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American Pie American Pie (1999)
Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin are four friends who make a pact that before they graduate they will all lose their virginity. The hard job now is how to reach that goal by prom night. Whilst Oz begins...


Dumb And Dumber Dumb And Dumber (1994)
Harry and Lloyd are two good friends who happen to be really stupid. The duo set out on a cross country trip from Providence to Aspen, Colorado to return a briefcase full of money to its rightful...


There's Something About Mary There's Something About Mary (1998)
Having never fully recovered from a prom date that became a total disaster, a man finally gets a chance to reunite with his old prom date, only to run up against other suitors including the sleazy...


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)
To be a Pet Detective, you have to understand both the criminals and animals. Ace Ventura goes even further... He behaves like a criminal animal. When a football team's mascot (a dolphin) is stolen...


American Pie 2 American Pie 2 (2001)
The whole gang are back and as close as ever. They decide to get even closer by spending the summer together at a beach house. They decide to hold the biggest party ever to be seen, even if the...


Scary Movie Scary Movie (2000)
A group of teenagers including Cindy Campbell and Bobby Prinze, accidentally hit a man when driving, and dispose of the body, but now they are being stalked by a very recognizable masked killer....


Me, Myself & Irene Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
Charlie Baileygates is a Rhode Island state trooper with multiple personalities. He is otherwise mild-mannered and non-confrontational until somebody or something pushes him a little too far....


Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)
Ace Ventura, emerging from self-imposed exile in a remote Himalayan hideaway, travels to Africa with explorer Fulton Greenwall to find a sacred bat which is told will avert a war between with...


American Reunion American Reunion (2012)
Over a decade has passed and the gang return to East Great Falls, Michigan, for the weekend. They will discover how their lives have developed as they gather for their high school reunion. How has...


American Wedding American Wedding (2003)
Jim Levenstein has finally found the courage to ask his girlfriend, Michelle Flaherty to marry him. She agrees to get married, but the problems don't stop there for Jim. Now along with Paul Finch...


South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)
When Stan invites Kyle, Kyle's brother Ike, Cartman and Kenny to an R-rated movie starring their two favorite comedians, Terrance and Phillip, the boys teach their friends the cuss words they...


Road Trip Road Trip (2000)
Four college buddies embark on a road trip to retrieve an illicit tape mistakenly mailed to a female friend.


Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 2 (2001)
A group of teens including Cindy Campbell and Brenda Meeks are invited to spend a night in Hell House. Professor Oldman has convinced them it is for a school project, but the night won't go past...


Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 3 (2003)
A mysterious killer video tape is circulating around. One look at this tape and you have seven days left to live. News Reporter Cindy Campbell witnesses this video tape and tries to work out a way...


Billy Madison Billy Madison (1995)
Billy Madison is a 27 year-old man whose father Brian is the head of a major hotel chain. Even though he is groomed to replace his father who is about to retire, Billy is extremely immature and...


Dumb And Dumber To Dumb And Dumber To (2014)
Twenty years after the events surrounding their trip to Aspen, the two dim-witted buddies Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne are back! After 23 years, Harry discovers he has a daughter that was given...


National Lampoon's Animal House National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)
Faber College has one frat house so disreputable it will take anyone. It has a second one full of white, anglo-saxon, rich young men who are so sanctimonious no one can stand them except Dean...


Scary Movie 4 Scary Movie 4 (2006)
Cindy finds out the house she lives in is haunted by a little boy and goes on a quest to find out who killed him and why. Also, Alien "Tr-iPods" are invading the world and she has to uncover the...


Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life (1983)
The Monty Python group examines the meaning and purpose of life in a series of sketches from conception to death and beyond. In typical Monty Python fashion they satirize and humourize almost...


Not Another Teen Movie Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
At John Hughes High School, the students are the same as just about every other teenager in a teen movie. The popular jock, Jake, takes a bet from Austin, the cocky blonde guy, that he can...


Grandma's Boy Grandma's Boy (2006)
35 year-old video game tester Alex is evicted from his house after his roommate foolishly spends their rent money on hookers. With his friends unable or unwilling to let him stay at their place,...


Norbit Norbit (2007)
Perpetually down on his luck, the wimpy and meek orphanage-reared, Norbit Albert Rice, finds himself pushed into a loveless marriage with the aggressive plus-size terror, Rasputia, after his...


American Pie Presents: Band Camp American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005)
Matt Stifler wants to be just like his big bro, making porn movies and having a good time in college. After sabotaging the school band, he gets sent to band camp where he really doesn't like it at...


Scary Movie 5 Scary Movie 5 (2013)
Home with their newly-formed family, happy parents Dan and Jody are haunted by sinister, paranormal activities. Determined to expel the insidious force, they install security cameras and discover...


