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Supergirl: Season 6 Supergirl: Season 6 (2021)
Episode #14 - "Magical Thinking" - aired on this date
National City's new hero, Supergirl, takes on the responsibility of keeping the people safe. Going on adventures filled with action, hope and love. She is determined to make a difference by bringing not only her super powers, but her heart to the table as well.


American Crime Story: Season 3 - Impeachment American Crime Story: Season 3 - Impeachment (2021)
Episode #5 - "Do You Hear What I Hear?" - aired on this date
Season three tackles the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal and unravels the national crisis that swept up Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp as principal characters in the country's first impeachment proceedings in over a century.


The Seed The Seed (2021)
Premiered on this date
The Seed follows three young social media influencers who head out to the California wilderness to party, and film a once in a lifetime meteor shower for their social media channels. What starts out as weekend away in remote luxury villa turns into a tale of horror, death...


The Amityville Moon The Amityville Moon (2021)
Direct to video: released on DVD on this date
As Alyssa and Karla try to escape from the church home that holds them captive, Karla is slaughtered by a vicious, semi-human creature.


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