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Directed by
Martin Loke Martin Loke
Written by
Martin Loke Martin Loke
Oliver Boullet Oliver Boullet ... Oliver
Miriam Johansson Miriam Johansson ... Miriam Johnsen / Mother Earth
Martin Loke Martin Loke ... The Normal One / Post 2 / Voice in speaker / Voice of Monks / Goat chewing
Magne Jahrestein Magne Jahrestein ... The King
Silje Andresen Silje Andresen ... The Princess (as Silje Andreasen)
Benjamin Rørstad Benjamin Rørstad ... Post 1 / First appearing monk
Lars Torp Lars Torp ... The fugitive - Old / Third appearing monk
Lars Erik Ringstad Nordrum Lars Erik Ringstad Nordrum ... The fugitive - Young
Lise Løke Lise Løke ... Second appearing monk / Girl going into anus
Hilde Løke Hilde Løke ... Woman in radioroom / Voice of Mother Earth
Fredrik Løke Fredrik Løke ... Exposed monk
Frank Løke Frank Løke ... Sleepy guard / A dreg of society
Eivind Pedersen Eivind Pedersen ... Butler
Andre Iversen Andre Iversen ... Guard 1 in front of King
Vegar Bakke Vegar Bakke ... Guard 2 in front of King
Kristine Hvitstein Olafsen Kristine Hvitstein Olafsen ... Hooker on Kings floor
Daniel Løke Daniel Løke ... 1 boy pointing / A dreg of society
Jonas Johansson Jonas Johansson ... 2 boy pointing
Jøran Kokvold Jøran Kokvold ... 3 boy pointing
Mads Abrahamsen Mads Abrahamsen ... Soldier at green barn
Henning Steen Henning Steen ... Captain I.T.Carlson
Hans Christian Bach Hans Christian Bach ... 1 guard at gate
Morten Jacobsen Morten Jacobsen ... 2 guard at gate
Sander Vasvik Løke Sander Vasvik Løke ... Opening credits baby
Hanne Gerd Nalum Hanne Gerd Nalum ... 1 nurse
Ingrid B. Marthinsen Ingrid B. Marthinsen ... 2 nurse
Heidi Løke Heidi Løke ... 3 nurse / Alien / A dreg of society
Pål Tvedt Pål Tvedt ... Soldier doing execution / Person at hospital
Trond Løke Trond Løke ... A dreg of society
Katrine Vasvik Katrine Vasvik ... A dreg of society
Øystein Gokstad Andersen Øystein Gokstad Andersen ... A dreg of society
Lasse Nilsen Lasse Nilsen ... A dreg of society
Tom Erling N. Tvedt Tom Erling N. Tvedt ... A dreg of society
Mette Einarsen Mette Einarsen ... A dreg of society
Nina Groland Nina Groland ... A dreg of society
Pal Jacobsen Pal Jacobsen ... A dreg of society
Aleksander Schanche Aleksander Schanche ... Person at hospital
Rein Andre Johnsen Rein Andre Johnsen ... Person at hospital
Edgar Mathisen Edgar Mathisen ... Person at hospital
Bjørnar Myhre Aas Bjørnar Myhre Aas ... Person at hospital
Tomas Di Sansimone Tomas Di Sansimone ... Person at hospital (as Thomas Sansimone)
Karoline Eng Karoline Eng ... Person at hospital
Einar Vasvik Einar Vasvik ... Person at hospital
Eidar Eian Jensen Eidar Eian Jensen ... Person at hospital
Fredrik Kramer Fredrik Kramer ... Person at hospital
Roar Eian Jensen Roar Eian Jensen ... Person at hospital
Robert Løsnes Robert Løsnes ... Person at hospital
Kenneth Frøyland Kenneth Frøyland ... Person at hospital
Johnny Bøhler Johnny Bøhler ... Person at hospital
Alan Clifton Alan Clifton ... The Fugitive - Old (voice)
David Beresford David Beresford ... The Normal One (voice)
Astrid Vasvik Løke Astrid Vasvik Løke ... Opening credits baby (voice)
Produced by
Martin Loke Martin Loke
Original Music by
Stian Tveit Stian Tveit
Additional Info
Premiere: May 16, 2003
DVD Release: December 15, 2015
Country: Norway
Distributor: Wild Eye Releasing
Websites: IMDb
Alternate Titles
> Alien Scum
Production Companies
Wring Wrong Films
Wild Eye Releasing
  (2015) (USA) (all media)
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