Severe Injuries (2003)

DVD Cover (Sub Rosa Studios)
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Overall Rating 42%
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Melvin Hubble is the last in a long line of unsuccessful serial killers. Fulfilling his father's dying wish, Melvin sneaks into the Ro Ro Ro sorority house on the night of a big party and completely fails to strike fear into the hearts of the inhabitants. Unbeknownst to Melvin and the girls, there is another killer lurking in the house - one just as inept, but lacking in the courage of Melvin's convictions. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: April 24, 2005
After Melvin Hubble's (Charlie Fleming) father (Bill Watt) dies as a result of sticking a fork in a toaster, Melvin is determined to make his father proud of him. You see, Melvin Sr. made a last request of Melvin as he lay dying in his arms... a request for Melvin to carry on the family legacy and make them proud. The family legacy just so happens to be serial killing, and as Sr. points out just before drawing his last breath, sorority houses are the best places to rack up the body counts. Of course, since it's a Friday night, the residents of the Ro Ro Ro Sorority House are throwing a party, which results in ample victims for our hero to pick off one by one. Attending the party are Lauren (director Amy Lynn Best), Suzie (Robyn Griggs), Holly (Lilith Stabs), Holly's boyfriend Steve (Bill Hahner), Amber (Jenna Bull-Trombold), Tina (Stacey Bartlebaugh-Gmys), Tracy (Robin H. Green), Linda (Roxanne Michaels), Brad (Michael Athey), Ed (Francis Veltri), John (Jim Steinhoff), and finally, Neal (Bill Homan). Ample victims there, indeed. Back to the storyline, Melvin shows up at the sorority house and, although he's a bit inexperienced with the machete (his weapon of choice), he does start to rack up a decent body count... however, all of his fun is quickly ruined when another serial killer, one that is even more inexperienced than Melvin, shows up and ruins Melvin's flawless Sorority House Massacre. Now, Melvin must put an end to both the serial killer and the lives of these innocent party-goers.

Now, this isn't a straight-forward horror film, though the description above may lead you to believe such. This is a parody of all of those cheesy eighties slasher films, and quite the good one at that. Not only does the film parody all of the best elements of the aforementioned slasher films (sorority houses, mindless sex, the cat jumping scares, etc), it also throws in some original material as well (with the "How To Survive A Chick Flick" bit coming in around the top). The humor that is to be found here is goofy, the budget is low, and even the murder scenes are highly laughable... basically, if you're a fan of the Troma style of horror-comedy movies, you'd dig this one.

Speaking of Troma, the man behind the magic himself shows up in this film... Lloyd Kaufman has one of several cameo appearances as an insane asylum doctor. On a personal note, this is the second film in a row that I've watched that has Lloyd making a cameo appearance as a doctor (the last was Orgazmo). Once again, Lloyd brings his typical charm to the film, and even though his scene is quite short, the film is all the better as a result. Also showing up in cameo roles are Brinke Stevens and Debbie Rochon, with Debbie's brief appearances as a feminist professor actually making for some of the best scenes in the movie. The rest of the cast, with two exceptions, were your standard fare for a low-budget outing; none of them were highly skilled actors or actresses, but none of them were anything to bitch about either. The two exceptions would be Amy Lynn Best (Lauren) and Jenna Bull-Trombold (Amber). Amy, also the director of the film, turned in the most solid performance of the movie, even if she did play a (mostly) serious character in a comedy film. Her line delivery and screen presence were top-notch here, and the lady really has a talent for both acting in and directing films. Jenna was the other highlight in my eyes, pulling off the whole Valley Girl blonde bimbo role to perfection. While it's true that that stereotype has been done to death and is rarely funny anymore, Jenna actually made the character worth watching again, which was no small feat.

Fans of Troma films and eighties slashers would be well-advised to pick this one up. Those looking for a great horror-comedy who can put up with a fairly low budget film would most likely also enjoy this one. 7/10.
bradbunson #1: bradbunson - added 03/03/2008, 09:11 PM
Great movie. I think the director for Leslie Vernon watched this, then stole the idea.
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