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Posted by Alex P on March 29, 2009
Knowing Being a Coppola has its benefits Kez.
Posted by Alex P on December 06, 2007
I Know Who Killed Me
I Know Who Killed Me dude...you gave House of Wax a 6.5. how can you argue over the 5 this movie got. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are like the same exact kind of person.
Posted by Alex P on November 01, 2007
Fido i havent watched it yet but it seems to me like this might be the last 2 minutes of Shaun of the Dead made into a full length movie.

still looks fun though.
Posted by Alex P on July 07, 2007
Sicko if you research a bit you find out that most everything he says about Cuba and France are pretty much lies, but it doesnt change the horrific quality of the American system. so i wouldnt take too much stock in what he says about the other countries so much, but people definitely need to realize how much theyre getting raped in America
Posted by Alex P on April 11, 2007
300 but not, cause daredevil was just shitty special effects stolen from the Matrix left over bin. there was all of 1 scene shot in any kind of location with 300 and that was the horsemens approach. thats the ONLY shot in the entire movie that wasnt on a green screen. saying that everything was too fake is just stupid. sin city was done in the same sort of over the top style and it was awesome. or are yellow people too fake as well?
Posted by Alex P on March 29, 2007
Tremors god bless the Tremors Attack Pack. picked that beaut up for 14 dollars.
Posted by Alex P on March 14, 2007
300 im not quite sure you read 300 and understand the style he was going for...
Posted by Alex P on September 26, 2006
The Crow
The Crow "Anyone else fell like they've heard this story before... what was it... oh yeah! Spawn! This is a very cool movie, but it lacks originality... and atleast Spawn was a much more involved series."

its too bad the Crow was published in 1989 and Spawn first appeared in 1992. gg though.

and even if that werent the case, to try and claim spawn is the first 'come back from death for love' themed thing in history is downright ricoculous.

id give this movie a 9/10 at the least. love this movie.
Posted by Alex P on September 26, 2006
Predator rocking a line up with 2 governors in it.

i actually wore this tape out when i was really little so its way up there on my fav list.
Posted by Alex P on September 09, 2006
The Green Mile
The Green Mile you might just be an idiot though. just my opinion. you should probably go watch some more movies starring the Rock.

this is one of my favourite movies. i just love the story and after i read the book...or rather 6 books that comprised it i was happy to hear they were making it a movie and it went way beyond what i expected.
Posted by Alex P on September 09, 2006
The Illusionist
The Illusionist amazing film. as always Ed Norton and Pail Giamatti were incredible. watching him do his tricks worked really well since you actually felt like one of the audience watching him perform.
Posted by Alex P on May 23, 2006
The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code the beef with the movie is that the book was supposed to be controversial because it questioned religion and when they announced the movie relgion around the world cried up a storm and ron howard gave in and removed a good chunk of the content that made the book interesting. i almost dont even want to see this just because of that.
Posted by Alex P on February 14, 2006
Doom Doom 3 was actually just a remake of the first doom chad so you didnt miss anything on the story line really. but it IS really fucking sweet.

anyway i still really want to see this movie.
Posted by Alex P on September 14, 2005
Oldboy damned good movie.
Posted by Alex P on August 03, 2004
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 "Do not expect hidden meanings, great dialogue, extraordinary visuals"

all the visuals were incredibly artistic are you kidding? and there were hidden meanings out the ass. her beating 5 people like the assent in the pagoda of Enter the Dragon, her yellow jump suit being like that of Bruce Lees. theres TONS of little things that mean more than you think in that movie.

and as for the blood, in case you hadnt noticed in the first 30 seconds of that sequence it was supposed to be in the style of an anime thus the super amounts of blood in a cartoon like effect.

dont hate a movie cause you dont understand all of it
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