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American Nudes, Vol. III (2008)

DVD Cover (Cult Epics)
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Adult Entertainment, Hardcore Sex Film
Review by Chad
Added: July 29, 2008
Here we are, not even twenty-four hours after getting started on the series: the final volume of the American Nudes line of releases. This particular volume is exclusive to the box set that houses Volume I and Volume II, so if you're interested in this material, this collection is obviously the way to go. Going by the prices on Amazon as of this writing, you're going to spend exactly one penny more on this box set than if you purchased the first two volumes separately, so the bonus volume is basically a freebie and is certainly a nice addition.

Upon popping the disc in, it seems as though this is going to be another direct continuation of the series. It starts out with a softcore offering of two women getting naked and showing off their bodies, and even though it's a little more risque than what we've seen in the previous two releases, it's certainly nothing to get excited about. That's just a warm up film though, as the rest of the collection consists of nothing but hardcore action from the sixties and seventies, with a trio of vintage films from the thirties through the fifties added in as a bonus. You get straight male / female romps in the sack, a little bit of girl-on-girl action, gangbangs, and yes, you even get to see a threesome lesbian scene complete with carrots and cucumbers.

Once again, the original audio has either been stripped out or never existed to begin with, so Cult Epics has dubbed each of the films with a mixture of sixties-era pop, jazz, disco, and even a little bit of funk. For the third time in as many reviews, this music lends itself nicely to the films at hand, and some of it is actually quite catchy - maybe a soundtrack is in order?

This is also the third time that I've mentioned this, but I'm not a huge fan of the whole vintage erotica scene. However, what I am a fan of is the women from days gone by, as on average, the women from back then simply looked better than the women of today. There was no plastic surgery or breast implants back then, models weren't required to puke after every meal, women actually had bodies appropriate of their age instead of looking more like what you'd see on a twelve-year-old boy, and the ladies just looked more natural as a whole. Those of you who prefer your women anorexic and airbrushed may not enjoy the healthy look that is prominently displayed throughout these films, but personally, I loved each and every last one of them.

There you have it, the third and final volume of the American Nudes series. Again, it's exclusive to the box set, and since the price on this particular set is well worth it, this is definitely the release to buy if a mixture of vintage erotica and old-time hardcore action is something that you're in the market for. 7/10.
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