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Directed by
James Cameron James Cameron
Written by
James Cameron James Cameron
Gale Anne Hurd Gale Anne Hurd
William Wisher William Wisher
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger ... Terminator
Michael Biehn Michael Biehn ... Kyle Reese
Linda Hamilton Linda Hamilton ... Sarah Connor
Paul Winfield Paul Winfield ... Lieutenant Ed Traxler
Lance Henriksen Lance Henriksen ... Detective Hal Vukovich
Rick Rossovich Rick Rossovich ... Matt Buchanan
Bess Motta Bess Motta ... Ginger Ventura
Earl Boen Earl Boen ... Dr. Peter Silberman
Dick Miller Dick Miller ... Pawn Shop Clerk
Shawn Schepps Shawn Schepps ... Nancy
Bruce M. Kerner Bruce M. Kerner ... Desk Sergeant
Franco Columbu Franco Columbu ... Future Terminator
Bill Paxton Bill Paxton ... Punk Leader
Brad Rearden Brad Rearden ... Punk
Brian Thompson Brian Thompson ... Punk
William Wisher William Wisher ... Policeman (as William Wisher Jr.)
Ken Fritz Ken Fritz ... Policeman
Tom Oberhaus Tom Oberhaus ... Policeman
Ed Dogans Ed Dogans ... Cop in Alley
Joe Farago Joe Farago ... TV Anchorman
Hettie Lynne Hurtes Hettie Lynne Hurtes ... TV Anchorwoman
Tony Mirelez Tony Mirelez ... Station Attendant
Philip Gordon Philip Gordon ... Mexican Boy
Anthony Trujillo Anthony Trujillo ... Mexican Boy (as Anthony T. Trujillo)
Stan Yale Stan Yale ... Derelict
Al Kahn Al Kahn ... Customer
Leslie Morris Leslie Morris ... Customer
Hugh Farrington Hugh Farrington ... Customer
Harriet Medin Harriet Medin ... Customer
Loree Frazier Loree Frazier ... Customer
James Ralston James Ralston ... Customer
Norman Friedman Norman Friedman ... Cleaning Man (as Norma Friedman)
Barbara Powers Barbara Powers ... Ticket Taker
Wayne Stone Wayne Stone ... Tanker Driver
David Michels David Michels ... Tanker Partner
John E. Bristol John E. Bristol ... Phone Booth Man
Webster Williams Webster Williams ... Reporter
Patrick Pinney Patrick Pinney ... Bar Customer
Bill W. Richmond Bill W. Richmond ... Bartender
Chino 'Fats' Williams Chino 'Fats' Williams ... Truck Driver
Greg Robbins Greg Robbins ... Motel Customer (as Gregory Robbins)
Marianne Muellerleile Marianne Muellerleile ... Wrong Sarah
John Durban John Durban ... Sentry
Uncredited Cast
Marian Green Marian Green ... Dancer shot by the Terminator
J. Randolph Harrison J. Randolph Harrison ... Policeman
David Kristin David Kristin ... Punk
Darrell Mapson Darrell Mapson ... Bar Patron at Pay Phone with Sarah
Bob Ritchie Bob Ritchie ... Bar Patron
John Stuart West John Stuart West ... MacDougal
Produced by
John Daly John Daly
Derek Gibson Derek Gibson
Gale Anne Hurd Gale Anne Hurd
Original Music by
Brad Fiedel Brad Fiedel
Additional Info
Premiere: October 26, 1984
DVD Release: September 03, 1997
Blu-ray Release: June 20, 2006
Countries: United Kingdom USA
Distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Pacific Western
Euro Film Funding
Cinema '84/Greenberg Brothers Partnership (as Cinema '84, A Greenberg Brothers Partnership)
Orion Pictures
  (1984) (USA) (theatrical)
Thorn EMI Video
  (1985) (USA) (VHS)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
  (1987) (USA) (TV)
Home Box Office Home Video (HBO)
  (1988) (USA) (VHS)
Hemdale Home Video
  (1991) (USA) (VHS) (pan and scan)
Hemdale Home Video
  (1991) (USA) (video) (LaserDisc)
Image Entertainment
  (1991) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Image Entertainment
  (1995) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Live Home Video
  (1995) (USA) (VHS)
Image Entertainment
  (1997) (USA) (DVD) (widescreen)
Artisan Entertainment
  (1999) (USA) (VHS)
MGM Home Entertainment
  (2001) (USA) (DVD)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  (2006) (USA) (DVD)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  (2006) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  (2007) (USA) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  (2009) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
Esquire Network
  (2014) (USA) (TV)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  (2015) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
Home Box Office Home Video (HBO)
  (USA) (VHS) (for Hemdale and Weintraub Entertainment)
Live Entertainment
  (USA) (VHS) (widescreen)
Weintraub Entertainment Group
  (USA) (VHS) (through HBO Video)
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