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Posted by The Red Clover on March 01, 2010
Yojimbo All I thought was, "Hey, that's the name of that rabbit Samurai on Ninja Turtles." So I picked it up and to my amazement I was introduced to Kurosowa.

Just... fantastic.
Posted by The Red Clover on March 01, 2010
Ninja Assassin
Ninja Assassin I was praying this movie was going to be better then what I heard it was. I mean, c'mon.. ninjas and fantastic CGI gore? But then I heard they'd slipped a plot into the movie and I was like, "Well fuck.. Nevermind then."
Posted by The Red Clover on March 01, 2010
Dragonball Evolution
Dragonball Evolution I didn't expect anything out of this the moment they started releasing the cast choices so as far as being disappointed, I wasn't. In fact I was kind of anticipating how this movie was going to come out. With that said, I think it's a dumb movie you can rent for a good laugh. Something so awful that you can't help but be entertained to an extent. I think a good DBZ movie can be done. The potential is there, it's just going to take a decent studio who wants to take the chance to properly back it financially.

Someone should write a letter to Michael Bay and James Cameron.
Posted by The Red Clover on August 24, 2009
Funny Games
Funny Games I am going to disagree with Mr. Snow's statement, "There is always a struggle to survive." Some people, those who have experienced trauma before, extreme trauma or have been victimized, can have a sort of freeze-effect where they're no different than a deer in headlights. In some cases it's the way the victim copes with the situation, by freezing up and dissociating. So it's not as far of a stretch as you might think.
Posted by The Red Clover on August 04, 2009
Let The Right One In
Let The Right One In I saw this maybe two months back, finally after seeing this review and I have to say it was everything this review said it was and more. It's a shame it'll soon join the group of movies bastardized by making an American version.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 31, 2009
True Blood: Season 1
True Blood: Season 1 In a generational divide where our screens both small and big are littered with sparkling faggots pretending to be vampires, this show is a broad step towards the good ole' days where a vampire was a primitive, blood-thirsty predator. Not an idiot who shines in the sun. 10/10
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Killer Klowns From Outer Space 8/10 just because it holds a special place of my childhood..

It's in the fucking closet scared to death when ever the Circus comes around. Fuck you "Killer Klowns.." But, I still love you.
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
Dead Snow
Dead Snow Zombies? Your average is probably a 5/5 because lets face it, you can make a zombie film and you'd have to be a total fuck-up to ABSOLUTELY ruin it. Then your average film score including Nazis? Well I don't know but to make my point, 5/5.

But together? Thats plain insanity, and a 10/10.
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
Juno I think done differently and possibly with different actors, this script under normal circumstances probably would not have held up. Now with that said these were pretty extraordinary circumstances as in the casting was spot-on and every actor in the movie could, gasp, act. Surprising, I know. I agree with the score, a solid 10/10.
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
Ravenous A friend of mind had recommended this to me maybe a few days ago and now having read this review I think I'll grab it during the week.
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
Splinter I think Greg and Ginose are both right to a certain degree. I think wanting to know the origin of something might be more on the subjective side. While Ginose loved it and didn't mind the movie had went without explaining a few things it got under Greg's skin. I think it's just the type of movie viewer you are when it comes down to it. Like for instance I can agree with both sides here.

I do find it a tad annoying that the origins are being neglected but this can leave room for debate (as seen done beautifully by the both of you which gave this movie a few more fans then it had before the conversation took place) and can also lead to imaginative discussions back and forth with friends. Come up with your own origins. Gives you something to think about. Not to mention that if done correctly leaves room for a prequel/sequel. So while it's annoying, I can also see why they would forgo exploring that route. At least for now anyway.

