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No Time To Die No Time To Die (2021)
Began its theatrical run on this date
James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.


Ghostbusters: Afterlife Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)
Premiered on this date
When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.


Lamb Lamb (2021)
Began its theatrical run on this date
A childless couple, Marķa and Ingvar discover a mysterious newborn on their farm in Iceland. The unexpected prospect of family life brings them much joy, before ultimately destroying them.


Survive The Game Survive The Game (2021)
Premiered on this date
When cop David is injured in a drug bust gone wrong, his partner Cal chases the two criminals who shot him. They all land at a remote farm owned by troubled vet Eric, and as Cal and Eric plot their defense, more of the gang arrives - along with a wounded David. Outnumbered,...


Eli Roth's History Of Horror: Season 3 Eli Roth's History Of Horror: Season 3 (2021)
Episode #2 - "Infections" - aired on this date
Eli Roth explores the dark power and wicked fun of scary movies, the craft that went into making them and the ways that horror films reflect the anxieties of their times.


Wyrmwood: Apocalypse Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (2021)
Premiered on this date
In a zombie-infested Australian wasteland, soldier Rhys has dedicated his life to tracking and capturing survivors for the Surgeon General in hopes of finding a cure. A post-apocalyptic zombie film that follows soldier Rhys on an arc of redemption as he turns against his...


South Of Heaven South Of Heaven (2021)
Began its theatrical run on this date
Convicted felon Jimmy gets early parole after serving twelve years for armed robbery. Upon his release, he vows to give Annie, his childhood love, now dying from cancer, the best last year of her life - unfortunately it's not that simple.


The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: Joe Bob's Halloween Hoedown The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: Joe Bob's Halloween Hoedown (2021)
Episode #1 - "Joe Bob's Halloween Hoedown: Angel" - aired on this date
In what has become an annual tradition, iconic horror host and foremost drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs returns with a special The Last Drive-In double feature just in time for Halloween, this year joined by special guests Halloween Kills: director David Gordon Green...


Spidey And His Amazing Friends: Season 1 Spidey And His Amazing Friends: Season 1 (2021)
Episode #9 - "Gob-zilla/Speedy Spidey Delivery" - aired on this date
Follow Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales and their adventures as the young heroes team up with Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Black Panther to defeat foes like Rhino, Doc Ock and Green Goblin and learn that teamwork is the best way to save the day.


Z-O-M-B-I-E-S: Addison's Monster Mystery Z-O-M-B-I-E-S: Addison's Monster Mystery (2021)
Episode #3 - "Monstrous News" - aired on this date
Addison is hosting the Halloween Fall Ball and going above and beyond to make it extra spooky fun.


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