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Graveyard Shift (1990)

DVD Cover (Paramount)
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Genres / Traits:
Horror, Natural Horror, Creatures: Rats
Ralph S. Singleton Ralph S. Singleton
David Andrews David Andrews
Kelly Wolf Kelly Wolf
Stephen Macht Stephen Macht
Andrew Divoff Andrew Divoff
Vic Polizos Vic Polizos
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Review by Chad
Added: February 29, 2004
Very nice one here, if I don't say so myself. Most King movies are either hit or miss, and this one definitely wasn't a miss. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a classic, or a must-see, but yep.

First and foremost, the effects. They were very excellently done, considering the time this came out and similar movies of that period. The main bat-rat thing was nicely put together, and they pulled a nice little tease-job with showing it throughout the movie. At first, you only see a shadow, then a wing, then a bit more, then then then... I think that approach is much better than throwing out the monster in the first five minutes of the movie, personally. Anywho, back to the review. There was a shocking amount of blood and gore thrown into the mix here... most King movies have their major moments, or a few small scenes, but this one was quite loaded throughout. Lots of death, lots of dismemberment, lots of crimson, all very realisticly done.

Now, with all this, you'd think the storyline would be pretty shit... I mean, big Hollywood movie, great effects, and that would be it. Nope, shockingly enough. Although there are a couple of holes in the plot, it's pretty solid throughout for the most part. Holes, you ask? Literally and figuratively. From the "discovery" in the basement onwards, it's a pretty big noodlescratcher as to how... well, I won't spoil it, but you'll know what I mean.

Overall, 7/10 should wrap it up.
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