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Directed by
Enki Bilal Enki Bilal
Written by
Enki Bilal Enki Bilal
Serge Lehman Serge Lehman
Linda Hardy Linda Hardy ... Jill
Thomas Kretschmann Thomas Kretschmann ... Nikopol
Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Rampling ... Elma Turner
Yann Collette Yann Collette ... Froebe
Frédéric Pierrot Frédéric Pierrot ... John
Thomas M. Pollard Thomas M. Pollard ... Horus
Joe Sheridan Joe Sheridan ... Allgood
Corinne Jaber Corinne Jaber ... Lily Liang
Olivier Achard Olivier Achard ... Checker
Jerry Di Giacomo Jerry Di Giacomo ... Jack Turner
Dominique Mahut Dominique Mahut ... Hotel Receptionist
Gary Cowan Gary Cowan ... Tycho Barman
Augustin Legrand Augustin Legrand ... Pusher / Salesman
Javon Constantin Javon Constantin ... Eugenics' Little Boy
Owen Steketee Owen Steketee ... Horus's Baby
Joel Mitchell Joel Mitchell ... Huxley (as Joël Mitchell)
Shush Tenin Shush Tenin ... Anubis
Vanessa Hope Vanessa Hope ... Bastet
Charles Maquignon Charles Maquignon ... The Giant
Derrick Brenner Derrick Brenner ... Jonas
Rhonda Constantin Rhonda Constantin ... Civil Servant
Tony Vanaria Tony Vanaria ... Barman Giant's Bar / Nurse
David Gasman David Gasman ... Customer in Giant's Bar
Thierry René Thierry René ... Sam (as Thierry Ashanti)
Jacquelyn Toman Jacquelyn Toman ... Elma Turner's Patient
Eddie Crew Eddie Crew ... Pilot Helicopter 2 / Policeman 2
Mark Reed Mark Reed ... Pilot Helicopter 1 / Policeman 1 (as Marc Reed)
Rochelle Redfield Rochelle Redfield ... Schneider
Max Delor Max Delor ... Egyptologue
Barbara Scaff Barbara Scaff ... Jill (voice) (as Barbara Weber-Scaff)
Dominic Gould Dominic Gould ... John (voice)
Geoffrey Carey Geoffrey Carey ... Froebe / Checker (voice) (as Geoffrey Carrey)
Allan Wenger Allan Wenger ... Hotel Receptionist (voice)
Paul Bandey Paul Bandey ... Dayaks (voice)
Coralie Seyrig Coralie Seyrig ... Bastet (voice)
Goran Vejvoda Goran Vejvoda ... Anubis (voice)
Helen Later Helen Later ... Conti / Speaker Meteo (voice) (as Helene Later)
Paul Barrett Paul Barrett ... Pilot Helico (voice)
Leslie Clack Leslie Clack ... Co-Pilot / Background Voices (voice) (as Les Clack)
Lemmy Constantine Lemmy Constantine ... Voice Over (voice)
Robert Dauney Robert Dauney ... Security Gard (voice) (as Robert Dawney)
Geoffrey Greenhill Geoffrey Greenhill ... Policemen Voices (voice)
Irene Palko Irene Palko ... Back Ground Voices (voice)
Féodor Atkine Féodor Atkine ... Horus (voice)
Jacques Bonnaffé Jacques Bonnaffé ... Allgood (voice)
Patrice Bornand Patrice Bornand ... Géant (voice)
Géraldine Bourgue Géraldine Bourgue ... Fonctionnaire (voice)
Bernard Brieux Bernard Brieux ... Huxley (voice) (as Bernard Gabay)
Pierre-Jean Chérer Pierre-Jean Chérer ... Barman Géant (voice)
Anne-Laure Delpech Anne-Laure Delpech ... Présentation météo (voice)
Nathalie Lacroix Nathalie Lacroix ... Schneider (voice)
Pierre Laplace Pierre Laplace ... Vendeur / Flic (voice)
Lucienne Legrand Lucienne Legrand ... Patiente (voice)
Marine Logier Marine Logier ... Conti (voice)
Françoise Lorente Françoise Lorente ... Ambiances (voice)
Michael Ozanon Michael Ozanon ... Pilote (voice)
Alexis Perret Alexis Perret ... Vendeur / Flic (voice)
Christophe Ratandra Christophe Ratandra ... Sam (voice)
Christophe Raymond Christophe Raymond ... Copilote / Infirmier (voice)
Philippe Risler Philippe Risler ... Jonas / Barman Tycho (voice)
Jean-Claude Sachot Jean-Claude Sachot ... Faux Dayak (voice)
Christopher Thompson Christopher Thompson ... Nikopol (voice)
Jean-Louis Trintignant Jean-Louis Trintignant ... Jack Turner (voice)
Produced by
Dominique Brunner Dominique Brunner
Sylvie Chevereau-Marchais Sylvie Chevereau-Marchais
Charles Gassot Charles Gassot
Daniel J. Walker Daniel J. Walker
Original Music by
Sigur Rós Sigur Rós
Goran Vejvoda Goran Vejvoda
Additional Info
Premiere: March 13, 2004
DVD Release: June 21, 2005
Blu-ray Release: December 02, 2008
Countries: France Italy United Kingdom
Distributor: First Look Pictures
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Alternate Titles
> God Diva
> Immortel (Ad Vitam)
Production Companies
TF1 Films Production (as TF1 Films Production)
CiBy 2000
RF2K Productions (as RF2K)
Force Majeure Productions
Medusa Film
TPS Star (paticipation)
Cofimage 13 (association with)
Natexis Banques Populaires Images 2 (association with)
Sofica Valor 6 (association with)
First Look International
  (2005) (USA) (DVD)
First Look International
  (USA) (theatrical)
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