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Miranda (1985)

DVD Cover (Cult Epics)
Sexploitation, Softcore Sex Film
Tinto Brass Tinto Brass
Serena Grandi Serena Grandi
Andrea Occhipinti Andrea Occhipinti
Franco Interlenghi Franco Interlenghi
Andy J. Forest Andy J. Forest
Franco Branciaroli Franco Branciaroli

5.6 / 10 - 4 votes

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Review by Chad
Added: October 30, 2006
Rounding out the first volume of The Tinto Brass Collection is tonight's film, a film that features a lady who was once voted "Italy's sexiest woman" after her leading role here. She's definitely quite hot, I have to give her that; sadly, that's about the only thing this movie has going for it.

Miranda (Serena Grandi) is the owner of a tavern in a small Italian village, and she also happens to be single - sort of single, anyway. You see, her husband went missing after going to war, and although his body was never found, the chances of him ever coming home to her are pretty slim. She never gives up hope and her love for him never dies, but that doesn't mean that she can't have some fun with the men who come through her establishment.

There's your storyline for the movie, and after watching the other two films in this collection (The Key and All Ladies Do It), I have to admit that I was fairly disappointed. Whereas those two films featured good storylines and humorous moments mixed with the eroticism, Miranda features nothing more than ninety minutes of... well, the lady known as Miranda. Now, I can appreciate just about any sort of film for what it is, but I simply saw nothing to appreciate here: the storyline is weak to say the least, there's very few comedic moments to be found, and as hot as she happens to be, watching the extremely-European (hint: the ladies don't shave over there) Grandi prance around started to get tiresome after a while.

In one of the first scenes of the movie, she meets up with a man who claims to be in love with her. After fingering her for a bit (how romantic!), he asks her to marry him and spend the rest of their lives together. She laughs at him, claiming that while she doesn't mind fooling around, her heart belongs to her missing husband. That pretty much sums up the entire movie, as the same basic scene repeats over and over again with different men and different sexual acts. I can't say that I was expecting high art from a Tinto Brass film, but by the standards he set in other films, this film was severely lacking.

Even as an erotic film, Miranda fails since most of the running time is devoted to the "I love you, marry me" conversations, and although it could have worked with a little more meat to the story and a better actress, it didn't do too well here. Serena Grandi was not cast in this film for her acting abilities, if you catch my drift, and with the exception of Franco Branciaroli (who is no stranger to Brass' films, but receives only a fairly minor role as the bartender here), the rest of the cast didn't turn out to be a whole lot better.

I enjoyed the other two films found in The Tinto Brass Collection, Vol. I and Cult Epics has done a great job with the DVD presentations, but this one did nothing for me. Head on over to Google, find yourself a couple of nude photos of Serena Grandi, and save yourself the ninety minutes required for this film. 2/10.
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ronaldo7 #1: ronaldo7 - added 04/28/2009, 08:04 AM
thanks this is wery good filim
Tristan #2: Tristan - added 04/28/2009, 02:17 PM
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