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Posted by doney on January 16, 2011
Unstoppable i watched it last night, i tried to enjoy it, but as a train driver myself i just kept on finding holes in this runaway train concept (especially in this day and age where loco's have every system possible to prevent such a thing)
Posted by doney on May 13, 2008
Idiocracy saw this recently, loved it. 9/10
Posted by doney on September 15, 2007
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brotherhood Of The Wolf saw this just tonight. the dubbed english soundtrack made the movie seem budget. alright, not overly impressed with the film as a whole. some nice scenes though. 6/10
Posted by doney on September 10, 2007
Dirty Sanchez: The Movie
Dirty Sanchez: The Movie watching this movie i had to turn away a couple of times, but it wasnt until the next morning while eating breakfast, talking about some scenes that my stomach gave in.
Posted by doney on August 19, 2007
Cube finally saw this movie last night, 9/10 i'd say, gonna watch the next two tonight, see how they go
Posted by doney on August 18, 2007
The Waterboy
The Waterboy i thought it was a good movie until i read the 1960's play "And The Big Men Fly", which this movie completely ripped off.
Posted by doney on July 26, 2007
2:37 on the dvd i had of this it had the making of, and how Thalluri had the scrape together every last penny to make this film, and how they did things on the cheap eg. instead of hiring a dolly for the camera, they 'borrowed' a shopping trolley from the local supermarket and the camera man stood on that. apparently most of the actors were just picked up off the street. the only veteran actor was Gary Sweet, the teacher.
Posted by doney on June 13, 2007
Mad Max
Mad Max i liked the intro, but it sorta goes downhill from there. my favourite part of the whole film?-the XB Falcons they drive around in.
Posted by doney on May 18, 2007
Night At The Museum
Night At The Museum when i saw the previews for this film i thought it would be a pretty 1-dimentional affair, but got dragged along to it on Boxing Day, and enjoyed the hell out of it. 10/10 for me.
Posted by doney on April 10, 2007
The Butterfly Effect 2
The Butterfly Effect 2 the thing with this movie is, if the original didnt exist it'd probably be a good movie, but it's nothing new. just redundant....
Posted by doney on March 05, 2007
Saw III read on Wikipedia that Bell is in a contract for up to Saw 6..... ??? will anyone even care about the whole Saw thing by then? i know everyone (including myself) will rush to see them all, but ultimately the two current sequels only retell the original story. they were great and all, but essentially were nothing new...
Posted by doney on March 06, 2006
Doom has anyone read the book series, ive got the 3rd in the series, cant find the rest, they should have based the movie on those.....
Posted by doney on March 01, 2006
The Outsiders
The Outsiders i read this book in year 9, it was cool, also watched the movie, but dont remember much about it, coz it was sorta disjointed, only watching it in 50 minute periods after we all read the book....
Posted by doney on February 13, 2006
Doom unfortunately, i havent seen this yet, but i reckon (from what ive heard) ill love it, being a hardcore fan of the original games
Posted by doney on January 19, 2006
Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek saw it last night, i thought it was cool, though its just hard to accept john jarratt being the bad guy, and especially such a bad guy. one thing i thought was cool was the fact it was an aussie movie that wasn't made primarily for american audiences
Posted by doney on September 03, 2005
Saw i loved it, definately half way through i was suspecting just about anyone in the cast of being in on it....

i heard though, theres gonna be a sequel, to me though thats gonna ruin it coz i love the way it was left open the way it was....
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