By the way a thanks is in order. I, like many others saw this conversation and couldn't help myself so I found it and watched it. I agree with the review one hundred percent and the score as well.
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
Wayne's World 2
Wayne's World 2 What a true sequel should be. Something that adds on to the first. A compliment to it's predecessor. 9/10.
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element I loved this movie, it was a change of pace; I got to see Sarah Brightman as a blue alien, Milla Jovovich nude, a ton of ass-kickery. I'd give this at least an 8/10.
Posted by The Red Clover on May 04, 2009
Alice In Chains: MTV Unplugged
Alice In Chains: MTV Unplugged As "bluemeanie" stated, this band is who really started the whole "grunge" effect and to aid his comment I've a theory that if Kurt Cobain had handled his life a little less awkwardly and didn't commit suicide, that Nirvana themselves would not have gotten as much attention as it originally had. Awful thing to say I know, I'm not faulting the talent of Cobain nor the band but I feel if they had stuck around a little longer, actually received some level of competition especially from Alice in Chains, they would not have been seen as the end-all be-all to the "grunge" movement. I also agree with "385."

I'd give this a 10/10 simply because it's Alice in Chains stripped. It does a great deal to highlight Layne Staley's talent as well as the bands. For anyone who wanted a course in music I'd hand this to them among others. (The Beatles Anthology they released awhile ago which was I think six or seven discs was incredibly enlightening and very informative. A must-see for any fan of the band, but a tad too long for those with fleeting interests.)
Posted by The Red Clover on April 14, 2009
Superman / Doomsday
Superman / Doomsday I'll take your recommendation and find the source even though I am not a fan of the majority of the products DC publishes.
Posted by The Red Clover on April 12, 2009
Superman / Doomsday
Superman / Doomsday I'd have to say "New Frontier" is by far my favorite DC animated film so far.
Posted by The Red Clover on March 24, 2009
Superman / Doomsday
Superman / Doomsday No, I'd give it an 8, but unfortunately I'd lower the score down to a .5 because like I said, it's a Superman movie. But I will say that the story itself combined with the animation does make it a solid 8. The .5 is just a personal score because I personally can not stand the Superman franchise. But my score is not to belittle the decent animation or to begrudge the terrific story nor is it there to detract from your well put review.

With that clarified, I still maintain my subjective score of .5 but still recommend it for anyone who; A) Enjoys a good animated feature based on a comic or, B) You're a Superman fan because while I dislike the franchise, I can't deny how good this feature was.
Posted by The Red Clover on March 23, 2009
Superman / Doomsday
Superman / Doomsday I'd give this an 8 based on animation, however I find myself detracting 7.5 points for the unfortunate fact it's a Superman movie.
Posted by The Red Clover on February 24, 2009
The Wizard Of Gore
The Wizard Of Gore Fantastic. I've been waiting to see someone review this so I could determine whether or not I should just buy it. Excellent job as always.
Posted by The Red Clover on February 14, 2009
Friday The 13th
Friday The 13th I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of horror films, and in fact counting on both hands I know there are more than a handful here and among the opinions I respect Fecal's is definitely up there and because of this review odds are I will not even pay out the four bucks to rent it when it comes out. I think it's a shame that the studios are merely phoning in pathetic revisions of old franchises just to make a film with a cognoscible title and lead. Desperate attempts at digging down into the pockets of the unsuspecting. To be honest I'd have probably seen it anyway, but I'd have been damn pissed when I got out of the theater.

Guess I won't even waste my time crossing my fingers and praying that "The Nightmare on Elm Street" revamp will be any better.
Posted by The Red Clover on January 28, 2009
Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans
Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans I'd say a 6/10 is a pretty objective score and this is a solid review. From a fan's point of view I'm sure it'll rate something higher but to be honest because of the excessive CGI and other little blemishes I don't see this movie anything higher than a seven and I'm personally a huge fan.

I think this movie will really shine when it's on DVD and fans will get a chance to watch all three back-to-back. As far as your review goes it's been back and forth, your's isn't the only positive review but there are nearly as many negative reviews as there are positive.
Posted by The Red Clover on January 16, 2009
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Repo! The Genetic Opera Aww, that's cute. You think cussing makes you an adult.
Posted by The Red Clover on January 16, 2009
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Repo! The Genetic Opera To be completely honest I could give a fuck-all as to who reviews what film. In the whole business of critiquing movies and this goes for music as well critics have become less objective and more subjective which only means your review applies to those who have the same tastes in either genre as you. There are of course notable exceptions as some movies or some music are just so outstanding that it appeals to just about anyone who sees it. Saying someone needs a "brain transplant" or insulting their credibility because they enjoyed something is far from necessary and a far departure from a forum of debate. It's a tad too 3-year old.

