The Perfect Host (2010)

DVD Cover (Magnolia Pictures)
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Overall Rating 67%
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Injured after committing a bank robbery, John Taylor is desperate to find a place to hide out and approaches the home of Warwick Wilson. John manages to get himself invited into the house by posing as a friend of a friend and spinning a sob story of lost luggage and a violent mugging. Inside, Warwick, a consummate host, is making the final preparations for an impeccable dinner party. He insists John stay for the party, but as the evening begins it becomes obvious Warwick may not be what he first appears. --IMDb
Review by Lucid Dreams
Added: October 06, 2011
I am in shock on the Rotten Tomato score given to this movie. Critics and people alike rated this movie very low and I'm starting to wonder if I saw the same thing as them. I've been meaning to see this movie for a while now, but wanted to wait for it to hit Netflix. So, to my surprise, yesterday they finally put it up and I delightedly pressed play.

John (Clayne Crawford) is running from the cops because he just pulled off a bank robbery. He is very careful on how he covers his tracks, but with an injured foot and no car to take him anywhere he tries to find an excuse to enter any home he can. After a short discussion he convinces Warwick (David Hyde Pierce) to let him into his home. Everything is going well, with a few drinks and light conversation, until John makes it very apparent he isn't who he says he is. John believes he is in control of the situation until he starts to feel faint and passes out. Well, it turns out that Warwick is bat shit crazy and has John tied up waiting for his dinner guests to arrive. You think it couldn't get any worse for John, but you would be very wrong.

I want to be careful on how I write this because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading this. The story is a quite a trip of black comedy and it leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for what could possibly happen next. The flash back scenes between John and his love interest, Simone (Megahn Perry), had an excellent pace to them. It gave you enough to know what you needed during that time. The gripe I keep reading from others is that it has too many twists within the movie, and they are somewhat right. The first half of twists are done quite well and I wouldn't change a single thing. However, the last twenty minutes of the film took a huge risk. You feel that Nick Tomnay, the writer and director, didn't know how to end the film. While I found the ending to be fairly acceptable, I almost thought it was the downfall of the film, until a certain question was asked. I won't say what it is, but let me say that if didn't go that way I would have been extremely disappointed.

The acting on was done extremely well. There were a few minor characters that showed up, like Simone or Detective Morton (Nathaniel Parker), who did fine with the screen time they had. John was an important character in this film, not because he was the main character, but because he was constantly changing how we perceived him every minute something Clayne did perfectly for us. David, as Warwick, was the highlight of the film. Whenever I heard him, all I could think of was Fraiser, which is funny because the two characters are very similar. He played the victim flawlessly and he did the psycho predator even better.

Overall: Aside from the somewhat iffy ending this movie was fantastic. I really don't see what everyone is complaining about. Critics are calling this movie horrible because of a few errors and I find that to be stupid. I can understand that this movie may not have as much replay value in story, but the acting definitely is something to see again. 8/10.
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