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PAW Patrol: Season 3 PAW Patrol: Season 3 (2015)
Episode #14 - "Pups Save a Robo-Saurus/Pups Save a Film Festival" - aired on this date
Led by a boy named Ryder, a team of six playful rescue dogs use their individual talents to protect the seaside town of Adventure Bay. The pups are occasionally joined by newer helpers: Cap'n Turbot, Robo-Dog, Everest, and Tracker.


Uncaged Uncaged (2016)
Premiered on this date
A zoo veterinarian gets caught up in a grisly adventure as she finds herself leading the city-wide hunt for a monstrous lion terrorizing the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.


Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde (2016)
Episode #1 - "Part One" - aired on this date
Aspiring writer Mercedes Carrera has a job as a housekeeper, and a big shot girlfriend who works the reception desk at a law firm, and thinks that makes her superior. Mercedes knows that being a maid is an honorable job, and it's only temporary, until her book is published....


Cindy Queen Of Hell Cindy Queen Of Hell (2016)
Direct to video: released on DVD on this date
Raven got knocked up by the devil and 21 years later she must tell her daughter Cindy the truth about her father - Cindy is presented with the choice: remain on Earth.. or be the next ruler of Hell. Follow Cindy's voyage through the underworld filled with debaucherous demon...


Dark Tales From Channel X Dark Tales From Channel X (2016)
Premiered on this date
When an old TV set mysteriously turns on, babysitter Cassie is treated to a series of tales full of curses, creatures, and stalkers, presented by an enigmatic host known only as The Viewer.


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