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Jesus Revolution Jesus Revolution (2023)
Released on DVD and Blu-ray on this date
Inspired by a true movement, Jesus Revolution tells the story of a young Greg Laurie being raised by his struggling mother, Charlene in the 1970s. Laurie and a sea of young people descend on sunny Southern California to redefine truth through all means of liberation....


Blood Relatives Blood Relatives (2022)
Released on DVD on this date
A vampire's loner lifestyle is thrown into disarray when a teenager shows up claiming to be his daughter, and she's got the fangs to prove it. On a road trip across America's blacktops, they decide how to sink their teeth into family life.


Fear Fear (2023)
Released on DVD on this date
A group of longtime friends reunites after years apart, eager for some relaxation amidst the hubbub of their corporate lives. While the twentysomethings also celebrate a key milestone in their lives, their weekend of fun and ease sours as an infectious disease wreaks havoc...


My Happy Ending My Happy Ending (2023)
Released on DVD on this date
My Happy Ending is a poignant and funny female ensemble comedy about four women laughing in the face of adversity, that packs a strong emotional punch. Julia Roth (Andie MacDowell), a somewhat forgotten Hollywood star, discovers she has cancer the day the West End play that...


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