Super Troopers (2001)

DVD Cover (Fox Searchlight)
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Connections: Super Troopers

Thorny, Mac, Rabbit, Foster and Farva are Vermont state troopers out to have a good time. Stationed in a remote area near the Canadian border, the troopers, avid pranksters with an affinity for syrup, have a knack for screwing up on the job. But when budget cuts in the town of Spurbury threaten their livelihood and pit them against arch-rival Spurbury P.D., the five friends try to straighten up and fly right. That is, until a dead body is discovered and a possible drug ring is unearthed. The super troopers spring into action attempting to solve the crime, save their jobs, and outdo the local police department. --IMDb
Review by sidefriction
Added: June 03, 2004
The main ingredient for a successful comedy, no matter how stupid the content may be, lies in the characters. You have to have memorable characters for a great comedy. Broken Lizard's Super Troopers is a prime example of that rule. Broken Lizard is a comedy group, much like Monty Python's comedy group. They decided to make a movie about...cops. The premise is pretty much a war between state troopers and city police officers. State troopers are seen as the goof-offs and the police officials are the real crime fighters. Granted, there are many gags the state troopers play on people they pull over. But the comic value plays off very well. The opening scene starts off as three drugged up college kids are pulled over. Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar) and Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) decide to play with their highly "influenced minds" by going back and forth down the highway, then arresting them as they go off to chase a disguised state trooper. Their reactions are hilarious. That's one of the many grand moments in this movie.

As I said with memorable characters, you have Thorny, the smarter cop of the bunch; Foster (Paul Soter), the ladies man; Farva (Kevin Hefferman), the big, stupid, idiot; Rabbit, the rookie; Mac (Steve Lemme), the horn dog and then the captain (Brian Cox). All of those characters, plus Foster's romantic involvement with a police officer, makes Super Troopers comic gold. I really enjoyed the gags the troopers played on people. One of the tricks was to say "meow" ten times and make it sound alright. When Farva got the chance to do field work (trying to do a more extreme meow gag) he went up to a van, called them a chicken-fucker and then ran off. The movie isn't just about gags and such. It is an all out war between state troopers and city police. When the state troopers are threatened with being shut down, they have to find a strong case real fast. When the opportunity arises, city police beat them to the punch. So through out the movie, you're wondering "How are a group of five screw ups going to avoid being shut down?" My only gripe is that I wanted to see more pranks. But if they did that, they would be taking away from the actual plot. But still, I found the screwing around more funny than the actual movie. Definitely look for the bear scene with Rabbit. This movie has everything. Cops doing drugs, cops beating up people, cops groping women while on the road, cops chugging syrup...the list goes on. Also, the movie does have its fair share of nudity. Nothing extreme really, just one scene with a topless woman. Another note, the direction is really well done here. Since Broken Lizard directed it, the quality of direction could have been a bit flakey. But it was done well. The car chases reminded me of old episodes of the Dukes of Hazard, which really makes me sound like a loser saying so, but it does remind me of that. The biggest thing you can take out of this movie is the rising comedic stars it had such as Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, and Kevin Hefferman.

Super Troopers is a very funny and enjoyable movie. This movie makes me anticipate more work from Broken Lizard, but unfortunately they made the horrid Club Dread, so I wouldn't necessarily count on anything. But at least Super Troopers is a damn good movie.

I wouldn't suggest this to someone if they're looking for a more intellectual comedy such as Dr. Strangelove. But if you enjoyed Office Space then you should love Super Troopers. Definitely worth a rental. 8/10
HeatoN #1: HeatoN - added 11/27/2004, 12:26 AM
hilarious movie, if you have any sense of humor you should check this out
Strait Killa #2: Strait Killa - added 03/30/2006, 12:57 AM
the part with Farva in the restaraunt is beyond hilarious. that part alone is worth a viewing
Edd #3: Edd - added 07/29/2008, 11:36 PM
"And that was the first time I got crabs". - 10/10
Lucid Dreams #4: Lucid Dreams - added 05/17/2010, 01:52 AM
It's sad that they could not make something as good as this again. 8/10
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