER than Frankenstein (though not by much).

Mae Clarke went on to get a grapefruit to the face by Jimmy Cagney in The Public Enemy, released the same year 1931.

Colin Clive died in 37 from pneumonia because he was a raging alcoholic.

The little things...

All the classics are 10/10

If you haven't seen The Invisible Man, the special effects are WOW!
Posted by George Snow on September 21, 2015
Final Destination
Final Destination I just watched the four in a row, and I enjoyed the hell out of this series. The originality of the kills was pretty impressive in this era. All of the acting was fine, and I didn't really have a problem with the "unique" plot. If you just go with it, it's a fun ride.
Posted by George Snow on July 03, 2015
Zombieland I love Zombieland. I found a 2007 draft of the script (I thought it was the final draft). The script is different, interesting and has some great moments.
I always wondered how they found the girls and the Escalade on the road. It was On-Star. Harrelson’s character had a friendly relationship with Detroit the last On-Star operator. She thought he was killed when the escalade crashed. She gave him the location of it. She in the script a bunch of times, and completely removed from the film.

There’s no clown nemesis for Flagstaff and the girls final destination was DISNEYLAND. Of course they’d never get permission to shoot there, and it ends at a mini-mart.

Flagstaff and Stone never hook up, and the guys are constantly being hi-jacked by them. The girls are not in the last half hour of the film (they’re found 2 pages before The End) or at Bill Murray’s house. Of course in the script it’s Patrick Swayze’s pad. Swayze has no lines as he’s a real zombie. Numerous classic Swayze scenes are reproduced, ending with Swayze and Harrelson reenacting the Swayze/Grey dance.
It’s fascinating the simple changes that made the film that much better than the script (though there’s plenty of great stuff removed. I don’t remember where I downloaded it from, it’s well worth the read.
Posted by George Snow on April 12, 2015
Salò: The 120 Days Of Sodom
Salò: The 120 Days Of Sodom If this movie was made in the US there would have been a revolt at the end and the Fascists would have died as tragically as possible. However, there is nothing compatible for them to get their just desserts. That's my main problem with this film, this is sickness for sickness sake. There's no ramifications for your actions. While this is true in real-life, why would you glorify it on cinema? I liken this to The Wolf of Wall Street. I sat there for 3 hours waiting for this asshole to die, and he didn't.

Sick, disturbing film, just not satisfying in the end.
Posted by George Snow on March 18, 2015
The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Of The Opera Yes, Charlie Chaplin.

I bought a 10 blu ray set from South Korea, many of his classics aren't available in the US on blu ray.

Buster Keaton is a completely different type comedian. But, his silents are magnificent. I didn't think I would appreciate him the way I did Chaplin, and I was wrong.

The one thing to remember when watching silents, there was no code for danger. So, many of the things that look dangerous and deadly, and they were.
Posted by George Snow on March 18, 2015
Jennifer's Body
Jennifer's Body I didn't know till recently that this was written by Diablo Cody. So, for $3 I bought it. Fox is pretty hot, so really how bad could it be? The first thing I noticed is Seyfried is the lead not Fox. IMO I'd fuck Seyfried over Fox any day of the week. So, that was a pleasant surprise. It was the awful script that ruined this movie.

I've been watching a ton of Chaplin, Keaton, Hitchcock, and everything else made back in Hollywood's hey day. So, I have high expectations. The amount of long, boring and nothing happens scenes were vast as opposed to the one or two decent bloody moments.

This movie is a prime example of latching onto a script written by an Oscar winner. This script had no right being shot the way it was. Look at the amount of talent that grabbed on. What a piece of shit this was.
Posted by George Snow on March 18, 2015
The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Of The Opera Isn't it fantastic? It's your first silent, there are SO MANY magnificent silents. Wait till you see The Hunchback of Notre Dame, West of Zanzibar, The Unknown or The Penalty.

Kino has released the original 1925 version on Blu Ray along with 2 1929 reissues in one package. They're all great.

If you get a chance and want a recommendation on (IMO) one of those endings that just flaw you, check out Chaplin's City Lights. All his films are fabulous, but the ending of CL is special, very very special.
Posted by George Snow on February 12, 2015
Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance
Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance I enjoyed the first. This was okay. The story was kind of lame.
Posted by George Snow on December 20, 2014
Guardians Of The Galaxy
Guardians Of The Galaxy I enjoyed this. It was great in 3D. The Director was a lucky man once married to Jenna Fischer.
Posted by George Snow on November 19, 2014
Us Sinners
Us Sinners I found this extremely funny and ironic Though the real one isn't funny, it's sad.

I've had many people ask "why didn't the first prostitute bite his dick?" My response has always been she's probably wasted, drunk or just didn't think of it. Which is never thought of by these Monday morning quarterbacks.

