Decampitated (1999)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 45%
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Review by Christopher
Added: August 23, 2004
Seven friends (Garrett, April, Toby, Paige, Roger, Candis and Vince) are set to go on a camping trip, but they are clueless on it all. So two of them (Garrett and his girlfriend April) go to a travel agency. They're told they don't need an agent to go camping. So while they were there, they asked the agent if he knew of any good camping sites. He pointed out Decamp Acre's and told them about all the mutilations that have been happening up there. They didn't mind one bit. They gather up the five other friends, then start heading to their destination. Everyone falls asleep on the way there. So Garrett (the driver) decides to make some stops.

Garrett stops at a tattoo parlour to get a tattoo, a drive-in fast food restaurant, a drive-in movie, and a few other places. Once they get on the dirt road to get to the camp site, Garrett falls asleep and runs into a tree. With a broken car, they have no choice but to walk to try and find some help. After walking for miles, the group starts to get tired and decides to camp out in the woods for the night. Vince is set on finding help, so he continues the journey. He comes across a cabin with a female outside cutting fire wood. He asks to use her phone. While doing so, the woman turns out to be a guy dressed in womens clothes.

Back at the camp site, the six remaining campers are all sitting around a fire and Garrett starts in on a story about Decamp Acre's. It seems as if all the mutilations that the travel agent was talking about have been done by a fellow named Miles Decamp. No one believes the story as they all head to their tents for some sleep. Paige and Toby had other plans though. Paige starts stripping for Toby, until she passes gas which runs Toby out of the tent. While outside, Miles Decamp runs by and slices Toby's throat. But he doesn't realize it until he gets back to the tent with Paige.

As Toby stretches out his back and yawns, his neck comes about and starts shooting blood everywhere. Paige whips out a rolls of duct tape and tapes his neck shut to stop the bleeding. Everyone tries to figure out what happened since Toby couldn't talk anymore. He gets the idea to write down what he wants to say. When he tells them what happened, they all think it would be best if they slept in the same tent together. Morning comes and they start on the cabin search once again. During the walk, Miles Decamp comes out of nowhere chasing everyone away. He catches up to April and chops her arm off. April defends herself by knocking him out by beating him with her decapitated arm.

When Miles comes to, he attacks Roger by sticking an old wooden tab into his stomach. Paige is next as Miles brings out a fishing pole and hooks her ear, ripping it off. Then goes a piece of her shoulder, eventually hooking her mouth and reeling her in. Back at the transvestite's cabin, Vince is tied up in a chair. When the transvestite sits on his lap, Vince headbutts him and makes a run for it. Thanks to still being tied to the chair, it wasn't long until the transvestite re-captured him.

Back in the woods, Garrett finds his crashed car and breaks out a weed whacker. Still in working form he goes to have a battle with Miles. Miles sneaks up behind him with a machete and sticks it in Garrett's side. Garrett chops his hand off and runs off. Garrett, Paige, Toby and Candis manage to find each other and make their way to a cabin that turns out to be the one with the transvestite and Vince. Thinking the transvestite is the killer, they tie him up and start with the questions. Turns out it's one of Garrett's high school football buddies, Jake.
Candis decides to open up a window to get some fresh air.

Miles sees his chance and shoots and arrow into the open window. It hits Vince and Jake, they both manage to live, but Jake is left behind as the campers run for cover. They run through the woods until they find another cabin, the one they were suppose to end up at before Garrett crashed the car. While resting in the cabin, Roger runs in with the tab still in his stomach. After awhile of just sitting, they have Vince go out and search for help. He comes across the dirt road with a car driving by. He gets them to stop and then takes off with their car. When he arrives at the cabin to get the rest of the crew, Miles sets up a thin piece of metal in front of the door. Toby is first through the door and his head gets cut clean off of his neck. The group once again gets split up while running away. Each of them having their own battle with Miles.

So many tributes to horror films in this. Like when Miles got his hand cut off by Garrett, he went into a shed and cleared off a table with an above light swaying back in forth, just like in Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. Or at the beginning where there were these two kids running through the woods one of the chicks kept getting caught in bear traps. She would whip out her machete and decapitate whatever body part that was needed. The machete cuts were identical to those at the beginning of Dead Alive. Way too many more for me to go through.

Forced-comedy/horror at its finest and a title to match the movie perfectly. Tons of decapitations and blood through out the entire film. The majority of the blood scenes looked excellent which is rare for a film like this. Most of comedy wasn't really that amusing, but it didn't get stupid either. A very entertaining movie most of the independent goofy-horror movie fans would get in to.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
M√∂rderwolf777 #1: Mörderwolf777 - added 06/19/2008, 02:26 AM
by a wide margin the worst movie iv ever seen, and I like troma.
Ginose #2: Ginose - added 06/19/2008, 02:51 AM
Personally, I found it so-so. Now, I love Troma's in-house productions, but alot of these stragglers they pick up are shit... my primest example being (the worst film of all time) "Shadows Run Black".
Chad #3: Chad - added 07/08/2009, 02:13 AM
I loved this one to pieces. The gore effects were serviceable, but the laughs were what really made me fall in love. I wouldn't call it a perfect movie, but if you're in the market for a good slasher parody, you could do much worse. 8/10.
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