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Goreface Killer Goreface Killer (2002)
In the deep south of Louisiana, there exists a world of never-ending sex, drugs, and violence. Where the darkness of the swamps is only equaled by the darkness of a killer's mind. But this world of perpetual intoxication comes to a gut-knotting climax when the Goreface Killer...


Goregasm Goregasm (2007)
The brutal, unstoppable Cockface Killer is back for another knee-deep adventure in death, drugs, and perversion! And for video store clerk Mark and his girlfriend, the nightmare has just begun as the notoriously deformed monster begins to kill off all their friends. With the...


Grimewave Grimewave (2013)
When the Cockface Killer stumbles upon an underground drug deal, he accidentally thrusts his way into the New Orleans crime scene. Rival gangs led by Asian Kingpin Big Wang and bad ass biker gang, The Douche Lords, must set aside differences to recruit incestuous assassins,...


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