Opie Gets Laid (2005)

DVD Cover (Lightyear Entertainment)
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At 30 years old, Opie is a virgin whose existence is made up of watching pornography and eating junk food. One day a drug dealer named Thai mistakenly comes to his door. She decides to help Opie by finding him a good woman, initially (and unsuccessfully) by online personal adds. Thai and Opie end up sleeping together while high on marijuana, and then end up seeing each other regularly. Opie starts having sex with other women, including Thai's lesbian lover Dakota and a "gun-toting" nymphomaniac named Rain. --TMDb
Review by Chad
Added: February 03, 2009
I'm not really one to pick up a romantic comedy when it comes time to choose my entertainment for the evening, but when I saw the trailer for Opie Gets Laid some time ago, I knew that I would have to see it whenever it found its way to DVD. I could tell just from watching said trailer that this particular film followed all of the traditional "rules" of the genre and didn't stray too far from the formula that most releases of this type use, but there was just something about it that caused me to make a mental note of it. Well, the film has finally landed on DVD, and thus, here we are with the million dollar question: did it live up to my expectations?

The storyline for this quirky little comedy revolves around Opie (James Ricardo), a single thirty-something who lives by himself, gets by on his unemployment checks, has never seen the inside of a gym, and who is content to spend his days playing video games and watching porn. One day, a young lady named Thai (April Wade) shows up at his door looking for her plus-sized prostitute of a friend. Obviously, she has the wrong address, but she decides to let herself in anyway and strike up a conversation with our loser of a hero. She decides to help him with his virginity problem by setting him up with dates, but it quickly becomes apparent that Opie is not the dating kind. However, in her efforts to help him get out of the house, Thai quickly realizes that she's falling in love with our wise-cracking geek, and before you know it, the two are sleeping together.

And they all lived happily ever after? Maybe they would have, but Thai forgot to mention a small little detail: she's also seeing Dakota (Ute Werner), a badass butch lesbian who proceeds to kick the living shit out of Opie after finding out that Thai has been screwing him. The three eventually decide to sit down and talk the whole situation over like adults, and then the unthinkable happens: Dakota starts to fall for Opie as well. The bizarre love triangle will get even stranger when Rain (Jesselynn Desmond), a lady who answered one of Opie's personal ads on the internet, decides to hook up with him as well. Where the hell will this storyline go? Who will he settle down with? Watch, discover, and learn.

The first thing I have to point out here is the character of Opie: I loved this guy. Here's a guy who is quick to drop an insulting or witty one-liner with no fear of the repercussions, and he's also a fellow who is brutally honest regardless of what that trait will cost him. Does he want to get laid? Sure, just as much as the next thirty-year-old virgin... but that won't stop him from speaking his mind with his prospective mate when she asks if "this dress makes her look fat." It's easy to write a rude and obnoxious character that can pull a couple of laughs here and there, but the thing with Opie is that he's downright hilarious - this character will pull a laugh out of you with just about every other sentence that escapes his mouth. Not only is he funny, but he's strangely charming as well, and thus, we as an audience are rooting for him even as he's shooting women down for their minor flaws or displaying the qualities of a legitimate asshole with those that do manage to fall for him.

The writing driving this character is certainly solid as a rock, but it also didn't hurt that the guy playing him - writer and director James Ricardo - turned in a great performance to seal the deal. Again, it's easy to write down a couple of humorous jokes and entertaining insults, but to actually deliver them in a believable way takes a good degree of talent: talent that Ricardo definitely has. His female costars certainly didn't slouch in this department either, and even though they didn't pull half the amount of laughs as the leading man, I can't say a bad thing about any one of them.

As far as negatives go, there's really not much that I can say against the film aside from the pacing. You see, we're watching the credits roll within eighty minutes of popping the disc in, but regardless of the running time, the storyline does start to lose a bit of its steam just before we witness the conclusion. It's not so much a fault of the writing as the plot developments and the jokes still work during this period, but it does feel a little padded. Perhaps a scene or two should have wound up in the "deleted scenes" section of the disc, as while there wasn't any one thing I could point to and say "That just didn't work", I think the film as a whole would have benefited from a couple of quick cuts prior to the grand finale.

This was a minor concern, and it was certainly not enough to prevent me from giving this one a solid recommendation. I'm not much a fan of the romantic comedy releases that the kids are squealing over these days, but I certainly enjoyed this one; if you happen to be on the other side of the fence and can't get enough of Judd Apatow and his merry band of misfits, you're sure to find a lot to love in this indie flick. 9/10.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 02/03/2009, 06:18 PM
I didn't know this had finally come out. That's awesome.
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