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Goodfellas Goodfellas (1990)
The story of Irish-Italian American, Henry Hill, and how he lives day-to-day life as a member of the Mafia. Based on a true story, the plot revolves around Henry and his two unstable friends Jimmy...


Monster Monster (2003)
A dark tale based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos, one of America's first female serial killers. Wuornos had a difficult and cruel childhood plagued by abuse and drug use in Michigan. She...


Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022)
One of America's most notorious serial killers, largely told from the point of view of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims, and dives deeply into the police incompetence and apathy that allowed the Wisconsin...


American Crime Story: Season 2 - The Assassination Of Gianni Versace American Crime Story: Season 2 - The Assassination Of Gianni Versace (2018)
Season two examines the 1997 murder of legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace outside of his Miami Beach mansion by serial killer Andrew Cunanan, interweaving storylines involving the lead-up to...


American Crime Story: Season 1 - The People v. O.J. Simpson American Crime Story: Season 1 - The People v. O.J. Simpson (2016)
Season one takes you inside the O.J. Simpson trial with a riveting look at the legal teams battling to convict or acquit the football legend of double homicide. Based on the book The Run of His...


American Crime Story: Season 3 - Impeachment American Crime Story: Season 3 - Impeachment (2021)
Season three tackles the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal and unravels the national crisis that swept up Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp as principal characters in the country's first...


The Black Dahlia The Black Dahlia (2006)
The Black Dahlia is set in 1940s Los Angeles. Two cops, Bucky Bleichert and his partner, Lee Blanchard, investigate the death of Elizabeth Short, a young woman found brutally murdered. Bucky soon...


Wolf Creek Wolf Creek (2005)
Just when you thought it was safe to go hiking in the bushes again... along comes Mick Taylor. Kristy, Ben and Liz are three pals in their twenties who set out to hike through the scenic Wolf Creek...


Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1986)


An American Crime An American Crime (2007)
Based on a true story that shocked the nation in 1965, the film recounts one of the most shocking crimes ever committed against a single victim. Sylvia and Jennie Fae Likens, the two daughters of...


The Girl Next Door The Girl Next Door (2007)
In a quiet suburban town in the summer of 1958, two recently orphaned sisters, Meg and disabled Susan are placed in the care of their mentally unstable aunt Ruth. But Ruth's depraved sense of...


My Friend Dahmer My Friend Dahmer (2017)
Jeffrey Dahmer struggles with a difficult family life as a young boy. During his teenage years he slowly transforms, edging closer to the serial killer he was to become.


The Sacrament The Sacrament (2013)
Two journalists set out to document their friend's journey to reunite with his estranged sister. They track her to an undisclosed location where they are welcomed into the remote world of "Eden...


Lords Of Chaos Lords Of Chaos (2018)
Oslo, 1987. 17-year-old Euronymous is determined to escape his traditional upbringing and becomes fixated on creating 'true Norwegian black metal' with his band Mayhem. He mounts shocking publicity...


The Golden Glove The Golden Glove (2019)
From acclaimed filmmaker Fatih Akin comes a gruesome tale of notorious German serial killer Fritz Honka who haunted Hamburg's red light district in the 1970s. Based on the novel of the same name,...


Dahmer Dahmer (2002)
Before his arrest and conviction for serial murders, chocolate factory worker Jeffrey Dahmer hunts Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for young attractive males to turn into unconscious (eventually dead) human...


The Zodiac The Zodiac (2005)
The Zodiac takes a different look at the famous Zodiac Killer case from other screen treatments of the murders. More than a simple crime story, the film is an emotional thriller focusing on the...


Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer (2003)
Nonfiction filmmaker Nick Broomfield and his frequent collaborator Joan Churchill return to the subject of an earlier film, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, for Aileen: Life and...


Above Suspicion Above Suspicion (2019)
The chilling true story of a newly married F.B.I. poster boy assigned to an Appalachian mountain town in Kentucky. There he is drawn into an illicit affair with an impoverished local woman who...


Ed Gein Ed Gein (2000)
The story of Ed Gein, who dug up the corpses of over a dozen women and made things out of their remains before finally shooting two people to death and butchering their bodies like beef sides.


Lizzie Borden Took An Ax Lizzie Borden Took An Ax (2014)
On a scorching-hot summer day in 1892 Fall River, Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden returns to the home she shares with her father Andrew, sister Emma, and stepmother Abby, to encounter the bloody scene...


Deranged Deranged (1974)
A deranged rural farmer becomes a grave robber and murderer after the death of his possessive mother, whose corpse he keeps, among others, as his companion in a decaying farmhouse.


