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Slime City (1988)

DVD Cover (Retro Shock-O-Rama)
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Horror, Horror Comedy
Gregory Lamberson Gregory Lamberson
Craig Sabin Craig Sabin
Mary Huner Mary Huner
T.J. Merrick T.J. Merrick
Dennis Embry Dennis Embry
Dick Biel Dick Biel
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Review by Chad
Added: September 25, 2005
The movie kicks off with college students Alex (Robert C. Sabin) and his sweet, wholesome girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner) doing a bit of apartment hunting. Alex wants to move closer to his girlfriend, and eventually, the two plan to move in together as their relationship matures. They find a really nice apartment for an unbelievably low price, so Alex snatches it up with the quickness. Soon afterwards, Alex meets his new neighbors; there's the slutty punk-rock chick Nicole (also played by Mary Huner) and the greaser / poet Roman (Dennis Embry), both of which seem nice if not a bit odd. So, when Roman invites Alex over to his place for dinner, Alex is understandably nervous... but he goes through with these dinner plans despite his anxiety. Roman serves some sort of green goop which he refers to as Himalayan yogurt, and although it looks to be quite nasty, Alex finds that it's actually some delicious stuff. He downs the entire bowl, and Roman then proceeds to break out some alcoholic refreshments. Once again, it's a green substance, but Alex finds that it's extremely potent and extremely good.

The next morning soon rolls around, and Alex wakes up in his bed to find himself covered with a clear, gooey slime substance of some sort. He soon realizes that his skin is melting, and through a series of events, he finds out that the only way to stop his body from falling apart is to obtain human blood. Without giving away any of the "how's" and "why's" of the storyline, the rest of the movie basically deals with Alex's transformation and him trying to find a way to undo this change.

Just as in that other eighties horror film (The Stuff), our hero finds out that eating unknown substances really isn't the best of ideas. Now, if you've already seen The Stuff, don't go in expecting a rehash of that storyline from Slime City... while the basic setup is the same, the end revelations behind the food and drink are completely different. There's a few scenes in this movie that are a bit slow and there's more than a few plot-holes; however, if you enjoyed The Stuff but thought that it would have been better if it had been just a wee bit more graphic, then this is a movie for you. After the storyline is set up and things get going, the movie is absolutely packed with blood, gore, dismemberments, and enough pus to make ones stomach knot up in disgust. The squeamish should probably avoid this one, but horror fans that like the disgusting material to fly at them fast and furious would definitely get a kick out of this one.

I found that the revelations behind the substance were a bit silly, and as I mentioned above, there are a few plot-holes to be found if you pay attention. I'm not going to detail those, as that would pretty much give away the ending, so I'll just let the viewer see what I mean. However, with that in mind, this movie works. The storyline is there to move things along, sure, but the main attraction in this film is the pure mayhem that ensues once the stuff starts to take over Alex's body. If you need a serious, thought-provoking storyline to go along with your horror, I'd advise you to look elsewhere... but if you're in the mood for an all-out splatterfest, this movie should be near the top of your to-see list. Honestly, I've seen a few movies that top this one in the amount of gore effects, but not many; this one truly ranks up there in the top ten, at the very least.

Overall, this is another excellent classic from Retro-Shock-O-Rama, and it's a disc that I'd definitely recommend to those horror junkies out there. Not only do you get this movie for your eighteen bucks, but also included on the disc is a bonus film - Naked Fear - also from director Gregory Lamberson. While I haven't watched it yet (expect a review when I do), I will say this: even if Naked Fear turns out to completely suck, this disc is still worth the purchase for the main attraction alone. 8/10.
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Nirrad #1: Nirrad - added 01/30/2008, 11:34 PM
The film is quite impressive that it only had a $15,000 budget. But I found that it got worse and worse as the movie went on. The gore was pretty sweet, but the acting was pretty bad, probably one of the worse I've seen. But this is a budget movie, so who gives a shit. Although the scene with the hooker should have had another take, as it was just bad. I find this movie perfect for when you have a bunch of friends over for a few pints, and have something to laugh at. I'd probably give this around a 6/10 or so. Not terrible, but not great either.
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