Da Ali G Show: Season 2 > Credits and Details
Law February 21, 2003
War February 28, 2003
Politics March 07, 2003
Art March 14, 2003
Science March 21, 2003
Belief March 28, 2003
Directed by
James Bobin James Bobin
Dan Mazer Dan Mazer
Written by
Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen
Dan Mazer Dan Mazer
Anthony Hines Anthony Hines
Jamie Glassman Jamie Glassman
James Bobin James Bobin
Tommy Blacha Tommy Blacha
David Eilenberg David Eilenberg
Ed Herbstman Ed Herbstman
Jeff Stilson Jeff Stilson
Craig Thomas Craig Thomas
Ethan T. Berlin Ethan T. Berlin
Michael O'Rourke Michael O'Rourke
Craig DiGregorio Craig DiGregorio
Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen ... Ali G / Borat / BrŁno (6 episodes)
Buzz Aldrin Buzz Aldrin ... Self - Former Astronaut (2 episodes) (as Dr. Buzz Aldrin)
James Baker III James Baker III ... Self (2 episodes) (as James Baker)
Charles Dicagno Charles Dicagno ... Self - Improv teacher (2 episodes) (as Charles Di Cagno=)
Marlin Fitzwater Marlin Fitzwater ... Self (2 episodes)
Lloyd Klein Lloyd Klein ... Self - Fashion Designer
Ed Meese Ed Meese ... Self - Former US Attorney General (as Edwin Meese)
Dick Thornburgh Dick Thornburgh ... Self - Former US Attorney General (as Richard Thornburgh)
Paul Wilmot Paul Wilmot ... Self
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Boutros Boutros-Ghali ... Self
William Byron William Byron ... Self - Catholic Priest
Francisca Cho Francisca Cho ... Self - Georgetown University (as Dr. Francisca Cho)
Barry Freundel Barry Freundel ... Self - Georgetown Synagogue (as Rabbi Barry Freundel)
Bobbie Kirkhart Bobbie Kirkhart ... Self - Atheist Alliance International
Grid Rroji Grid Rroji ... Self - UN Official
Brent Scowcroft Brent Scowcroft ... Self - National Security Advisor, 1982 - 89 (as General Brent Scowcroft)
Gisele BŁndchen Gisele BŁndchen ... Self
Sophie Dahl Sophie Dahl ... Self
Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich ... Self
Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera ... Self
Steve Levine Steve Levine ... Self - Exec Vice President, Early Bird Capital
Andy Sernowitz Andy Sernowitz ... Self CEO Gaspedal Ventures
Jeanne Sullivan Jeanne Sullivan ... Self - Starvest Partners
Donald Trump Donald Trump ... Self
Shail Upadhya Shail Upadhya ... Self - Fashion Desigher
Giovanni Valencia Giovanni Valencia ... Self - Business Coach
Arthur Danto Arthur Danto ... Self (as Prof. Arthur Danto)
James Lipton James Lipton ... Self
Jennifer Defrancisco Jennifer Defrancisco ... Self
John Judge John Judge ... Self
Robert W. Peters Robert W. Peters ... Self
Reed Irvine Reed Irvine ... Self
James Dempsey James Dempsey ... Self
Amer Amer ... Self
Antonio Vega Antonio Vega ... Self
Jonathan Antin Jonathan Antin ... Self
Clint Catalyst Clint Catalyst ... Self
Jeremiah Baumann Jeremiah Baumann ... Self - Public Interest Research Group (as Dr Jeremiah Baumann)
Joseph Coates Joseph Coates ... Self - Futurologist (as Dr Joseph Coates)
Kent Hovind Kent Hovind ... Self - Creationist (as Dr Kent Hovind)
C. Everett Koop C. Everett Koop ... Self (as Dr. C. Everett Koop)
Graham Molitor Graham Molitor ... Self - President, Public Policy Forecasting
Ralph Nader Ralph Nader ... Self
Keith Lawrence Keith Lawrence ... Self
Lee Levinson Lee Levinson ... Self
Jane Thornhill Jane Thornhill ... Self
Tee Woolman Tee Woolman ... Self
Shepard Smith Shepard Smith ... Self
Leanna Heart Leanna Heart ... Self
Jan LaRue Jan LaRue ... Self
Jesse Eubanks Jesse Eubanks ... Self
Shaud Williams Shaud Williams ... Self
Naomi Wolf Naomi Wolf ... Self
Uncredited Cast
Janice Dickinson Janice Dickinson ... Self
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton ... Self
Tara Reid Tara Reid ... Self
Nicky Rothschild Nicky Rothschild ... Self
Produced by
Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen
Kathy Egan Kathy Egan
Peter Fincham Peter Fincham
Beatrice Gay Beatrice Gay
Emma Glassar Emma Glassar
Ben Karlin Ben Karlin
Adam King Adam King
Alf Lawrie Alf Lawrie
Dan Mazer Dan Mazer
Original Music by
Erran Baron Cohen Erran Baron Cohen
Additional Info
Premiere: February 21, 2003
DVD Release: September 13, 2005
Countries: United Kingdom USA
Distributor: HBO Studios
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Four by Two Films
TalkBack Productions
Home Box Office (HBO)
  (2003) (USA) (TV)
Home Box Office Home Video (HBO)
  (2004-) (USA) (DVD)
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