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Camp Blood Camp Blood (2000)
Out and about on a camping trip in the woods without a care in the world, four campers found themselves in an unknown world. With the death of their guide and at the mercy of a cold blooded killer, the trip of fun in the sun soon took a wrong turn. With friends slowly...


Camp Blood 2 Camp Blood 2 (2000)
Smarmy opportunist filmmaker Worthy Milligan convinces traumatized sole survivor Tricia to work as a technical advisor on a film he's making about the horrific events that occurred at Camp Blood. The cast and crew return to the remote woodland area to shoot the picture. Of...


Within The Woods Within The Woods (2005)
A new reality show invites five brave souls to spend the night at "Camp Blood", where, years ago, over a dozen people were murdered by the infamous "Clown". Whoever remains at the end of twenty-four hours will split a million dollars. To drive away the contestants, the...


Camp Blood: First Slaughter Camp Blood: First Slaughter (2014)
A group of students on a class assignment travel to the infamous Camp Blood woods in the hopes of debunking a local legend. Despite warnings they continue on and find out that the Camp Blood Killer may be more than simply myth. Real terror awaits, and this assignment could be...


Camp Blood 4 Camp Blood 4 (2016)
A bunch of college friends stop at the notorious Camp Blood on their way to a rock concert. But there is someone lurking in the woods nearby, ready to arrange one hell of a night for unfortunate campers.


Camp Blood 5 Camp Blood 5 (2016)
Raven, the only survivor of a previous massacre, returns to the forest to avenge her fallen friends and stop Camp Blood Killer once and for all.


Camp Blood 666 Camp Blood 666 (2016)
The Camp Blood Killer Clown returns from hell to search for fresh victims. Betsy goes looking for her missing brother who joined a Satanic Clown Cult, only to find horrors beyond her imagination. Will she end up on the end of a machete wielded by an insane, creepy clown. Will...


It Kills It Kills (2017)
A group of college kids on Fall break find themselves in a bad situation when they become stranded at the infamous Camp Blood.


Ghost Of Camp Blood Ghost Of Camp Blood (2018)
Infamous Blackwood Forest is still haunted by the numerous deaths at the hands of a masked clown killer, but now, it's haunted by something else. The vengeful spirit of the recently deceased Camp Blood Killer is out for revenge from beyond the grave.


Camp Blood Kills Camp Blood Kills (2019)
All the kills! All the clowns! All the blood! No other film series boasts the amount of thrills, chills, and spills as Camp Blood. Now, for your viewing pleasure comes the ultimate gross-out murders and lovely ladies of the fear franchise, making this a must have compilation!...


Camp Blood 8: Revelations Camp Blood 8: Revelations (2020)
When a team of volleyball players get lost in the woods, they encounter a killer clown and his psychotic exhibitionist mother. Will he kill them all or will they find a way to defeat him?


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