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Trick or Treat (Pilot) October 29, 1983
The New Man September 30, 1984
I'll Give You a Million October 07, 1984
Pain Killer October 14, 1984
The Odds October 21, 1984
Mookie and Pookie November 04, 1984
Slippage November 11, 1984
Inside the Closet November 18, 1984
The Word Processor of the Gods November 25, 1984
A Case of the Stubborns December 02, 1984
Djinn, No Chaser January 13, 1985
All a Clone by the Telephone January 20, 1985
In the Cards January 27, 1985
Anniversary Dinner February 03, 1985
Snip, Snip February 10, 1985
Answer Me February 17, 1985
The Tear Collector February 24, 1985
Madness Room May 05, 1985
If the Shoes Fit... May 12, 1985
Levitation May 19, 1985
It All Comes Out in the Wash May 26, 1985
Bigalow's Last Smoke June 09, 1985
Grandma's Last Wish June 16, 1985
The False Prophet August 04, 1985
Directed by
Bob Balaban Bob Balaban
Frank De Palma Frank De Palma
John Harrison John Harrison
Armand Mastroianni Armand Mastroianni
James Steven Sadwith James Steven Sadwith
Timna Ranon Timna Ranon
Michael Gornick Michael Gornick
Tom Savini Tom Savini
Gerald Cotts Gerald Cotts
Shelley Levinson Shelley Levinson
Theodore Gershuny Theodore Gershuny
John Strysik John Strysik
Terence Cahalan Terence Cahalan
Richard Friedman Richard Friedman
John Drimmer John Drimmer
John Hayes John Hayes
Warner Shook Warner Shook
Written by
Franco Amurri Franco Amurri
George A. Romero George A. Romero
Mark Durand Mark Durand
Barbara Owens Barbara Owens
John Harrison John Harrison
David Spiel David Spiel
Haskell Barkin Haskell Barkin
James Steven Sadwith James Steven Sadwith
Carole Lucia Satrina Carole Lucia Satrina
Marc Fields Marc Fields
Dan Kleinman Dan Kleinman
Michael Kube-McDowell Michael Kube-McDowell
Michael McDowell Michael McDowell
Stephen King Stephen King
Robert Bloch Robert Bloch
James Houghton James Houghton
Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison
Theodore Gershuny Theodore Gershuny
D.J. Pass D.J. Pass
Tom Allen Tom Allen
Howard Smith Howard Smith
Dennis Schuetz Dennis Schuetz
John Drimmer John Drimmer
Geoffrey Loftus Geoffrey Loftus
Donald Olson Donald Olson
Thomas Epperson Thomas Epperson
David Gerrold David Gerrold
Louis Haber Louis Haber
Armand Mastroianni Armand Mastroianni
Joseph Payne Brennan Joseph Payne Brennan
Harvey Jacobs Harvey Jacobs
Kenneth Wayne Hanis Kenneth Wayne Hanis
Craig Mitchell Craig Mitchell
Jule Selbo Jule Selbo
Larry Fulton Larry Fulton
Paul Sparer Paul Sparer ... Narrator (24 episodes)
Patrick Macnee Patrick Macnee ... Self - Host (only UK version) (3 episodes)
Catherine Battistone Catherine Battistone ... Jenny the Maid (3 episodes)
Barnard Hughes Barnard Hughes ... Gideon Hackles
I.M. Hobson I.M. Hobson ... Mr. Bindle
Max Wright Max Wright ... Mr. Bundle
Joe Ponazecki Joe Ponazecki ... Atticus Kimble
Knowl Johnson Knowl Johnson ... Billy Kimble
Brenda Currin Brenda Currin ... Sarah Kimble
Eddie Jones Eddie Jones ... Victor Muldoon
Patrick Wilcox Patrick Wilcox ... Timothy Muldoon
Eevin Hartsough Eevin Hartsough ... Bessie
Nancy Ellen Sutherland Nancy Ellen Sutherland ... Bessie's Mom
