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Directed by
Rusty Apper Rusty Apper
David Boone David Boone
Josh Card Josh Card
Mark Marchillo Mark Marchillo
Kenny Selko Kenny Selko
Kim Sønderholm Kim Sønderholm
Thomas Steen Sørensen Thomas Steen Sørensen
J.P. Wenner J.P. Wenner
Written by
Rusty Apper Rusty Apper
Drew English Drew English
Nicolai Ketelsen Nicolai Ketelsen
Mark Marchillo Mark Marchillo
Zach Rasmussen Zach Rasmussen
Kenny Selko Kenny Selko
Kim Sønderholm Kim Sønderholm
Thomas Steen Sørensen Thomas Steen Sørensen
J.P. Wenner J.P. Wenner
Claire Ross-Brown Claire Ross-Brown ... Julia Herrington (segment "When John Met Julia")
Kim Sønderholm Kim Sønderholm ... John Sykes (segment "When John Met Julia") / Pete Burton (segment "Mental Distortion") / The Executionator (fake trailer segment "The Executionator")
Sally Wells Cook Sally Wells Cook ... Gertrude Follier (segment "Delusion")
Chad Mehle Chad Mehle ... Dory Garren (segment "Delusion")
Elisa Richardson Elisa Richardson ... June Bentwood (segment "Delusion")
James Terry James Terry ... Inspector Garren (segment "Delusion")
Heather Tom Heather Tom ... Veronica Farrow (segment "Delusion")
Jonathon Trent Jonathon Trent ... Flynn Bentwood (segment "Delusion")
Mandy Amano Mandy Amano ... Ellen (segment "Alone")
Jerod Edington Jerod Edington ... Taylor (segment "Alone")
Rusty Apper Rusty Apper ... Ted Bundy (segment "Dead To The World") / Narrator (fake trailer segment "Satan Claws") (as Russ Diapper)
Katelin Ewing Katelin Ewing ... Second victim (segment "Dead To The World") (as Kate Ewing)
Joyia Fitch Joyia Fitch ... Suzanne (segment "Dead To The World")
Paul Kelleher Paul Kelleher ... The Detective (segment "Dead To The World")
Maja Muhlack Maja Muhlack ... Maria Hansson (segment "Mental Distortion")
Guy Nardulli Guy Nardulli ... Detective Wiley (segment "Alone")
Barbara Zatler Barbara Zatler ... Sarah Burton (segment "Mental Distortion')
Adam Boone Adam Boone ... Mr. Blakes (segment "Disconnected")
Kelly Fagin Kelly Fagin ... Girlfriend (segment "Disconnected")
Anthony Wentzel Anthony Wentzel ... Villain (segment "Disconnected")
Martin Frislev Ammitsbøl Martin Frislev Ammitsbøl ... The Man (segment "The Demon")
Mikael Lindeman Mikael Lindeman ... The Demon (segment "The Demon") (as Mikael Lindemann)
Tanashka Sofie Ramji Olsen Tanashka Sofie Ramji Olsen ... The Girl (segment "The Demon") (as Sofie Tanashka Ramji Olsen)
Poul Erik Sklander Poul Erik Sklander ... The Hotel Receptionist (segment "The Demon")
Heather Amos Heather Amos ... Katie (segment "Retina")
Rachel Grubb Rachel Grubb ... Shelly (segment "Retina")
Josh LeSuer Josh LeSuer ... David (segment "Retina")
Clarence Wethern Clarence Wethern ... The Man (segment "Retina")
Leslie Armstrong Leslie Armstrong ... The Nurse (segment "Echoes")
Sean Seuthorp Sean Seuthorp ... The Man (segment "Echoes")
Lars Bjarke Lars Bjarke ... Doctor Mephisto (fake trailer segment "The Executionator")
Alice Haaber Alice Haaber ... Gussy Palore (fake trailer segment "The Executionator")
Tanja Aertebjerg Tanja Aertebjerg ... Wife on family picture (segment "When John met Julia") (as Tanja Ærtebjerg)
Jan Sønderholm Andersen Jan Sønderholm Andersen ... Guy with present (fake trailer segment "Satan Claws")
Toke Lars Bjarke Toke Lars Bjarke ... Son on family picture (segment "When John met Julia")
Uncredited Cast
Oleg Montgomery Herbert Jensen Oleg Montgomery Herbert Jensen ... Man on subway
Produced by
Adrian Alfonso Adrian Alfonso
Michael Bilinski Michael Bilinski
Ashley Scott Davison Ashley Scott Davison
Lyrica Glory Lyrica Glory
Martha Goddard Martha Goddard
Markus Haage Markus Haage
Dan Jagels Dan Jagels
Jan T. Jensen Jan T. Jensen
Kelly Karnetsky Kelly Karnetsky
Paul Kelleher Paul Kelleher
James McDonald James McDonald
Theresa Meeker Theresa Meeker
Damian Nixey Damian Nixey
Jim Pedersen Jim Pedersen
Jason Perlzweig Jason Perlzweig
Joseph Pozo Joseph Pozo
Jay Ruggieri Jay Ruggieri
Elaine Selko Elaine Selko
Melanie Sparks Melanie Sparks
Scott Christian Spencer Scott Christian Spencer
Jeff Stoll Jeff Stoll
Kim Sønderholm Kim Sønderholm
J.P. Wenner J.P. Wenner
Rocky Whitehead Rocky Whitehead
Fabrizio Wiederkehr Fabrizio Wiederkehr
Maximilian Winnberg Maximilian Winnberg
Original Music by
Rusty Apper Rusty Apper
Transition Cirex Transition Cirex
Additional Info
Premiere: April 25, 2008
DVD Release: April 25, 2008
Countries: Denmark USA Australia United Kingdom
Distributor: R Squared Films
Websites: IMDb
Alternate Titles
> The Horror Vault, Vol.1
Production Companies
Cetus Productions
Cetus Productions
  (2008) (World-wide) (all media)
  (2008) (World-wide) (all media)
  (2011) (World-wide) (all media)
  (2008) (World-wide) (all media)
  (2009) (World-wide) (all media)
R-Squared Films
  (2009) (USA) (all media)
  (2008) (USA) (TV)
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