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Posted by Andrew D. Gore on April 24, 2008
Murder-Set-Pieces WOW, I had thought I had "seen it all" until I popped this Directors Cut copy of "Murder,Set,Pieces" in my DVD player. I sat there Stunned, Shocked and Amazed as this Slick-n-Sick MASTERPIECE played on with scenes of Violence and Torment that doesn't let up throughout the entire film! Director of MSP, Nick Palumbo, must have a set a balls the size of King Kong's to put out this slick-stylish serial killer film, that even included scenes with actual news footage of the Twin Tower 911 attack (remember this film was released in 2004)!! His NO HOLDS BARRED cinematic assault with "Murder, Set,Pieces" puts Nick in a film in a sick-n-twisted category of it's own! As soon as the film ended I contacted Nick, who I had met years ago, and praised his film to the highest (or should that be lowest) level of 100% film making genius! He told me via our phone conversation that it was the only film in the history of cinema that was BANNED from the Big 3 film labs (Technicolor, DuArt, and Deluxe)-who REFUSED to process it due to its EXTREME content !! "M-S-P" was the first 35mm horror film to be released UNRATED in theaters in the last 20 years and was BANNED from every film festival AND every HORROR film festival in North America.
This UNCUT, DIRECTOR'S CUT version, "Murder-Set-Pieces"---is the shot on beautiful 35mm film and, at a budget of $2.2 million dollars, the most expensive independent horror film ever made and certainly the most SHOCKING!
All I can say now SEE IT!!

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