Jessica Rene Carroll Jessica Rene Carroll ... Rickert Daughter (as Jessica Carroll)
Joshua John Miller Joshua John Miller ... Rickert Son (as Joshua Miller)
Frances Chaney Frances Chaney ... Witch
Bill McNulty Bill McNulty ... Pirate
Ed French Ed French ... Devil
Vic Tayback Vic Tayback ... Alan Coombs
Chris Hebert Chris Hebert ... Jerry
Kelly Jean Peters Kelly Jean Peters ... Sharon Coombs
Paul Jenkins Paul Jenkins ... Brad Johnson
Billy Jayne Billy Jayne ... Petey Coombs (as Billy Jacoby)
Jon Jacobs Jon Jacobs ... Roger
Keenan Wynn Keenan Wynn ... Duncan Williams
George Petrie George Petrie ... Jack Blaine (as George O. Petrie)
Michael Freeman Michael Freeman ... Richards
Bradley Fisher Bradley Fisher ... The Devil (as Brad Fisher)
Farley Granger Farley Granger ... Doctor Roebuck
Peggy Cass Peggy Cass ... Nadine Turman
Lou Jacobi Lou Jacobi ... Harvey Turman
Fay Sappington Fay Sappington ... Mrs. Anne Tracey
Danny Aiello Danny Aiello ... Tommy Vale
Tom Noonan Tom Noonan ... Bill Lacey
Robert Weil Robert Weil ... Horace Chadway
Anthony Bishop Anthony Bishop ... Phil the bartender
William Magerman William Magerman ... Drunk
Mario Todisco Mario Todisco ... Mafioso
Michael Quill Michael Quill ... Lacey's Man
Dave Johnson Dave Johnson ... Announcer
Justine Bateman Justine Bateman ... Susan 'Pookie' Anderson
Tippi Hedren Tippi Hedren ... Ruth Anderson
George Sims George Sims ... Harold Anderson
Ron Asher Ron Asher ... Kevin 'Mookie' Anderson
Neil Kinsella Neil Kinsella ... Delivery Man
David Patrick Kelly David Patrick Kelly ... Richard Hall
Philip Casnoff Philip Casnoff ... Chris Wood
Kerry Armstrong Kerry Armstrong ... Elaine Anderson Hall
Harriet Rogers Harriet Rogers ... Mrs. Hall
David Lipman David Lipman ... Mr. Blake
Ruth Miller Ruth Miller ... Secretary
Fritz Weaver Fritz Weaver ... Dr. Fenner
Roberta Weiss Roberta Weiss ... Gail Aynsley
Bruce Davison Bruce Davison ... Richard Hagstrom
Karen Shallo Karen Shallo ... Lina Hagstrom
Patrick Piccininni Patrick Piccininni ... Seth Robert Hagstrom
Bill Cain Bill Cain ... Tom Nordhoff (as William Cain)
Jon Shear Jon Shear ... Jonathan (as Jon Matthews)
Miranda Beeson Miranda Beeson ... Belinda
Eddie Bracken Eddie Bracken ... Grandpa Titus Tolliver
Bill McCutcheon Bill McCutcheon ... Dr. Snodgrass
Tresa Hughes Tresa Hughes ... Voodoo Woman
Christian Slater Christian Slater ... Jody Tolliver
Brent Spiner Brent Spiner ... Reverend Peabody
Barbara Eda-Young Barbara Eda-Young ... Ma Tolliver
Charles Levin Charles Levin ... Danny Squires
Colleen Camp Colleen Camp ... Connie Squires
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ... The Djinn, Jan Bin Jan
Nate Esformes Nate Esformes ... Mohandus Mukhar
Harry Anderson Harry Anderson ... Leon
Marcie Barkin Marcie Barkin ... Dolores
Dick Miller Dick Miller ... Seymour Furman
Tom Newman Tom Newman ... Quentin Karp
David Eastman David Eastman ... The Driver
Dorothy Lyman Dorothy Lyman ... Catherine
Carmen Mathews Carmen Mathews ... Madame Marlena
Teri Keane Teri Keane ... Esther
Wood Romoff Wood Romoff ... Isaac (as Woody Romoff)
