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The Day Will Come When You Won't Be October 23, 2016
The Well October 30, 2016
The Cell November 06, 2016
Service November 13, 2016
Go Getters November 20, 2016
Swear November 27, 2016
Sing Me a Song December 04, 2016
Hearts Still Beating December 11, 2016
Rock in the Road February 12, 2017
New Best Friends February 19, 2017
Hostiles and Calamities February 26, 2017
Say Yes March 05, 2017
Bury Me Here March 12, 2017
The Other Side March 19, 2017
Something They Need March 26, 2017
The First Day of the Rest of Your Life April 02, 2017
Directed by
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero
Alrick Riley Alrick Riley
David Boyd David Boyd
Darnell Martin Darnell Martin
Michael E. Satrazemis Michael E. Satrazemis
Rosemary Rodriguez Rosemary Rodriguez
Jeffrey F. January Jeffrey F. January
Kari Skogland Kari Skogland
Michael Slovis Michael Slovis
Written by
Frank Darabont Frank Darabont
Robert Kirkman Robert Kirkman
Tony Moore Tony Moore
Charlie Adlard Charlie Adlard
Scott M. Gimple Scott M. Gimple
Matthew Negrete Matthew Negrete
Angela Kang Angela Kang
Corey Reed Corey Reed
Channing Powell Channing Powell
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Andrew Lincoln Andrew Lincoln ... Rick Grimes (16 episodes)
Norman Reedus Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon (16 episodes)
Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene (16 episodes)
Chandler Riggs Chandler Riggs ... Carl Grimes (16 episodes)
Danai Gurira Danai Gurira ... Michonne (16 episodes)
Melissa McBride Melissa McBride ... Carol Peletier (16 episodes)
Lennie James Lennie James ... Morgan Jones (16 episodes)
Sonequa Martin-Green Sonequa Martin-Green ... Sasha Williams (16 episodes)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Negan (16 episodes)
Josh McDermitt Josh McDermitt ... Eugene Porter (16 episodes)
Christian Serratos Christian Serratos ... Rosita Espinosa (16 episodes)
Alanna Masterson Alanna Masterson ... Tara Chambler (16 episodes)
Seth Gilliam Seth Gilliam ... Gabriel Stokes (16 episodes)
Ross Marquand Ross Marquand ... Aaron (16 episodes)
Austin Amelio Austin Amelio ... Dwight (16 episodes)
Tom Payne Tom Payne ... Paul 'Jesus' Rovia (15 episodes)
Xander Berkeley Xander Berkeley ... Gregory (15 episodes)
Austin Nichols Austin Nichols ... Spencer Monroe (8 episodes)
Katelyn Nacon Katelyn Nacon ... Enid (8 episodes)
Peter Luis Zimmerman Peter Luis Zimmerman ... Eduardo (6 episodes) (as Peter Zimmerman)
Steven Ogg Steven Ogg ... Simon (5 episodes)
Jordan Woods-Robinson Jordan Woods-Robinson ... Eric (5 episodes)
Khary Payton Khary Payton ... Ezekiel (5 episodes)
Karl Makinen Karl Makinen ... Richard (5 episodes)
Cooper Andrews Cooper Andrews ... Jerry (5 episodes)
Carlos Navarro Carlos Navarro ... Alvaro (5 episodes)
Jason Douglas Jason Douglas ... Tobin (5 episodes)
Mike Seal Mike Seal ... Gary (5 episodes)
Logan Miller Logan Miller ... Benjamin (4 episodes)
Daniel Newman Daniel Newman ... Daniel (4 episodes)
Kerry Cahill Kerry Cahill ... Dianne (4 episodes)
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow Elizabeth Faith Ludlow ... Arat (4 episodes)
Kenric Green Kenric Green ... Scott (4 episodes)
Martinez Martinez ... David (4 episodes)
Joshua Mikel Joshua Mikel ... Jared (3 episodes)
Jayson Warner Smith Jayson Warner Smith ... Gavin (3 episodes)
Macsen Lintz Macsen Lintz ... Henry (3 episodes)
Joshua Hoover Joshua Hoover ... Fat Joey (3 episodes)
Tim Parati Tim Parati ... Dr. Emmett Carson (3 episodes)
Lindsley Register Lindsley Register ... Laura (3 episodes)
Ann Mahoney Ann Mahoney ... Olivia (3 episodes)
Dahlia Legault Dahlia Legault ... Francine (3 episodes)
James Chen James Chen ... Kal (3 episodes)
Karen Ceesay Karen Ceesay ... Bertie (3 episodes)
Pollyanna McIntosh Pollyanna McIntosh ... Jadis (3 episodes)
Thomas Francis Murphy Thomas Francis Murphy ... Brion (3 episodes)
Sabrina Gennarino Sabrina Gennarino ... Tamiel (3 episodes)
Michael Cudlitz Michael Cudlitz ... Abraham Ford (2 episodes)
Jason Burkey Jason Burkey ... Kevin (2 episodes)
