Left 4 Head 3 (2009)

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Connections: Left 4 Dead

Here comes the third installment of Left 4 head, Blowie is now played by Starr in this edited short version clip where she gets attacked by a Zombie while wandering an empty hall of a house. --Clips4Sale
Review by Chad
Added: November 24, 2009
Left 4 Head was such a brilliant idea. I mean, what's not to love? It's a porn parody based on a popular video game. I like porn, I like parodies, and the fact that my time spent in the Left 4 Dead universe would probably be better measured in weeks than in hours, well... this idea should have been a huge hit in my household. Unfortunately, the first one was only a so-so release thanks to ninety percent of the running time being devoted to a single sex scene. Now, I realize that "porn" and "sex scenes" sort of go hand in hand, but I was sort of hoping for more from the parody side of things. The sequel disappointed me even more, as they didn't even try to present us with a sex scene in the Left 4 Dead universe, instead opting to give us a random scene that seemed to be nothing more than an outtake from a "normal" porno. So, how about the third one? Well, it's better than the last one, but not by much.

There is no storyline to be found here. Nothing, nada, zilch. Blowie is played by a porn actress named Starr this time around, though I'm not sure if she is the Starr who appeared in Girly Strap On, the one who starred in Dogging Diaries, or the lass who played a part in Private Thoughts. Whoever the woman is, she walks down a hallway and soon meets up with a "zombie" (read: a man in a plastic zombie mask). He whips out his member, she drops to her knees and blows him. There is some plot development midway through, in that she lays on her back so that he may squat over her and thrust into her mouth from that position. Hell, there's even a twist at the end where the zombie busts a load in her mouth. Whoops, did I give away the ending? My bad.

Once again, I am severely disappointed in what could have been an awesome ten minutes in front of the tube. Yeah, that's really not a whole lot of time to work with, but even "real" porno flicks tend to mix it up a bit. Sure, there's plenty of dick sucking in those films as well, but there's also the parts involving pizza boys and plumbers, and there's more than just a single sex act stretched out for the entire length of the film. At least they tried a little harder this time around by actually putting a mask on the guy instead of just giving us an outtake from some other movie, but that's really not saying much.

So, there you have it: Left 4 Head 3 is a single scene in which a moderately-attractive porn starlet sucks the dick of a man wearing a zombie mask. Is that worth the nine bucks that the clip sells for? You make the call. Personally, I'd give it a 3/10.
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