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Teen Titans Go!: Season 7 Teen Titans Go!: Season 7 (2021)
Episode #48 - "Natural Gas" - aired on this date
Superhero roommates Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy love saving the day, but what happens when they're done fighting crime?


Clerks III Clerks III (2022)
Premiered on this date
After narrowly surviving a massive heart attack, Randal enlists his old friend Dante to help him make a movie immortalizing their youthful days at the little convenience store that started it all.


Amityville Karen Amityville Karen (2022)
Direct to video: released on DVD on this date
Every neighborhood has a Karen, and Amityville is no exception. When stealing a cursed bottle of wine from a struggling local brewery, Karen soon finds that the price to pay is far more dangerous than your average hangover. Everyone in her path becomes prey, and not even a...


Conjuring Baba Conjuring Baba (2022)
Direct to video: released on DVD on this date
A college campus is plagued by serial murders at the hands of an ancient, evil force. Students conjure the vengeful spirit of a genie named Baba to help them stop the killings - but always be careful what you ask for when dealing with demonic forces.


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