The Final Destination (2009)

DVD Cover (New Line Studios)
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Overall Rating 55%
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Genres / Traits: Horror Slasher Film Teen Horror 3-D

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While watching a car race at McKinley Speedway, Nick O'Bannon has a premonition of a car crash that will result in many casualties, including several people that are in the audience. Nick convinces his girlfriend Lori, along with his friends Hunt and Janet to leave. A security guard named George Lanter, along with a racist named Carter, a mother and her two sons, and several other people follow Nick out. Shortly after they leave, Nick's premonition comes true. When survivors start dying, Nick, his friends, and George must try to find the remaining survivors and save them from Death before it is too late. --IMDb
Bobby Campo
Bobby Campo
Shantel VanSanten
Shantel VanSanten
Nick Zano
Nick Zano
Haley Webb
Haley Webb
Mykelti Williamson
Mykelti Williamson
Review by Nirrad
Added: September 03, 2009
I always thought the Final Destination movies were interesting. Besides the first one, I never really cared for the characters, but then again are we really supposed to? No, I cared for the over elaborate deaths for everyone. It's always interesting to see how the next one is going to die, whether it's neat or stupid, its still entertaining regardless. After watching the abysmal "Halloween 2", I was hoping for an enjoyable movie to help wash the dirty images out of my mind. I didn't expect much going into "The Final Destination", so maybe that's why I was happy with it.

"The Final Destination" opens at a race track where a group of friends decide to relax and enjoy the cars, or more importantly, the crashes. During the race Nick (Bobby Campo) foresees a huge car crash killing him and all of his friends in brutal ways. After everyone dies, he snaps out of it and warns everybody. They all leave the track and sure enough an accident occurs, killing 52 people. A few days after the crash, one of the survivors blames a security guard for his wife's death at the crash. Later that night he decides to get revenge on the security guard, but unfortunately for him death decides to pick up its pieces and kills him in a very humorous way. It is at this point that Nick and his girlfriend Lori (Shantel VanSanten) begin to realize that all of the survivors are getting killed one by one in the order that they should have originally died. So now it is up to them to try and save their friends, and themselves.

Well, I really don't have much to say about this movie. I mean, it's "The Final Destination" for crying out loud. I will say that I was both happy with it, yet let down at the same time. Walking in I expected a short stupid movie with some cool deaths, and that's what I pretty much got. The movie wasted no time kicking in to high gear and getting on with the kills. Most of the kills are pretty interesting this time around, but sometimes it's just a little over the top. There is a scene in a spa where a can starts to drag across the table right into a hair straightener only to eventually explode. Now I would assume that "death" is helping the can glide across some water on the table, but it just comes off as ridiculous. These movies were never really about realism, but at least the first one didn't seem phony. The overall gore was kind of disappointing as well. We have some nice shots of severed heads and body parts and what have you, but most of the deaths are full of CGI and it's quite noticeable. But most of this could also be due to the 3D effects, which were OK. Like all 3D movies, you fail to notice it after a while until a certain scene comes up with objects flying at you. But I must say that the first 15 - 20 minutes looked pretty good.

When it comes down to it, they really need to stop making these movies. I know that they can be entertaining, but we're basically just getting the same movie over and over again. Absolutely nothing has changed since the first movie besides the recent characters referencing the past characters. They always find articles how this has happened in the past, yet they still somehow manage to screw up and think that they are in the clear. If there is a Final Destination 5, then I believe that as soon as the character realizes what's happening, he/she should just sit on the couch and wait for their turn to die. We all know no matter what they do, they will eventually fall victim sooner or later.

That's all I really have to say about this movie. It was there, it was entertaining, but it will be quickly forgotten. I probably enjoyed it more because it seems like a masterpiece compared to Halloween 2, but I'm sure that some of you will have fun. It's not as good as the first 2, but I believe it's better than part 3. The score maybe kind of low, but that's only because the movie itself is stupid, but it's entertaining enough. So if you have Real 3D in your area check it out, it's just a fun ride and nothing more.

Crispy #1: Crispy - added 02/02/2012, 04:13 AM
I liked the first three, but this one is absolute fucking garbage. The 3D shit was just an annoying, distracting gimmick (as it pretty much always is), and the CGI was insanely cartoonish. It has no issues breaking the franchise's own rules and the laws of physics. My suspension of disbelief is one of the strongest you'll ever hope to find, but considering that dumping water on a gasoline fire is a big no no is such an obvious thing that it annoyed the shit out of me. Fuck this shit.
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