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Double Crossed (2010)

DVD Cover (ScreenMagic Films)
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Action, Action Thriller
Gary Anthony Sturgis Gary Anthony Sturgis
Miguel A. Nez Jr. Miguel A. Nez Jr.
Ric Young Ric Young
Emilio Roso Emilio Roso
Avnit Arora Avnit Arora
Tamara Mitchell Tamara Mitchell
Review by Crispy
Added: November 02, 2011
I've always been a fan of the likes of Bill Fichtner, Pete Postlethwaite, and other character actors; maybe I just like rooting for the underdog, so to speak, I don't know. Anyway, Miguel Nunez Jr. has always been near the top of that list, so I was pretty excited to see him get a leading role.

Nunez stars as Nate Collins, an elite hitman who employs three ex-prostitute female assassins to help with his caseload. In between hits, he settles down for a game of poker with some rather unsavory characters, finally coming down to a three million final hand between Nate and the head of the Mexican Mafia, Carlos Enriquez. A few weeks later, Nate makes a call inquiring where his money is, but Enriquez counters that he won the bet. Obviously, he's not going to stand for that, and sends his girls in to drop the welshing Mexican, and get his money while they're at it. Of course, Enriquez hasn't gotten to where he is by being a pushover, and gets the jump on them. Once he's able to convince them that Nate is actually the one in debt, he sends two of the girls after their former employer, using the third's life as collateral.

The biggest thing that brought this film to its knees is the script. To put it kindly, it was pretty horrendous. It's littered with all sorts of amateurish lines and cliches. For example, threats and boastings between Enriquez and Collins are full of repeated lines and awkward racist comments. The twists come just as awkwardly. Whenever a new kink in the plot comes out, it never really flows the way it should. For example, claiming that they won a game that they clearly lost and arguing about it like that is a highly childish maneuver for the likes of an elite hitman or the head of a mafia. Then there's the matter of actual convincing the girls who won the bet. Apparently, Nate has some of the dumbest broads alive in his employ, and all it takes is, "No, I won the game" to get them on your side. It's obvious that Sturgis wanted to keep the action moving and the audience guessing, but he's not quite at the level to do it smoothly.

As bad as it was, the script was only half the battle; and one surefire way to exacerbate an awful script is to put it in the hands of awful actors. Indeed, Nunez is the only bright spot. There's a scene where he's kidnapped by an amateur pair of gangsters, and his flippant mouthing off makes it obvious that he's not in any real danger. The rest of the cast, however, was absolute garbage. Emilio Roso is laughably bad as head villain Carlos. At no point does he exude an actual sense of a dangerous man, just some crackpot who's full of himself and can't stop running his mouth. Meanwhile, Noelle Perris, Avnit Arora and Tamara Mitchell are just as useless as Nate's little henchwomen. Arora is by far the worst of the three, literally stuttering through a large handful of her lines.

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate Sturgis wanting to put out something with a little substance, something besides a mindless guns and bikinis flick. But maybe he oughta keep it simple for a few films while he gets the basics down. 2.5/10.
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