Naughty Nudes Of The 1960's (2005)

DVD Cover (Retro-Seduction Cinema)
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Retro-Seduction Cinema is proud to introduce its first volume of classic 16mm Nudie Loops from the 1960s. Newly transferred from original film elements, pre-mastered to High-Definition, and presented for the first time ever in widescreen format enhanced for 16x9 televisions, with new and original retro-styled musical soundtrack! Naughty Nudes of the 1960s showcases 16 of the wildest erotically charged girl-next-door darlings ever to tease and tempt and strip their way into your heart. See them bump, see them grind, see them thrust, stroke and fondle, see them do the kinds of things that no self-respecting gal would ever dare to do... even behind closed doors with no camera running! Gets a taste of the genuine peep show experience that always left the patron wanting more...more...more!! --Amazon
42nd Street Pete
42nd Street Pete
The Beautiful Women of Grindhouse Cinema
The Beautiful Women of Grindhouse Cinema
Review by Chad
Added: December 03, 2005
I've received a number of screener DVD's from Seduction Cinema / Retro-Seduction Cinema over the past few months, and there has been a nudie loop on nearly every disc as a bonus feature. Finally, these loops get a disc of their own, and found on this disc is over two hours -- nineteen loops -- ranging from 1960 to 1971 that I believe are exclusive to this release. While I can't say for certain that they've never been seen on other Seduction Cinema discs, I can say that each one was new to me, and as mentioned, I've seen a number of their releases over the last few months.

To start the feature presentation, we get a small history of the nudie loop from smut-expert 42nd Street Pete. He goes into detail about the evolution of the medium, how it went from 8mm, to 16mm, to 32mm, and finally wound up in the video market, and he also goes into detail about how this era is pretty much gone thanks to the "cleaning up" of New York. There's some nice tidbits to be found here, especially when he discusses how underground these things were at one point, and how much legal trouble one could get into for selling or displaying them. The man is full of interesting information on the subject, and he's very easy to listen to... he never drones on or gets boring, and you really wish that he could get a bit more time to discuss these things.

After this brief segment with Pete, we move on to the main attraction: the nudie loops. The main feature on the disc showcases a dozen loops (there's seven more in the bonus features), each with a retro-soundtrack accompaniment. Two bands do most of the work in that regard (The Ubangis and The Pink Delicates), and each are quite good and do a great job of enhancing whichever loop happens to be playing at the time with their music. A few songs are recycled for the bonus features, but each loop on the feature presentation has its own song and each one works out very nicely. I actually wouldn't mind getting some of these songs on CD, as they were quite good and would be nice to play in the background whilst going about my daily routines.

Of course, the main thing going for this disc is the loops themselves and the women found within. There's nothing hardcore here, so if that's your thing, you may want to look elsewhere. However, there's a variety of activities and body-types to be found here, so if you're a fan of softcore and want something besides the normal blonde with big hooters, this would be an excellent disc to check out. A good chunk of these loops just feature the women peddling their wares for the camera, but there's a few that are quite interesting (and some that are downright bizarre). For example, a lady makes... "interesting"... usage of the static electricity produced by balloons, and another lady has a good time with a stuffed snake (the type you would get at a carnival, not a real one). There's also a few that stray from the lone girl pattern, as we see an FFF bondage party and some girl-on-girl loving, but again, this is not a collection of hardcore loops. With all of the above in mind, a few vagina shots is about as hardcore as it gets here. The whole point behind these loops was to keep the customer dumping quarters into the box for as long as possible, so therefore, they always left you wanting more... and with that in mind, they did a damned good job.

I enjoyed the disc, and if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then I'd be willing to wager that you would too. It was nice to have a good collection of these loops on one disc, as I've always enjoyed them when they were included as bonus features on the various other movies I've seen from Seduction Cinema. I, for one, am waiting for a volume two of this collection, and I think that softcore fans or those who want to see the roots of the nudie loop would enjoy it as well. 7/10.
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