American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006)
When Erik Stifler gets a free pass to do whatever he wants from his girlfriend, he and his two best friends head to see his cousin Dwight for the Naked Mile and a weekend they will never forget.


American Pie Presents: Beta House American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)
Erik, and Cooze start college and pledge the Beta House fraternity, presided over by none other than legendary Dwight Stifler. But chaos ensues when a fraternity of geeks threatens to stop the...


Nutty Professor II: The Klumps Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)
Professor Sherman Klump is getting married. And the Klump family could not be more delighted for him. But Buddy Love, his Mr. Hyde alter-ego from the first film, is back and trying to make it on...


American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love (2009)
Ten years after the first American Pie movie, three new hapless virgins discover the Bible hidden in the school library at East Great Falls High. Unfortunately for them, the book is ruined, and...


A Haunted House A Haunted House (2013)
Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, but soon learn a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm - determined to keep his sex life on track - turns to a priest, a...


Idle Hands Idle Hands (1999)
Seventeen year old slacker Anton Tobias wakes up one Halloween morning to discover that both of his parents have been turned into two headless Halloween decorations. After speaking to his equally...


Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003)
It's the 1980s, and it's the moment that Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne meet. The two individuals are seen by many as 'special', and become best friends as soon as they meet. Principal Collins and...


Bio-Dome Bio-Dome (1996)
Bud and Doyle are two losers who are doing nothing with their lives. Both of their girlfriends are actively involved in saving the environment, but the two friends couldn't care less about saving...


Bad Santa 2 Bad Santa 2 (2016)
Fueled by cheap whiskey, greed and hatred, Willie teams up once again with his angry little sidekick, Marcus, to knock off a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve.


A Haunted House 2 A Haunted House 2 (2014)
Having exorcised the demons of his ex, Malcolm is starting fresh with his new girlfriend and her two children. After moving into their dream home, however, Malcolm is once again plagued by bizarre...


Ready To Rumble Ready To Rumble (2000)
Gordie Boggs and Sean Dawkins are two dumb hardcore wrestling fans who worship WCW's World Champion, Jimmy King. When they attend an episode of WCW Nitro to see King defend the title from Diamond...


Joe's Apartment Joe's Apartment (1996)
Joe comes from Iowa to New York and, being short of money, wants to find an apartment with very low rent. His quest is successful, but he must share the residence with some 50,000 cockroaches. The...


American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules (2020)
It's Senior year! Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie decide to finally harness their girl power and band together to get what they want. The boys won't know what hit them when these sassy...


The Garbage Pail Kids Movie The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)
It doesn't get any grosser than this... Meet Windy Winston, Messy Tessie, Foul Phil, Valerie Vomit and the whole outrageous Garbage Pail crew. When the stinky bunch are let loose in the junk shop...


Tromeo And Juliet Tromeo And Juliet (1996)
A modern, punk adaptation of Shakespeare's classic. Told irreverently, this film attempts to impact the viewer in the same way theatre-goers were affected in Shakespeare's time.


Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000)
When the notorious Diaper Mafia take hostage the Tromaville School for the Very Special, only the Toxic Avenger and his morbidly obese sidekick Lardass can save Tromaville. However, an explosion...


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (2009)
The son of an eccentric detective steps into his father's shoes after his mother is wrongly arrested for stealing a baby panda.


The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! (2010)
Eight housemates on a fake animated reality TV show realize they've been canceled and set off on a journey to get back on the air.


Killer Condom Killer Condom (1996)
The plot takes place in New York, and in the present. In a Hotel called "Quicky" a professor blackmails a student of his into having sex with him. But when the professor puts on a condom, the...


Microwave Massacre Microwave Massacre (1979)
Construction worker Donald is having a hard time getting anything good to eat since his wife has decided to only cook gourmet foods. That and her constant harping cause him to snap, and he whacks...


Zombie Ass: Toilet Of The Dead Zombie Ass: Toilet Of The Dead (2011)
Wracked with guilt over the suicide of her bullied sister, young karate student Megumi accompanies four older friends on a trip into the woods: smart girl Aya, her druggie boyfriend Také,...


Monsturd Monsturd (2003)
A serial killer mutates with a chemical inside a sewer, to become a monster made of human waste just as the FBI and police are onto him.


Tales From The Crapper Tales From The Crapper (2004)
Troma Entertainment co-founder and B-movie director and producer Lloyd Kaufman plays the Crap Keeper. He presents the viewers with two horror stories that contain gore, nudity, fat men, talking...


Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker! Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker! (2001)


Zombies Gone Wild Zombies Gone Wild (2007)


Filthy McNasty Filthy McNasty (2002)
Julie and Liz are two nerdy chicks who make a wish to be attractive and as a result, a horny demon named Phil grants them their wish and turns them into sexy sirens. However, there is a price to...


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