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From The Heart Of The Crowd (2011)

Theatrical Poster
Drama, Romantic Drama
Edgar Muņiz Edgar Muņiz
Cassie Ann Ross Cassie Ann Ross
Evyh Cerhus Evyh Cerhus
Andrea Derujinsky Andrea Derujinsky
Jenny Dixon Jenny Dixon
Aurelien Gaya Aurelien Gaya

5.0 / 10 - 1 vote

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Recently published and growing frustrated with interviews, Nina Wyeth decides to go into seclusion to begin working on her next novel. IMDb
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: April 10, 2012
There's nothing more frustrating to me than someone who wallows in their own self pity. To make a whole movie about it, and make the main character a woman who does this and uses a decent guy who tries to let her see a different perspective is the perfect example of a love-it, hate-it movie. Love it because it allows you to feel emotions, and hate it because of the same reason.

"From The Heart Of The Crowd" stars Cassie Ann Moss as Nina, A writer on a book tour having problems with her brother and her ex-lover, who is still married. Nina is a shipwreck waiting to happen. She is constantly negative about life, and it shows in her work. Her fans feel it's a refreshing change from all of the other books out there with too good to be true romance and Hollywood endings. The problem is that Nina is actually living like one of the characters in her book. She hates to be treated well, and she gets love from someone who wants her for nothing else than a cheap night of sex that he can't get from his wife at home. And it's an easy, no commitment type of repulsive "relationship" that Nina craves, or better yet, feels that she deserves.

Out of the blue comes Buddy (Director Edgar Muņiz). He's just the opposite of Nina. He's the type of guy your mother would love you to bring home. He's full of romance, good humor, he's athletic and healthy, and would be considered by most women (other than Nina) to be a good catch. They have an informal interview about parts of her book that she doesn't feel are romantic enough. She wants his take on it, and would like his input on making the romantic parts of the novel seem more believable, since he is a romantic and she is a defeatist.

Of course Buddy wears his heart on his sleeve, and gets screwed for it. Nina is the type of person I mentioned at the beginning of the review. She is a woman who needs better relationships in her life, but is so depressing and depressed that we even begin to stop caring about her as a person, feeling that she is bringing all of this negativity on herself, and that she uses this to get pity from those people around her that she allows into her life.

You feel both good and bad for Buddy. You feel bad that he tried so hard, yet he gets nothing for his efforts but grief. And at the same time you feel good for him. You know that he can do better than Nina, and if they had started a relationship, it would have ended badly for him. He offers so much brightness, happiness and enjoyment for life, while she is just the opposite. It comes down to the fact that you cannot change someone who is not willing to be changed.

This film is good at opening up emotions if you're the type of character portrayed by Nina or Buddy. For that, it's a 10/10. On the other hand, the type of emotions that it opens up are mostly unpleasant, sometimes infuriating ones, and for that it gets a 4/10. Average that out for a 7/10. See it for a frustrating experience that will ultimately make you think, "how do I really feel about myself as a person?"
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