Robodoc (2009)

DVD Cover (Virgil Films And Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 41%
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Connections: National Lampoon

Plagued by uninsured patients, greedy insurance companies, heartless health care conglomerates, and stressed out doctors, the health care delivery system is on the verge of a total breakdown - and Jake Gorman couldn't be happier. The egomaniacal medical malpractice attorney has it all. His face adorns billboards, his ads run constantly on TV and radio, while his army of informants tip him off to profitable new cases. Suing doctors has made Jake a famous and very wealthy man. Jake never met a doctor he couldn't sue, until now. As a cost cutting measure at its hospitals, R.I.P Healthcare has developed the perfect doctor. MD 63 (a.k.a. Robo-Doc) is a robotic doctor whose data bank contains all the medical knowledge in the world, and therefore Robo-Doc CAN'T make a mistake. Robo-Doc was designed to save both money and lives. Success would bring flawless, affordable health care to all and spell ruin for Jake Gorman. --IMDb
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