Last night Don Lemon asked one of Bill Cosby's rape victims why she didn't use her teeth when he forced her to perform oral sex on him. She put on a tight lipped smile and said "I never thought of it. Not then, not until you just mentioned it". She ended with an "Ouch".

Just because something is obvious to some, doesn't make it obvious to others.

Do you think Bill Cosby took greater pleasure as a black man drugging and raping white women? All the victims I've seen are white.
Posted by George Snow on November 08, 2014
Creature From The Black Lagoon
Creature From The Black Lagoon I have the Universal box set. I hesitated to watch Creature because I just thought it was going to be like every other 50s Sci-Fi movie. I thought it would be a little better, but not much.

I'm shocked at how great this flick was. I watched it in 3D which was an added bonus. That scene with the girl swimming was incredible. Underwater sequences are fantastic. Some magnificent shots of the creature made him truly seem life like (for this type of movie was outstanding) and the way the good guys were actually the bad guys made this a movie well worth numerous views. The documentary on it is pretty cool also.

When we were kids we had the 8mm short version of The Creature Walks Amongst Us. I have to find that on blu ray.
Posted by George Snow on October 28, 2014
Yes: Live, Hemel Hempstead Pavillion, UK, October 3rd, 1971
Yes: Live, Hemel Hempstead Pavillion, UK, October 3rd, 1971 I saw them at Madison Square Garden in the late 70s or early 80s. Great musicians.

ELP is still my favorite prog-rock band. Saw them in 78 on their Works tour.

I love punk rock. Been a fan since The NY Dolls. It's a shame how these prof rock bands with magnificent musicians have been forgotten and passed over by most everyone, and lesser musicians are praised for their lack of musicianship. Don't get me wrong, Punk rock is my favorite form of music. But, as far as musicianship goes prog rockmusicians are the best.
Posted by George Snow on April 20, 2014
Arachnophobia I'm not afraid of spiders that are at a distance. But, I don't like them. If they show up close to me, they will make me step back. I can't stand walking into webs, that freaks me out. So, needless to say I LOVE this movie. I just watched it on blu ray and it took me back to 90 when it first came out. Funny and disgusting. Just a great, great, great movie. All the more so, if spiders aren't your friends.
Posted by George Snow on April 10, 2014
Carrie I saw the original every day in the theatre for it's run. So, it's thoroughly embedded on my brain. The script for this is so close to the original, there are scenes they didn't even bother to change the dialogue. The only true difference is youtube and cell phones. Moretz (I'm going to see Moretz in her off-broadway show next Sat) and Moore are excellent. But, the direction and style of the film completely lets down the performances. Because you can watch this and the original side by side, and scene for scene everything in the original is classic and original. This version is worse than a cheap knockoff.

This is a version made for teens who refuse to watch anything made before 2000. Worst remake I've ever seen.
Posted by George Snow on April 10, 2014
Dracula On 44th St there was a movie theatre that had a HUGE screen. Old fashioned one screen theatre, it was magnificent. The night this opened we went. The line was down 44th to 7th, down 7th and up 45th. Thankfully Karen and I walked to the front of the line and asked a nice group of young ladies if we could be their friend for a few moments. We didn't have to wait a half hour just to enter.

That was the only good thing that night. They only used a small portion of the screen, and while the cinematography and visuals are magnificent, everything else about this sucks. Ryder and Reeves trying to ACT like they're from turn of the century is beyond laughable. It's just awful.

BUT, I bought the blu ray this past week and popped it in a few nights ago. My opinion hasn't changed and I couldn't make it past their first kiss. Oldman's Lugosi impersonation is mind-crushing terrible.

I have to try to return this crap. I gave it a one because I can't give it a negative five.
Posted by George Snow on April 04, 2014
Gravity I bought the 3D blu ray because I was able to get it half price (all three Transformer movies and Gravity 3 disc set for $40 whew hew) I had no idea what I was about to see, and I didn't think it was going to enjoy it. Like you I figured I'd watch it once and be done with it.

This is one movie that needed to be seen in the theatre. We have a home theatre (7.5' x 4.5') and this movie was absolutely incredible especially in 3D. My jaw was dropped through most of this picture.

Bullock's performance deserved the Academy Award. I saw Blue Jasmine and it did not hold a candle to Bullock. Under the proper circumstances (screen size) this would be a movie you would watch again and again. It's a stunning motion picture experience.

Unlike the fucking Wolf of Wall Street. I thought every aspect of this was great. But, 3 fucking hours on a piece of shit's life is not my idea of a pleasant viewing experience.
Posted by George Snow on March 25, 2014
Hugo Magnificent movie.