Zodiac Killer Zodiac Killer (2005)
The infamous Zodiac Killer returns through string of copycat murders in this thriller. In modern-day Los Angeles, a young man is obsessed with recreating the killings of the Zodiac Killer, a...


Gacy Gacy (2003)
Model citizen, devoted father, loving husband and serial killer John Wayne Gacy - a man with over 30 dead men and boys entombed in the crawl space underneath his family house. Based on a true story.


The Lizzie Borden Chronicles The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015)
Fictionalized account of actual events and people surrounding Lizzie Andrew Borden after her controversial acquittal of the double murder of her father and stepmother in 1892.


Georgetown Georgetown (2019)
Ulrich Mott, an ambitious social climber, marries a wealthy widow in Washington D.C. in order to mix with powerful political players.


Aileen Wuornos: The Selling Of A Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos: The Selling Of A Serial Killer (1993)
Nick Broomfield directed this controversial documentary about Aileen Wuornos, a Florida prostitute who confessed to killing seven men between 1989 and 1990. Though Wuornos claimed to have acted in...


Ed Gein: The Butcher Of Plainfield Ed Gein: The Butcher Of Plainfield (2007)
Inspired by the true story of one of the most gruesome killers in American history. Now, years after inspiring "Psycho's" Norman Bates, "The Silence Of The Lambs'" Buffalo Bill and "The Texas...


The Jeffrey Dahmer Files The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012)
In 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee and sentenced to 957 years in prison for killing 17 people and dismembering their bodies. This film explores the city of Milwaukee by meeting those...


The Legend Of Lizzie Borden The Legend Of Lizzie Borden (1975)
Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Lizzie Borden, a 19th-century Massachusetts woman who is put on trial for the brutal slaughter of her father and stepmother in their family home. She is accused of...


Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones (1980)
Based upon the real life story of Reverend Jim Jones, a self-proclaimed prophet who founded the Peoples Temple. In the 1960s, he began as an idealist helping minorities and working against racism....


Cannibal Cannibal (2006)
The Internet becomes a virtual shopping list for a man with an obsessive fetish for eating his fellow man. The technically inclined cannibal places a cyberspace advertisement for a willing victim,...


The Hunt For The BTK Killer The Hunt For The BTK Killer (2005)
For 31 years, the serial killer known as BTK raised terror in the small town of Wichita, Kansas. Starting in 1974 and ending in 1991, BTK killed 10 people and resurfaced in 2005, in which the BTK...


Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman (2021)
A specter roams the highways of a gritty 1970s America, his name is Ted Bundy. Hunting him are intrepid FBI agents Kathleen McChesney and Robert Ressler, organizers of the largest manhunt in...


B.T.K. Killer B.T.K. Killer (2005)
He was a father, a husband, a preacher... and a serial killer. Step inside the mind of one of the nation's most twisted murderers in this gripping retelling of the BTK killer's reign of terror. In...


B.T.K. B.T.K. (2008)
Inspired by the real-life serial killer, B.T.K is the gruesome story of Dennis L. Rader, a murderer who systematically tortured and killed his victims for over two decades while evading the police...


Henry II: Portrait Of A Serial Killer Henry II: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1996)


Curse Of The Zodiac Curse Of The Zodiac (2007)
Though decades have passed since the multiple murderer held the state of California hostage with fear, the mystery of the identity of the Zodiac killer has never been solved.


Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck (2007)
A film based on the notorious mass killer Richard Speck, who systematically tortured, raped and murdered a group of student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital in 1966.


The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer (1993)
Based on the life of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered 17 men and ate many of them before he was caught in 1991.


Guyana: Cult Of The Damned Guyana: Cult Of The Damned (1979)
Reverend Jim Jones, the priest of an independent church in the South American country Guyana, orders his followers to commit suicide. But not all of them follow him blindly and begin to think on...


Raising Jeffrey Dahmer Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006)
Raising Jeffrey Dahmer is a story about a father's continual love for his son during one of the most shocking serial killing sprees in history. After Jeffrey's arrest, their lives upended by...


D.C. Sniper D.C. Sniper (2010)
A mysterious shooter randomly kills innocent citizens in public; one after the other in broad daylight. All murders happen not far from the White House; not far from the President.


Speck Speck (2002)
Gruesome true story of murderer Richard Speck who killed eight nursing students in one night in Chicago during the late sixties. The story also follows him to his prison fate and uncovers more of...


Torment Torment (2017)
A film based on the John Wayne Gacy murders. He was an american serial killer and rapist who murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men in the seventies. The film focuses upon the terrifying...


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