Christine Evangelista Christine Evangelista ... Sherry (2 episodes)
Brian Stapf Brian Stapf ... Roy (2 episodes)
David Silverman David Silverman ... Kent (2 episodes) (as David Marshall Silverman)
R. Keith Harris R. Keith Harris ... Dr. Carson (2 episodes)
Deborah May Deborah May ... Natania (2 episodes)
Sydney Park Sydney Park ... Cyndie (2 episodes)
Briana Venskus Briana Venskus ... Beatrice (2 episodes)
Nicole Barré Nicole Barré ... Kathy (2 episodes) (as Nicole Barre)
Mimi Kirkland Mimi Kirkland ... Rachel (2 episodes)
Aerli Austen Aerli Austen ... Isabelle (2 episodes)
Autumn Dial Autumn Dial ... Amber (2 episodes)
Elyse Dufour Elyse Dufour ... Frankie (2 episodes) (as Elyse Nicole DuFour)
Chloé Aktas Chloé Aktas ... Tanya (2 episodes)
Ilan Muallem Ilan Muallem ... Wesley (2 episodes) (as Ilan Srulovicz)
Brett Gentile Brett Gentile ... Freddie (2 episodes)
Steven Yeun Steven Yeun ... Glenn Rhee
Kevin Patrick Murphy Kevin Patrick Murphy ... Male Survivor (Fresh Walker)
Jule Culotta Jule Culotta ... Choir
Madalyn Hardwick Madalyn Hardwick ... Choir
Jelani Watkins Jelani Watkins ... Choir
Devon Higgins Devon Higgins ... Choir
Stephen Pepper Stephen Pepper ... Choir
Taylor Conley Taylor Conley ... Choir
Erin Barksdale Erin Barksdale ... Choir
Will Nichols Will Nichols ... Choir
Michael Scialabba Michael Scialabba ... Gordon
Noah Benjamin Noah Benjamin ... Red Haired Man
Ted Huckabee Ted Huckabee ... Bruce
Mandi Christine Kerr Mandi Christine Kerr ... Barbara
Vanessa Cloke Vanessa Cloke ... Anna
Robert Walker Branchaud Robert Walker Branchaud ... Neil (as Robert Walker-Branchaud)
Corey Hawkins Corey Hawkins ... Heath
Jaqueline Fleming Jaqueline Fleming ... Laundry Woman #1 (as Jacqueline Fleming)
Lane Carlock Lane Carlock ... Laundry Woman #2
Brian F. Durkin Brian F. Durkin ... George
Ricky Russert Ricky Russert ... Chris
Griffin Freeman Griffin Freeman ... Mark
Jeremy Palko Jeremy Palko ... Andy
Gina Stewart Gina Stewart ... Vendor
Tyshon Freeman Tyshon Freeman ... Worker
Nadine Marissa Nadine Marissa ... Nabila
Stephan Jones Stephan Jones ... Bike Park Savior (as Stephen Jones)
Anthony Michael Lopez Anthony Michael Lopez ... Hilltopper (as Anthony Lopez)
Anja Akstin Anja Akstin ... Farron
Uncredited Cast
Anthony J Sacco Anthony J Sacco ... Walker (9 episodes)
Josh Turner Josh Turner ... Tattooed Savior (7 episodes)
Chloe Garcia-Frizzi Chloe Garcia-Frizzi ... Judith Grimes (6 episodes)
W.F. Bell W.F. Bell ... Savior (5 episodes)
Stephen Vining Stephen Vining ... Walker (5 episodes)
Indiana Sifuentes Indiana Sifuentes ... Savior (5 episodes)
NM Garcia NM Garcia ... Savior (4 episodes)
Lewis 'Lj' Johnson III Lewis 'Lj' Johnson III ... Kingdom Guard Survivor (4 episodes)
Cassidy Balkcom Cassidy Balkcom ... Hilltop Member (4 episodes)
Zach Ball Zach Ball ... Savior (3 episodes)
Jon Buckhouse Jon Buckhouse ... Walker (3 episodes)
Rogelio Lorenzo Rogelio Lorenzo ... Red Beanie Savior (3 episodes)
Hunter Watson Hunter Watson ... Savior (3 episodes)
Roy Coulter Roy Coulter ... Guard (3 episodes)
Carol Parente Carol Parente ... Kingdom Community Member (3 episodes)
Blaine Rincon Blaine Rincon ... Savior (3 episodes)
Jennifer Davis Brennan Jennifer Davis Brennan ... Alexandria Resident (3 episodes)
Corey Jason Thomas Corey Jason Thomas ... Survivor / Sanctuary Vendor (3 episodes)
Stacey Crowder Stacey Crowder ... Savior (2 episodes)
Louie g Maldonado Louie g Maldonado ... Fog Walker (2 episodes)
Whit Whitman Whit Whitman ... Pick Axe Savior (2 episodes)
Melissa Eastwood Melissa Eastwood ... Kingdom Community Member / Pig Tender (2 episodes)
Michael Layman Michael Layman ... Kingdom Community Member (2 episodes)
Curtis Jackson Curtis Jackson ... Bob Miller (2 episodes)
Lenny Lenox Lenny Lenox ... Savior (2 episodes)
Marisol Correa Marisol Correa ... Oceanside Sentry Female (2 episodes)
Belleamie McMillan Belleamie McMillan ... Oceanside Resident (2 episodes)
Jeremy T. Thomas Jeremy T. Thomas ... Oceansider / Oceanside Resident (2 episodes)
Angela Gay Angela Gay ... Savior (2 episodes)
Ryan Newton Ryan Newton ... Walker (2 episodes)
Tyler J. Shaw Tyler J. Shaw ... Hilltop Member (2 episodes)