I loved it. This is not a reflection of my intelligence or IQ, or whether or not I'm a fan of musicals (I in fact like the occasional musical or two) what it means is just that. I loved it. So what if you didn't. There are a few indicators in the review that you weren't going to like the movie going into it anyway so I think the review is a tad unfair and should be a little less subjective.
Posted by The Red Clover on December 18, 2008
TNA Wrestling: Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls: Scars And Stitches
TNA Wrestling: Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls: Scars And Stitches Could not agree with you more and I really wish more people would get behind this product considering how WWE is a little lacking in their performance department.
Posted by The Red Clover on December 12, 2008
Punisher: War Zone
Punisher: War Zone If you consider the source material or the style of Greg Ennis just for a moment before you go see this movie you'll realize -- like everyone should have by now, that "The Punisher" can't be made seriously. We're talking about a comic book character who had his own one-shot where he pretty much destroys the Marvel universe, where the X-Men and the Brotherhood meet their demise at the business end of a NUKE.

While the writing is fantastic, the gore is just over the top and there's almost no way you can make a "Punisher" film without cheese and like The Meanie said, it's only bad acting when it's unintentional. I compare this to "Grindhouse" pretty much.

I'd give this a 10/10 just because after two tries, Lexi Alexander hit the nail on the head.
Posted by The Red Clover on November 30, 2008
Criss Angel Mindfreak: Season 1
Criss Angel Mindfreak: Season 1 I absolutely can not stand Criss Angel. He's pretty much a fancier version of David Blaine without the endurance trials Blaine often puts himself through. At least David Blaine can hold his breath for like twelve minutes, something that takes some amount of skill.

I'm with George, give me Doug Henning or personally my favorites, Penn & Teller.
Posted by The Red Clover on November 23, 2008
Twilight I took my sixteen year old brother and seventeen year old sister to see this movie during it's Midnight showing and while they are both fans of the book series having read the four currently available so quickly it made my head spin a few times, I am not. I have yet to pick up a single novel because my siblings by their own admission tell me how sloppy of a writer Stephanie Meyer appears to be. I guess they said they kept reading hoping for some improvement but they enjoyed the story or at least the idea of it.

After the movie they both said it "failed." I however found myself entertained and thought the movie was worth the ticket price. I think Roger Ebert said it best that the target audience will get the most out of this film and that's exactly how I judged it before I even read any reviews. I personally enjoyed the development of the chemistry between the characters of Bella and Edward, how it seems natural and progressive instead of forced and the character of Jasper. Jasper's vacant stare was probably to me was worth seeing the movie.

I still find it odd that my brother and sister being apart of the core demographic felt the movie fell short and I think it's because this was the first time they were ever interested in a franchise (ie, the book series) and saw it turned into a film whereas I have been dealing with it since I was young watching them turn and butcher "The Punisher" in 1989 (I saw it years later) then "Fantastic Four" in 1994 and to be honest I can't remember how I got my hands on that one, but I regretted it. Since then I've been having to struggle with adaptation after adaptation of my childhood memories being formatted for the silver screen.

They've yet to learn about the idea of compromise and perhaps this is another reason why I liked the film. Because it offered a taste to a younger generation what us older comic book geeks/nerds have been dealing with for a decade or two.
Posted by The Red Clover on November 03, 2008
Saw V
Saw V Here's the thing about the "Saw" series. It's a theme movie for a certain time of the year. Although I agree with certain points in each fantastic review and the scores. I'd consider it a 4 because of the lack of sophistication in some of this installments contraptions.

I think they are becoming redundant and I agree that if this is "quality entertainment" then our film industry is in a rather sad state (except if you're me and just love how realistic gore looks nowadays being gore-hound myself I can still step outside of my opinion and acknowledge certain truths) however, the "Saw" franchise has opened near Halloween every year and this is just good marketing because let's be honest, these types of movies have been done, some better then the more high budget ones. I am just in a group of people who want to go out on a cold October evening and catch, "a horror film." We lack the grindhouses, the nitty-gritty movie theaters that showed "the Rocky Horror Picture Show" among a wide selection of exploitation films. Sure they were poorly written, sure the graphics were sub-par but damn it I want to laugh, see blood and throw my popcorn and "Saw" has helped me achieve this for the last five years. This is why I can't fault the series.

