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Not all of these movies were bad per say, I either didn't like them at all, or they failed to live up to my expectations. So some of these movies I still like to an extent.

Heh, most of you are gonna hate me by some of the movies I put on this
Maniac 01. Maniac (1980)
Fuck, where do I begin. This movie seemed so perfect for me, but after watching a borrowed copy from Tristan, I fucking loathed this movie. IMO it was just poorly made up the ass, except for the gore scenes. Fuck, I don't know why people like it
 / 10
Dawn Of The Dead 02. Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
Over the years I watched some gore scenes of this, and it seemed pretty bad ass. I won't explain as I already did on its movie page. But I am gonna watched it again to give it a second chance, so this could change.
 / 10
Black Christmas 03. Black Christmas (1974)
I heard and read nothing but good things about this movie, so you better believe my expectations were high. I caught this on tv and I was bored to shit. I may take this off though, because I lost interest and stopped watching, and thats not fair
 / 10
First Blood 04. First Blood (1982)
When I think of Rambo, I think of mindless violence and action. This didn't have either. It makes Rambo seem like a bad guy, the effects and some of the acting were laughable. Stallone says he didn't like the movie. This needs to be remade IMO.
 / 10
Saw II 05. Saw II (2005)
I love Saw, and I love Slashers. But I dont care for them together. This seemed like a slasher, which can be a good thing, but I came to see a SAW movie. The scenes with Donnie were good though.
 / 10
Dead Silence 06. Dead Silence (2007)
When I heard that the makers of Saw were making this, you better believe it was on my most anticipated list. It had its moments, but overall I found it very dull.
 / 10
Boogeyman 07. Boogeyman (2005)
Another movie I was pumped for. This is a movie that falls victim to the cheap loud noise scares that I hate. It bugs me that the scene with the main character sitting in front of the closet could have been so good, but was executed poorly.
 / 10
White Noise 08. White Noise (2005)
Micheal Keaton is the shit, period. But even he couldn't fix this movie. It was a great idea gone bad. The first half was ok, but the last was just pure shit.
 / 10
I Am Legend 09. I Am Legend (2007)
Again, I still liked it, but not as much as I wanted to. The CGI was pretty lame, and it was full of the loud noise scares which I hate, and this was full of them.
 / 10
Superbad 10. Superbad (2007)
I enjoyed the movie, but it fell short of my expectations. I love 40 Year Old Virgin, but it just didn't click with this one. I'm still gonna pick it up though.
 / 10
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