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Beware The Batman: Season 1 Beware The Batman: Season 1 (2013)
Episode #14 - "Darkness" - aired on this date
The Dark Knight comes to three-dimensional life in Beware the Batman: where he faces off against his 'underdog rogues' in the form of Anarchy, Professor Pyg and Magpie. This is Batman's computer-animated television debut. This is The Dark Knight with a new coat of paint.


Rape Zombie: Lust Of The Dead 5 Rape Zombie: Lust Of The Dead 5 (2014)
Premiered on this date
The insane apocalyptic zombie saga continues! Watch the viral epidemic spread as the sex-crazed walking dead expand their rampage across post-nuke Tokyo! Can they be stopped? Can their perpetual lust ever be satisfied?


Easter Sunday Easter Sunday (2014)
Premiered on this date


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