I think that's how a movie like this works so well. It really is a date movie for October.
Posted by The Red Clover on November 03, 2008
Transsiberian I like this score and agree with your assessment with how Anderson is drifting down Hitchcock's road while the other two notable directions you mentioned seem to be also following their respective paths.
Posted by The Red Clover on November 03, 2008
Stuck I have to agree with this review and add that I give it a 11/10 with an added point for Stephen Rea.

He's just an all around badass.
Posted by The Red Clover on September 27, 2008
Halloween Behind all the shitty films there is actually a decent story behind the whole image of Michael and I wish I could have seen a take that explained that a little more. I liked the film because it dealt more with Michael's childhood but there's no way I can't agree with the statement, "A studio pushed Zombie to release a hit."

They did, he failed and I hope Zombie will go back to his original stuff.

To be fair though, I doubt any remake of a horror film is going to going to be better then the original. I can't think of one really but I could be wrong.
Posted by The Red Clover on September 27, 2008
The Departed
The Departed I love bantering and I do agree that both directors have missed the mark concerning the portrayal of the source material but I've come to accept that unfortunately comic-book movies can't be made for JUST comic-book fans. We can't be catered to because the franchise has to be made for a broader audience so when they take the liberties they do it's going to produce a product that differs from the source. Just the Hollywood machine we've come to hate (and love.)

As we wind this discussion down, I would like to point out that Burton and Nolan focus on a different roster of main characters while I concede that Burton did have an impressive body count. It's been fun, I merely wanted to suggest that I try to avoid comparisons as often as possible and grade movies individually based on the merits of that movie alone.

And I used the Batman franchise because it was the first thing I came up with. I could have used a "Fantastic Four" example; movie barely anyone knows exists is horrible, the one made by Fox, while cheesy and could be considered "bad" isn't nearly as much of a train wreck as it's predecessor. I judged them individually, not by comparison although the first one was made in '94.
Posted by The Red Clover on September 26, 2008
The Departed
The Departed I can agree and disagree, I just like having conversation.

To begin I am a vivid reader of comic books. The reason I don't compare "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" to say "Batman" and "Batman Returns" is because it's a comic book movie first and foremost. Yes it's entertainment, yes they are movies based on the same titular character but one has to understand that even if all four movies are based around the same titular character that titular character changes often in the source material. Given that the titular character changes often in the source material you're given a rare opportunity to examine each movie as if they were stand alone tales. Just as if it were a comic book. I don't compare because I feel that they can all be interpreted to be good in just about anyone's eye.

For example, some people prefer the writing of Frank Miller to that of Alan Moore. Both are fantastic but both present a different take on the same character so it's unfair to compare them. Some people prefer the taste of margarine to butter or vice versa. I personally believe Burton is a cunt and his creations in the Batman franchise are blemishes at best whereas Mr. Meanie there will avidly and rightfully so, come to Burton's defense -- because he prefers Burton whereas I prefer Nolan/Goyer but we both prefer different styles so comparisons is just a reason to start a debate. Also, even while based on the same titular character all four movies only share the fact that they can all definitively fall in the comic book-movie genre. "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" were darker, they had a body count, the over-all theme was realistic where as "Batman" and "Batman Returns" were more of a fantasy take, a return to the whimsical.

So my logic is they're all fine wines, I can compare the taste but just to find the flavor I prefer. To compare them to find which is "better" would be a waste of time because the taste I prefer will always be better than yours (to me.) :D
Posted by The Red Clover on September 23, 2008
The Departed
The Departed I was thrilled to see a movie concerning the Irish mob because in the world of cinema you are rarely afforded an opportunity to see into the possible mechanics of a force of crime that was around in America almost two centuries before the Italian's brought their Mafia to our shores. I felt the same way with "Gangs of New York." The stories that came out of the Five Points are sadly buried by movies like "The Godfather" (which is the only movie of the trilogy I'll acknowledge.) Not mention the superb work of Scorsese and the above stellar acting of just about everyone involved. I mean, really, who saw Anthony Anderson's performance coming? Even if he was involved briefly compared to a few others he some how helped the film along just as much as anyone else had in their supporting roles.

