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Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan (2006)
Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and...


Mean Girls Mean Girls (2004)
Lindsay Lohan stars as Cady Heron, a 16 year old homeschooled girl who not only makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of queen-bee Regina George, but also unintentionally...


The Royal Tenenbaums The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)


Bridget Jones's Diary Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)
Bridget Jones is an average woman struggling against her age, her weight, her job, her lack of a man, and her many imperfections. As a New Year's Resolution, Bridget decides to take control of her...


Coming To America Coming To America (1988)
A noble, adventurous prince and valet agree to find love in the Big Apple against his father's wishes. While exploring, a beautiful native strikes his attention. Both of them bring their cards to...


Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery Of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery Of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan (2020)
Fourteen years after release of Borat, Borat Sagdiyev returns to the United States from Kazakhstan and this time he discovers more about American culture, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the 2020...


About Schmidt About Schmidt (2002)
Warren Schmidt has led a safe, predictable life working in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska for many years, yet now faces retirement. At the same time, he is forced to take a hard look at...


Mallrats Mallrats (1995)
Brodie Bruce, a Sega and comic book obsessed college student, and his best friend, TS Quint, are both dumped by their girlfriends on the same day, and to deal with their loss, they both go to the...


Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)
This story picks up four weeks after the first movie, and already Bridget Jones is becoming uncomfortable in her relationship with Mark Darcy. Apart from discovering that he's a conservative voter,...


Bring It On Bring It On (2000)
A champion high school cheerleading squad discovers its previous captain stole all their best routines from an inner-city school and must scramble to compete at this year's championships.


Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)
Two hard-partying brothers place an online ad to find the perfect dates for their sister's Hawaiian wedding. Hoping for a wild getaway, the boys instead find themselves out-hustled by an...


Bridget Jones's Baby Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)
Forty-something and single again, Bridget decides to focus on her job and surround herself with friends. In a twist, she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch - she can only be fifty percent...


Coming 2 America Coming 2 America (2021)
Sensing that trouble is brewing in the African kingdom of Zamunda, three long and prosperous decades after Prince Akeem and Lisa McDowell's opulent wedding in Coming to America, King Jaffe Joffer...


Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (2016)
The five highly trained Bennett sisters in Georgian England must try to protect themselves from the growing zombie threat, find suitable husbands for themselves, battle marriage proposals and...


Emma. Emma. (2020)
Jane Austen's beloved comedy about finding your equal and earning your happy ending, is reimagined in this. Handsome, clever, and rich, Emma Woodhouse is a restless queen bee without rivals in her...


Igby Goes Down Igby Goes Down (2002)


Mean Girls 2 Mean Girls 2 (2011)
When Jo Mitchell moves to North Shore High School, the father of a girl named Abby offers to put Jo through her dream school, Carnegie Mellon, if she will befriend Abby, who is targeted as a rival...


Junebug Junebug (2005)
Successful Carolinian George Johnsten meets Chicago art gallery owner Madeleine at an electoral benefit art auction- love at first sight. Madeleine decides to meet a Southern original artist, so...


Malibu's Most Wanted Malibu's Most Wanted (2003)
Brad Gluckman or "B-rad" acts like he is from the hood, when he is white and lives in a rich neighborhood in Malibu. He is ruining his fathers election for governor, and he and his crew come up...


Son In Law Son In Law (1993)
Having gotten a taste of college life, a drastically changed farm girl returns home for Thanksgiving break with her best friend, a flamboyant party animal who is clearly a fish out of water in a...


Who's Your Caddy? Who's Your Caddy? (2007)
When a rap mogul from Atlanta tries to join a conservative country club in the Carolinas he runs into fierce opposition from the board President- but it's nothing that he and his entourage can't...


Valley Girl Valley Girl (1983)
Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love. Somehow they need to stay together in spite of her trendy, shallow friends.


Troop Beverly Hills Troop Beverly Hills (1989)
A soon to be divorced Beverly Hills socialite is determined to prove to her husband and herself that she can finish what she starts out to do, by becoming a den mother to a troop of Beverly Hills...


Your Friends & Neighbors Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)
Theater instructor Jerry starts an affair with Mary, and that starts a chain of events that affect their respective partners Terri and Barry and other characters in the film, creating a web of...


Greed Greed (2019)
Greed tells the story of self-made British billionaire Sir Richard McCreadie, whose retail empire is in crisis. For 30 years he has ruled the world of retail fashion, bringing the high street to...


Ringmaster Ringmaster (1998)
Jerry Springer stars as more or less himself, the host of a raunchy, controversial and popular Los Angeles talk show which features everyday people with problems and who frequently vent their...


Valley Girl Valley Girl (2020)
A woman named Julie tells her daughter the story of her high school romance in the early '80s. Flashbacks reveal a younger Julie, a privileged girl from the California valley, falling for bad boy...


Chalk Chalk (2006)
Life in the trenches of that most honorable and frustrating profession... teaching. It's the start of a memorable new year at Harrison High. The self-conscious Mr. Stroope is convinced that his...


The Fox Hunter The Fox Hunter (2020)
A prominent Southern family of blue-blood media moguls deteriorates at the crossroads of past and progress in matters of death, wealth, love and American journalism.


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