Femaliens: Seduction Of The Species (2017)

DVD Cover (Full Moon Pictures)
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Overall Rating 75%
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Connections: Femalien

The Femaliens have touched down, and they want to get down. They've come from the far reaches of sexyspace to seduce mankind any way they can. With their assets in tow, the Femaliens crash land on Venice Beach and find primitive man needing lessons in seduction. As ambassadors of passion, the ladies fulfill their mission and turn the cave boys into cave men. Masters of time and space, the babes return to Venice Beach and find partygoers needing assistance in cutting loose. The Femaliens use their skills to teach the co-eds how to keep the party going for years to come. From Homo Erectus to the modern day (well - the 90's) these troupes of hard-bodied humanoids show the inhabitants of planet earth how to lose their inhibitions and perpetuate the species. --IMDb
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