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Vintage Erotica Anno 1960 (2007)

DVD Cover (Cult Epics)
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Adult Entertainment, Hardcore Sex Film
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Review by Chad
Added: September 20, 2007
It's been a while, but I do believe that it's time for a little more vintage porn. After all, can you ever have enough stag loops on DVD? I certainly think not. Now, if you'll recall Retro-Seduction Cinema's take on porn in the sixties (Naughty Nudes of the 1960's), you'll likely remember that it seemed to be a pretty softcore decade. Women loved to show off their goods and do some gentle rubbing on one another, but hardcore action? That never happened on film... or did it? Well, thanks to Cult Epics, we get to see the seedier side of pornography from the sixties, and let me tell you, some of this stuff makes even the hardcore porn of today look tame in comparison.

There's twelve films included in this package (thirteen if you count the bonus film from the forties), and they kick off with a rather tame one that looks like it could have come straight out of the aforementioned Retro-Seduction Cinema release: a woman drinks a glass of milk, smokes a cigarette, and then strips down to her birthday suit for the camera - the end. However, the softcore stuff ends right there as we then move onwards to a dozen films featuring threesomes, foursomes, lesbian sex, father-mother-daughter incest, grandparents getting it on with young maids, and of course, all of the staples of any self-respecting porn director (let's just say that no hole is sacred in most of these segments and that, yes, they had money shots in the sixties).

Of course, the technology available to filmmakers of the sixties wasn't quite what it is today, so all of these films lack audio. However, Cult Epics has dubbed the films with a "psychedelic soundtrack" which works given the content, but it seems more like something you'd hear during the seventies than the music one typically attributes to the sixties psychedelic scene. Most of this music is acceptable, but some of it is just... wow. For example, one scene features a female singer crooning out "do do-do do-do-do" over and over again as though she were auditioning for a Mentos commercial, and I have to admit that watching a man thrust in and out of a woman's ass in sync with the singing was one of the funnier things I've seen in recent memory. Whether that was intentional or not, I couldn't say, but aside from that one moment, this is really a trivial thing that most would probably overlook.

I could easily give a "blow by blow" account of the included films to pad out the review, but you, my dear reader, have probably already decided whether or not this is something that you'd be interested in. So, I'll skip over that and just say that if you're in the market for some vintage pornography from the sixties with lots of fetish indulgences thrown in to spice things up or if you're a fan of the previous Vintage Erotica releases from Cult Epics, you'll definitely get a kick out of this one. 7/10.
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