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Bumfights, Vol. 1: Cause For Concern (2002)

DVD Cover (Indecline)
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Bloopers & Candid Camera, Extreme Sports, Sports & Recreation
Ryen McPherson Ryen McPherson
Donald Brennan Donald Brennan
Donny Donny
Rufus Hannah Rufus Hannah
Peter LaForte Peter LaForte
Todd Richard Lewis Todd Richard Lewis
Review by Chad
Added: May 02, 2004
As the description above mentions, this is quite similar to CKY and Jackass, except without all the lame skating and such. There's not a whole lot of bumfighting going on here, I believe there was three or four total. Most of the fighting scenes are just random white-boy preps going at it, with a few chick-fights thrown in for good measure. The fights tend to get a bit boring by midway through the movie, as there's not much for variety in them... two kids going at it, landing blows to each others faces over and over, with no real winners or victories to be had. But there's also quite a few nice sequences thrown in between these fights, which is where the real Jackass comparisons come from.

By far, the best segments would be the Bum Hunter vignettes. The guy portrays Steve Irwin (of Crocodile Hunter fame, get it?), and he's really a dead-ringer for ol' Stevie, even has the accent down pat. Basically, he goes around and finds bums that are asleep on the ground, ties them up and fucks around with them, all in the Crocodile Hunter "documentary" type of way. Some hilarious shit was to be had in these scenes.

Of course, there's loads of other such things to be had; we have a guy drinking piss, a crackhead getting high, bums breaking stuff, and even a cartoon character orgy around the end. Most of the bums used are one-shot deals only, meaning they get a quick scene and are never seen again. However, the star of the show is Roofus (the guy on the cover), who seems to be quite friendly with the crew. We get to watch him have BUMFIGHT tattooed across his forehead and knuckles in exchange for a blowjob from a cheap crackwhore. He tears his body up doing various things, such as ramming his head through hard-plastic signs and rolling down hills. Quite the funny guy, is he.

Overall, definitely worth a checkout if you're into CKY, Jackass, Wildboyz, Viva La Bam, or any of the hundred other similar shows. 7/10.
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