I won't begin to compare it with it's Hong Kong mother. I feel that'd be unfair to either film because of vast differences in culture. I feel both films can (and should) stand on their own. You don't sit there and compare "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" to "Batman" and "Batman Returns" because all four movies are great in their own right so you view them individually. I feel this movie deserves a 10/10 as a movie that stands alone and I wholeheartedly agree with this interview. Although from reading as many Irish mob books as I have (Brutal, Paddy Whacked, I Heard You Paint Houses) I kind of saw the ending coming sans the rat which I thought was great despite how cliche it was.
Posted by The Red Clover on September 12, 2008
Camp Blood: The Musical
Camp Blood: The Musical Loved it. 8/10
Posted by The Red Clover on August 20, 2008
Mirrors I would give this film a 10/10 for sheer plot alone but the visuals are absolutely fantastic and any decent connoisseur of the horror genre can see that Aja is really beginning to come into his own. Aja reminds me a lot of Guillermo del Toro in the sense that no one knew what the man was capable of until they handed him some money and let him work comfortably and a few years later we see Guillermo guilty of such films like "Pan's Labyrinth," and "Hellboy 2."
Posted by The Red Clover on August 20, 2008
The Fall
The Fall I agree with this review wholeheartedly. 10/10
Posted by The Red Clover on August 14, 2008
The Shawshank Redemption
The Shawshank Redemption Agreed, Frank Darabont is beyond fantastic and while "The Green Mile" remains my favorite this movie nothing short of ideal when it comes to King adaptations. The casting was superb and the acting was excellent. Everything you could ever hope for in a movie and more. 10/10
Posted by The Red Clover on August 14, 2008
Luther The Geek
Luther The Geek This was a great movie. Thanks for pointing me in it's direction!
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Sorry for jumping in with what I had said, I was obviously lost. Lol.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Oh! Wtf, I thought someone was disputing the Mad Hatter's identity or something. I'm about to watch the movie again because I am a filthy pirate so I can attempt to see if that was the case. If it was I don't think it foreshadows anything because if it had been Tetch then it was a third rate actor just portraying an easter egg for the fans.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight What about Jervis then?
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Wait I lost my place somewhere. I know when you said Tom Elliot you were talking about Hush.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight I couldn't agree more and it's a shame too because "Hush" was such a great storyline.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight And the Mad Hatter's name is Jervis Tetch.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin You know, this movie led to aother redeeming factor. If it wasn't for this movie's poor box-office performance, then we could have had "Batman Triumphant" in theaters at some point.

Thank God for "Batman and Robin" in that aspect.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight xD
Posted by The Red Clover on July 28, 2008
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Aaron Eckhart will undoubtedly reprise his portrayal as Dent as the main villain. The secondary villain will probably be another murderous psycho that compliments Two-Face's presence. Someone like the Mad Hatter would not go well in the Nolan vision, nor would the Riddler. Someone like Deadshot with maybe a possible appearance by Harley Quinn. Though technically with how the Riddler beat Green Arrow's ass after the whole "Hush" thing I'm sure Nolan could find a way to fit Riddler 2.0 somewhere. It'd be interesting to see at least.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 27, 2008
Batman Forever
Batman Forever However, since the reviewer based his score on the movie itself more than a comparison to the other movies in the franchise, I have to agree -- this movie sits somewhere between 5 and 7/10. Excellent review.
Posted by The Red Clover on July 27, 2008
Batman Forever
Batman Forever I fell in love with Carrey's version of the Riddler considering where he drew his inspiration from. I agree Jim Carrey's portrayal of the Riddler based on Frank Gorshin's was right on the money but Two-Face was far too cartoonish. The character is a killer who does what he wants based on the flip of a coin, not some nut-job with a suit that's half bland and half so-colorful you'd think he just got back from a cruise.
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