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Lolita Lolita (1962)
Released in this time frame
Humbert Humbert, a divorced British professor of French literature, travels to small-town America for a teaching position. He allows himself to be swept into a relationship with Charlotte Haze, his widowed and sexually famished landlady, whom he marries in order that he...


The Twilight Zone: Season 3 The Twilight Zone: Season 3 (1961)
Released in this time frame
The Twilight Zone is a place that exists at any moment of time, of space or of mind.... but always when you least expect it. When you find yourself in this realm of unlimited possibility, be careful what you say or do. The right decisions may help you find your way back...


Peeping Tom Peeping Tom (1960)
Released in this time frame


Cape Fear Cape Fear (1962)
Released in this time frame
Small-town lawyer Sam Bowden's life becomes torturous when Max Cady re-enters his life. Cady went to jail for 8 years after Bowden testified that Cady attacked a young woman. Now that Cady has been released, he begins to terrorize Bowden and his family, particularly...


King Kong vs. Godzilla King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)
Released in this time frame
A newspaper and television station funded by a pharmaceutical company want a sensation, which happens to be the discovery of King Kong on an island. He is captured and brought to Japan, where he escapes from captivity and battles Godzilla.


Tales Of Terror Tales Of Terror (1962)
Released in this time frame
Three stories adapted from the work of Edgar Allen Poe. A man and his daughter are reunited, but the blame for the death of his wife hangs over them, unresolved. A derelict challenges the local wine-tasting champion to a competition, but finds the man's attention to his wife...


Mothra Mothra (1961)
Released in this time frame
Members of a joint Japanese-Rolisican expedition go to Infant Island, the scene of H-Bomb testing by the Rolisican government, and find that the heavily radiated island still holds life; two beautiful young women, the Sh˘bijin, only a foot high and singing guardians of...


The Phantom Of The Opera The Phantom Of The Opera (1962)
Released in this time frame
The corrupt Lord Ambrose D'Arcy steals the life's work of the poor composer Professor L. Petrie. In an attempt to stop the printing of music with D'Arcy's name on it, Petrie breaks into the printing office and accidentally starts a fire, leaving him severely disfigured....


The Lucy Show: Season 1 The Lucy Show: Season 1 (1962)
Released in this time frame
After her husband's death, Lucy Carmichael and her recently-divorced best friend Vivian Bagley move into a house together with their children. The series follows the adventures of the widow Lucy as she grapples with the comic complications of life on her own, with her income...


Doctor Blood's Coffin Doctor Blood's Coffin (1961)
Released in this time frame


Bus Stop: Season 1 Bus Stop: Season 1 (1961)
Released in this time frame
Grace owns the bus stop in Sunrise CO. She, waitress Elma, Sheriff Will and D.A. Glenn watch life through the stories which unfold as passengers arrive and then depart the small town.


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