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Voodoun Blues (2004)

DVD Cover (Shock-O-Rama Cinema)
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Horror, Supernatural Horror
Erin Brown Erin Brown
Erin Brown Erin Brown
Katie Bordeaux Katie Bordeaux
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Review by Chad
Added: October 09, 2006
Honestly, is there anything that the actress formerly known as Misty Mundae (Erin Brown) can't do? The lady has proved that she can turn in a damned fine performance in front of the camera when it comes to acting as she can pull off the serious roles just as easily as the comedic or erotic ones, and yes - she can even make some good movies of her own.

Tonight's film is a five-minute short that she created for a college class. Shot on 16mm and in black and white, the film was inspired by an evil-looking lady that Mundae saw in a department store who, according to Mundae, gave her the evil eye for reasons unknown. This led to an incident in which she nearly had to go to the emergency room (watch the interview for the entire story), and it also set the stage for her voodoo-themed debut film. The storyline here centers around a scorned lover (Katie Bordeaux) who decides to put a voodoo spell on Mundae, and what we witness throughout the running time is Katie performing the spell while Misty suffers the results of it. There's no dialogue to be found here and the film is only five minutes long, so the storyline isn't particularly deep, but it doesn't need to be since Mundae accomplished what she set out to do: create a short film which looks great and will freak out the audience.

The film has a grainy, vintage look to it thanks to being shot on 16mm, and this only adds to the mood that the movie creates. Some films attempt to recreate this look through digital effects and while some are fairly convincing, nothing looks as authentic as the real thing. With that in mind, watching this is almost like watching some long-lost film from the twenties or thirties instead of something that was shot a couple of years ago for college credits. Adding to the charm are the impressive stop-motion techniques used on both the actresses and some inanimate objects. These effects really add to the overall experience, and some of them are downright disturbing - watch, for example, as a headless porcelain doll "dances" around on a table while her head rolls around inside an overturned skull. That's not the sort of imagery that you'll see very often, and considering the theme of the film (not to mention the "whoa, neat" factor), it works out wonderfully.

Released as a "DVDEP", this limited-edition (only 5,000 copies were made), this disc is definitely worth a purchase for fans of intelligent short films, art-house fare, or just Misty herself. Also included on the disc are two other short films (Sour Milk by Joe Miller and Night of the Whorror Hoppers by Katie Bordeaux) as well as a couple of interviews with Mundae and some other assorted features. The film itself is excellent, so for only ten bucks, what more could you ask for? 9/10.
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