Johann Carlo Johann Carlo ... Iris
Rosanna Carter Rosanna Carter ... Mrs. McNeill
Arthur Pierce Arthur Pierce ... Mugger
Alice Ghostley Alice Ghostley ... Elinor Colander
Mario Roccuzzo Mario Roccuzzo ... Henry Colander
Fredrica Duke Fredrica Duke ... Sybil
Michael Cedar Michael Cedar ... Mark
Carol Kane Carol Kane ... Anne MacColl
Bud Cort Bud Cort ... Abe North
Ed Kenney Ed Kenney ... The Announcer
Paul Micale Paul Micale ... Phil
Jean Marsh Jean Marsh ... Joan Matlin
Jessica Harper Jessica Harper ... Prudence
Victor Garber Victor Garber ... Ambrose Cavender
Linda Lee Johnson Linda Lee Johnson ... Gretchen
Eric Bogosian Eric Bogosian ... Junkie
Kay Walbye Kay Walbye ... Young Woman
John Rothman John Rothman ... Young Man
Stuart Whitman Stuart Whitman ... Edward Osborne
Nick Benedict Nick Benedict ... Michael Fox
Therese Pare Therese Pare ... Cathy Osborne
Dick Shawn Dick Shawn ... Bo Gumbs
Harry Goz Harry Goz ... Louie Farnum
John Zarchen John Zarchen ... Peter
Catherine Anne Hayes Catherine Anne Hayes ... Mimi (as Catherine A. Hayes)
Joe Turkel Joe Turkel ... Kharma (as Joseph Turkel)
Brad Cowgill Brad Cowgill ... Frank
Cynthia Frost Cynthia Frost ... Flora
Anthony Thompkins Anthony Thompkins ... Ernie
John Marzilli John Marzilli ... The Carny
Vince Edwards Vince Edwards ... Henry Gropper
James Hong James Hong ... Chow Ting
Ellen Winthrop Ellen Winthrop ... Ginger
Philip Roth Philip Roth ... Sam Larchmont (as Phil Roth)
Richard Romanus Richard Romanus ... Frank Bigalow
Sam Anderson Sam Anderson ... Dr. Synapsis
Howard Dayton Howard Dayton ... Matthews
Jane Connell Jane Connell ... Grandma
Kate McGregor-Stewart Kate McGregor-Stewart ... May Rollins
Paul Avery Paul Avery ... Frank Rollins
Kelly Wolf Kelly Wolf ... Greta Rollins
Gregory Itzin Gregory Itzin ... Newton (as Greg Itzin)
Ronee Blakley Ronee Blakley ... Cassie Pines
Justin Deas Justin Deas ... Heat Jones
Ann Hillary Ann Hillary ... Wanda Sue
Bill Fiore Bill Fiore ... Horace X (voice)
Uncredited Cast
Cynthia Windham Cynthia Windham ... Woman #1 (2 episodes)
Jeff Cohen Jeff Cohen ... Timmy Muldoon
Francisco Aragon Francisco Aragon ... Frankie
Produced by
Michael Gornick Michael Gornick
Richard P. Rubinstein Richard P. Rubinstein
David E. Vogel David E. Vogel
T.J. Castronovo T.J. Castronovo
Jerry Golod Jerry Golod
James R. McGee James R. McGee
George A. Romero George A. Romero
Anthony Santa Croce Anthony Santa Croce
William Teitler William Teitler
Original Music by
John Harrison John Harrison
Tom Noonan Tom Noonan
Additional Info
Premiere: October 29, 1983
DVD Release: February 10, 2009
Country: USA
Distributor: Paramount Studios
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Production Companies
Laurel Entertainment Inc.
Tribune Entertainment
Paramount Television
  (1984) (USA) (TV)
Worldvision Enterprises
  (1991) (USA) (VHS)
Image Entertainment
  (1990) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
LBS Communications
  (USA) (TV)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2009-2010) (USA) (DVD)
Thriller Video
  (USA) (VHS)
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