Tim Wollack Tim Wollack ... Heapster (2 episodes)
Chad L. Coleman Chad L. Coleman ... Tyreese Williams (archive footage)
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Lawrence Gilliard Jr. ... Bob Stookey (archive footage)
Emily Kinney Emily Kinney ... Beth Greene (archive footage)
Tinsley Price Tinsley Price ... Judith Grimes
Sarah Wayne Callies Sarah Wayne Callies ... Lori Grimes (archive footage)
Tyler James Williams Tyler James Williams ... Noah (archive footage)
Scott Wilson Scott Wilson ... Hershel Greene (archive footage)
Jordan Woods-Robinson Jordan Woods-Robinson ... Eric (archive footage)
Tamara A. Bruno Tamara A. Bruno ... Twin
Tatiana A. Bruno Tatiana A. Bruno ... Twin
Perry Johnson Perry Johnson ... Kingdom Survivor
Ian O'Neil Ian O'Neil ... Kingdom Survivor
Christine Evangelista Christine Evangelista ... Sherry (voice)
Brian Stapf Brian Stapf ... Roy
David Silverman David Silverman ... Kent
Michael Ananicz Michael Ananicz ... Hilltop Walker
Andrew S. McMillan Andrew S. McMillan ... Sand Walker
Lisa Shirley Lisa Shirley ... Female Sentry
Lara Lee Slaughter Lara Lee Slaughter ... Oceanside Survivor Guard
Stacie Ballard Stacie Ballard ... Savior
Evan Lopez Evan Lopez ... Savior
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero ... Walker in front of The Sancutary
Bobby Buls Bobby Buls ... Kingdom Archer
Gino Crognale Gino Crognale ... Winslow
Emelita T. Gonzalez Emelita T. Gonzalez ... Scavenger
John Carroll Lynch John Carroll Lynch ... Eastman (archive footage)
Keisha Tillis Keisha Tillis ... Jenny Jones (archive footage)
Adrian Kali Turner Adrian Kali Turner ... Duane Jones (archive footage)
Alyssa Riley Burrell Alyssa Riley Burrell ... Hilltop Girl
Marc Demeter Marc Demeter ... Hilltop Resident
Earl David Jones Earl David Jones ... Hilltop Member
Wil Smith Wil Smith ... Hilltop Member
Kathi Binkley Kathi Binkley ... Oceanside Survivalist
Gina Cordan Gina Cordan ... Oceanside Resident
Renah Gallagher Renah Gallagher ... Oceansider
Chatejah George Chatejah George ... Oceansider
Melissa Kay Glaze Melissa Kay Glaze ... Hilltop Survivor
Catherine Jerald Catherine Jerald ... Oceansider
Preston Kameka Preston Kameka ... Male Survivor
Sarah McCunney Sarah McCunney ... Oceanside survivor
Misty Autery Misty Autery ... Savior
Jimmy Dempster Jimmy Dempster ... Savior
Bobby Hoskins Bobby Hoskins ... Alexandrian
Jake Kearney Jake Kearney ... Nelson
Eric Kshywonis Eric Kshywonis ... Survivor
Scott Lomas Scott Lomas ... Savior
Mark Smith Mark Smith ... Savior
Produced by
David Alpert David Alpert
Amy Barnes Amy Barnes
Alex Coley Brown Alex Coley Brown
Jolly Dale Jolly Dale
Ryan DeGard Ryan DeGard
Scott M. Gimple Scott M. Gimple
Gale Anne Hurd Gale Anne Hurd
Denise M. Huth Denise M. Huth
Angela Kang Angela Kang
Robert Kirkman Robert Kirkman
Tom Luse Tom Luse
John Marler John Marler
Matthew Negrete Matthew Negrete
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero
Channing Powell Channing Powell
Corey Reed Corey Reed
Caleb Womble Caleb Womble
Original Music by
Bear McCreary Bear McCreary
Additional Info
Premiere: October 23, 2016
DVD Release: August 22, 2017
Blu-ray Release: August 22, 2017
Country: USA
Distributor: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
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Production Companies
American Movie Classics (AMC) (presents)
Circle of Confusion
Valhalla Motion Pictures (as Valhalla Entertainment)
Darkwoods Productions
AMC Studios
Idiot Box Productions
American Movie Classics (AMC)
  (2010-) (USA) (TV)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2011) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (season 1)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2011) (USA) (DVD) (season 1)
KVH Media Group
  (2015) (World-wide) (all media) (Ships)
KVH Media Group
  (2015) (World-wide) (all media) (ships)
Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  (2017-) (USA) (Blu-ray)
Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  (2017-) (USA) (DVD)
  (2011) (USA) (TV) (internet)
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