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One Hour Fantasy Girl (2009)

DVD Cover (No Restrictions Entertainment)
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Coming-Of-Age, Drama, Thriller
Edgar Michael Bravo Edgar Michael Bravo
Kelly-Ann Tursi Kelly-Ann Tursi
Jon Morgan Woodward Jon Morgan Woodward
Joseph Luckay Joseph Luckay
Paul Yen Paul Yen
Kalena Knox Kalena Knox
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Review by Tobes
Added: February 28, 2010
One Hour Fantasy Girl is a documentary of sorts about Becky Lewis/Brandi (Kelly-Ann Tursi), a 20 year old girl who offers an hour of any fantasy you want, as long as it doesn't include sex/kissing/nudity from her. Brandi is pimped out more or less by Chi Trang (Paul Nguyen), who seems to have a stressed business relationship with Brandi. Chi is a wanna-be music producer, who seems to pimp Brandi to clients who might help him progress in his music career. Night after night, Brandi tries to meditate to sleep through the night to cope with her job, but it all seems in vain. All of this pisses Chi off, who feels like Becky is one mistake away from being fired. At night, she constantly refers to a book about real estate, and eventually it comes to light that she's working to try to get herself a real job. The only place that Becky seems to be at ease, and even able to relax, is a small diner that seems to "protect" women of the night. It's run by an older man who gets pissed off when the girls stay overnight/fall asleep at the tables.

One day, Becky meets a client named Bobby (Joe Luckay), who wants nothing more to do with her then to just talk to her every day. Bobby believes in shockra's, and believes in the theory that people can "prepare" every day for one ultimate sexual moment. He wants to hire Brandi for a year to help with the training, and they establish what seems to be a long-term arrangement. After their second visit, Bobby shows interest in Brandi's personal life, which freaks her out and fires him as a client. Afterward, the next few clients get the worst of Brandi, which causes her to lash out against the people who hired her. The story then deals with the spiral that Brandi's life turns to, and Bobby's need to help.

All of the "movie" points of this film are spot on. The script is great, the casting is great (Kelly-Ann is an attractive girl, and she fits her role perfectly), and the visual style of the film fits the story (the film seems a little washed out). If I'm mis-reading that, oh well, but it's how I see it.

One Hour Fantasy Girl is labeled as "Based on a true story". It's not so much that it's based off of a specific person, but it's based as a whole on girls who want to/need to resort to this lifestyle as a living. If nothing else, the film is an interesting watch to think about how different people get themselves through life. While this movie isn't necessarily a documentary, it's probably pretty damn close to things that have happened to girls across the world who are in this same living situation. One of the most interesting concepts of the film, along with the documentary aspect, is the power struggle involved with being a call girl/fantasy girl. Brandi holds a lot of power over her clients, even though they're the ones who have the "power" over her. It's an interesting idea (which I'm sure applies to these sort of fantasies in real life as well), where the person who's in "control" doesn't really have control of the situation at all.

There's a lot of great moments in this movie that you probably won't see coming, and each one that comes up is actually better then the last. As someone who enjoys psychological thriller type films, this movie is actually pretty cool along those lines as well, and will fit nicely into my movie collection. I also would highly recommend it to anyone, since it shows some insight into the call girl lifestyle that most people would never think about.

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