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Christmas Evil (1980)

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Genres / Traits:
Horror, Psychological Thriller, Slasher Film, Thriller, Urban Drama, Holiday: Christmas
Lewis Jackson Lewis Jackson
Brandon Maggart Brandon Maggart
Jeffrey DeMunn Jeffrey DeMunn
Dianne Hull Dianne Hull
Andy Fenwick Andy Fenwick
Brian Neville Brian Neville
Review by Chad
Added: January 26, 2004
Pretty boring flick that moves way too slow for my liking. I think his motives and reasonings were well established in the first twenty-thirty minutes, but they dragged it out for a good 3/4 of the movie.... and then, his body count sucked royally. Killed 3 people at once, and then one guy. That's it, nada else. The ending was pretty nice though, a bit weird, but nice.

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benloveshorror #1: benloveshorror - added 12/07/2010, 02:10 AM
You're right. The body count in this one is too low. There were many lost opportunities for slaughter, such as at the Christmas Party. That could have been a bloodbath, but he didn't kill one person at the party. And how are we supposed to be scared of someone who runs screaming from a vigilante team? Would Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees have done that? No, they would have faced the vigilantes and killed them. Silent Night Deadly Night & even Silent Night Deadly Night 2 are way better. 4/10
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