Moretz one of my favorites is making her Off-Broadway debut tonight. I'm going when the show officially opens next month. I'm psyched.
Posted by George Snow on March 25, 2014
Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland I went into this knowing it wasn't going to be a faithful adaptation. As a hardcore Alice In Wonderland fan, and a person who doesn't particularly care for Burton, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this. It holds it's own for me.

I was in England and I was using a Disney Alice In Wonderland small shoulder bag for my camera. I was hanging with some friends and the girl in the group gave me a list of Alice novels I should look for. The versions all had excellent drawings. Unfortunately, I lost the list.
Posted by George Snow on August 02, 2013
Freaks A little trivia on this flick. Lon Chaney Sr (man of 1000 faces) was suppose to be in this movie. But, he died before production began. If you've seen it, you know what happens to Cleopatra at the end. That piece was made by Chaney, and there's a famous picture of him in it with Browning at his side.

Lon Chaney Sr. The MAN!

If you ever get a chance, West of Zanzibar, The Unknown are excellent features that are available. The subject matter is pretty incredible for the time. The Unknown features a really young Joan Crawford. Think of that, Chaney Sr starring above the great Ms Crawford.
Posted by George Snow on January 24, 2013
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
The Human Centipede (First Sequence) This was one messed up movie. So disturbingly enjoyable. Everything was top notch.

Follender and Bluemeanie (I know your posts are old) but, don't think this is so over the top that it could never happen. Because it probably has. I'm guessing that's the reason you find this movie to be a piece of crap. People do fucked up things to each other all the time.
Posted by George Snow on January 13, 2013
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Again, just mindless fun. Plus the cop and reporter were pretty hot also. I'm looking forward to seeing the 3D movies when I get the damn glasses.
Posted by George Snow on January 13, 2013
Resident Evil
Resident Evil I like looking at Milla Jovoich. So, I enjoyed this. I forgot I saw it till I bought the blu-ray box set. I've never played the game. But, probably the reason they didn't follow the storyline of the game is for plot/characterization. This isn't so much a zombie movie as a good guy/bad guy film. Alice and co versus the Umbrella Corporation. This is just good mindless fun. Plus, Milla is just HOT.
Posted by George Snow on November 14, 2012
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Pink Floyd: The Wall I like this more now than I did when it first came out.

Roger Waters Wall tour these past few years, #1 in spectacle. The music is magnificent and Waters treated it as classical and opera is handled. It's pretty exact with some of the finest musicians recreating the album. He's touring Europe in 2013 and hopefully will do another US run. DON'T MISS IT if he does. It's like nothing you've ever seen, or will ever see again.
Posted by George Snow on November 02, 2012
Mad Monster Party
Mad Monster Party It's the Rudolph of Halloween, and way back when this and Great Pumpkin were it. But, this of course represents the horror aspect of Halloween. This wasn't aired often after 67. I saw it back then, and as a huge horror buff loved it. I bought the DVD a few years ago for a few dollars. Yeah, it's pretty bad. I don't think I made it through the entire show. I might give it another shot someday, when I've feeling sentimental.

Posted by George Snow on October 13, 2012
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games I just saw this. I don't get why it was popular. But, I don't get Twilight either.
Posted by George Snow on September 27, 2012
Opera I enjoyed this. I saw it 1987 at a horror convention up in Albany. I sat very close to Dario as he worked the projector showing this movie. The needles taped to her face is classic.

The projector kept shutting down, and he was getting a little frustrated. He has GREASY DIRTY hair. He didn't smell to good either.
Posted by George Snow on August 28, 2012
Nothing I think it might be a guy who has lost everything so he decides to commit suicide. Then he fades to nothingness. The little girl stood out amongst all the drones who never notice anything. At least that's how I saw it. It was very good.
Posted by George Snow on July 08, 2012
Hostel: Part III
Hostel: Part III I haven't seen this. But, I loved and own Part 2. First it starred Lauren German who is HOT. Second, it had both sides of the story which made it fascinating. The problem with both one and two is the gore just wasn't worth the wait.
Posted by George Snow on July 02, 2012
The Fly
The Fly Sorry, this movie is a classic. Completely original for its time.

Posted by George Snow on April 01, 2012
New York Dolls - Lookin' Fine On Television
New York Dolls - Lookin' Fine On Television My NY Dolls album is a promo copy that I bought at a flea market. It's still incredible. That album started a love affair that still continues. Me and Johnny Thunders. I followed this guy from the late 70s to his passing in 91. I attended the wake and funeral and still think about the great performer he was. RIP Johnny, Jerry, Arthur and lil Billy. They were the first and best... I was watching The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll and Ritter played "Lonely Planet Boy" for Taryn Manning. Ah... you just Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory. But, how I try...
Posted by George Snow on March 19, 2012
Ian Hunter - Live At Rockpalast Featuring Mick Ronson
Ian Hunter - Live At Rockpalast Featuring Mick Ronson There are four guitarists I put in a league of their own that I love. Johnny Thunders/Jimmy Page/Mick Jones (Clash) and Mick Ronson. Mick's two solo albums are still in my top for greatest albums ever. I bought a Black Les Paul and wanted to have the paint removed from the top so I could emulate his Gibson. But, every shop I brought it to refused to defile the instrument.

