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Have you put together a film that you want to get some exposure for? Are you a distributor that wants to get the word out about your releases? We here at MvMMDI pride ourselves on covering everything from the low-budget indie offerings that may slip under the mainstream radar up to the multi-billion dollar Hollywood releases. As such, we'd love to check out your film and give it an honest critique on the site.

Why choose us to review your film? Well, we're very knowledgeable regarding the history of film, and without getting too cocky, I think that we've got a team of damned fine writers. This site receives hundreds of hits per day from movie-loving folks who are looking for something new to check out, and the content is also syndicated with MMMDI, our parent site that receives well over ten thousand hits per day. Needless to say, having your review posted on this site will make your movie known to more than a couple of people.

So, here's how it works. You submit your movie information using the form to your right (your submission will not be made public - only us reviewers will see it), and our team will decide who would be best suited to check it out. That person will "claim" your movie, and at this point, you will get an email letting you know where to send the screener copy to. The reviewer will wind up with your movie in his or her hands and give it a review on the site - simple, right? With the exception of the aforementioned email, we will only contact you if we need additional information about your movie - otherwise, we won't be sending you any emails, so you don't have to worry about spam.
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