Mick's never gotten the recognition he deserved. Without his talent Ziggy Stardust would not have been the success it was. Nothing Bowie did after Mick left has the ravenous hooks that made Bowie/Ronson collaborations so magnificent. Mellencamp's Jack and Diane is Mick Ronson. Lou Reed's string arrangements are Mick Ronson. There's a ton of classic music that has Ronson's fingerprints on it, yet no one knows his name.

I'd been going to concerts for a few years, and this tour Hunter/Ronson played at Hammerheads on Long Island. I was right up against the stage just a foot or so of Mick. I couldn't take my eyes off him. After the last encore he dropped his pick. I fucking jumped onto that stage and grabbed it. It's the first memento I ever got from a concert and still one my favorites.

Johnny died in 1991. Mick passed 2 years later, which was a total shock.

But, his legacy lives on. His daughter Lisa Ronson is the lead vocalist in the band The Secret History, right here out of NYC. The band's great and she looks exactly like Mick. She's carrying on the family tradition of musical excellence.

I went a few years ago to see Ian Hunter play at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. I snuck in my video camera and taped the show. Ian is a great performer with magnificent material. If he ever passes your way, definitely check him out.
Posted by George Snow on February 10, 2012
The Woman
The Woman I enjoyed this. I don't get why McKee is getting "woman hater" flak because all the characters are spot on. Personally, I think it's just their own publicity machine churning out the controversy.

What I didn't like about it was the scene/shot length and repetition of information. The opening which points out two plot points took 5 minutes.

This is another great character study (though not as good as MAY). Angela Bettis is magnificent as always. Sean Bridgers was great but kind of flat at points. The little daughter and son were excellent.

Posted by George Snow on October 04, 2011
Anatomy Of Hell
Anatomy Of Hell After reading this review I had to see the movie. I have to say I found Amira Caser HOT. So, I watched because I enjoyed looking at her naked.

Where I failed, the dialogue was contrived. It's lots of ten dollar sentences that might be poetic. But, I'm not good at figuring out the meaning. Metaphors on top of metaphors give me a headache. So, I found myself FFing through the dialogue. Even though she was naked, when they were talking it dragged.

What I did do for a little while was watch the director being interviewed. This is the story of the first man and woman. She spouts five dollar sentences that only other "artists" of her ilk can understand. I'm too low brow. I can talk about the "deep meaning" behind many of Us Sinners scenes. But, in the end, either it works or it doesn't. Thank God Amira is hot, or else I'd have turned it off.

I'm probably going to send back the movie before watching the whole interview. But, I don't think the shocking moments were suppose to be shocking. I think they were like the action sequences so you don't fall asleep.

Posted by George Snow on September 18, 2011
The Death Of Andy Kaufman
The Death Of Andy Kaufman He was the highlight of SNL. From the first time he did Mighty Mouse he owned that show. What a nut!
Posted by George Snow on September 18, 2011
Se7en Love this movie. I have the DELUXE Laserdisc version.
Posted by George Snow on March 10, 2011
Let Me In
Let Me In Moretz was excellent as always. The story was fantastic. But, it was long and drawn out. I kept wanting to turn it off. Then something good would happen. The crap for five minutes, then a good piece. If they cut about 25 minutes of the useless fat, this would have been perfect. That girl is gonna be a star. She just made a guest appearance on 30 Rock last week.
Posted by George Snow on March 06, 2011
The Doom Generation
The Doom Generation I really wanted to enjoy this. But, I didn't. I started FFing about a half hour in. I'd let it run during the sex scenes and that was about it. The messed up part there's a few similarities between Doom and Us Sinners. Lots of CUs, the guy jerking off on the bed, and the Mother Mary statue going where it shouldn't. I had to check the year. But,it would have been me to rip them off, because I shot Us Sinners in 2005.

But, I think Us Sinners kicks this movie's ass. With the exception of McGowan's tits. Those are fucking nice.
Posted by George Snow on February 07, 2011
Willard Ben the two of us need look no more... Poor Michael.
Posted by George Snow on February 07, 2011
Let Me In
Let Me In I'm not going to read your review till after I see this. But, the young girl is the one from Kick-Ass and she's an excellent actress. I'm looking forward to seeing this.

I found this amusing, In Kick-Ass she's this short little child. But, in Diary of a Whimpy Kid, she looks pretty tall.
Posted by George Snow on October 14, 2010
Us Sinners
Us Sinners Thank you!
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