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Directed by
Mark Hartley Mark Hartley
Written by
Mark Hartley Mark Hartley
Andrew Leavold Andrew Leavold
Roger Corman Roger Corman ... Himself - Producer / Director 'The Little Shop of Horrors'
John Landis John Landis ... Himself
Pete Tombs Pete Tombs ... Himself
Mark Holcomb Mark Holcomb ... Himself
Joe Dante Joe Dante ... Himself - New World Filmmaker 'Gremlins'
Joseph Zucchero Joseph Zucchero ... Himself
Joe Viola Joe Viola ... Himself
R. Lee Ermey R. Lee Ermey ... Himself
Samuel M. Sherman Samuel M. Sherman ... Himself
Brian Trenchard-Smith Brian Trenchard-Smith ... Himself
Jane Schaffer Jane Schaffer ... Herself
Sid Haig Sid Haig ... Himself
Marlene Clark Marlene Clark ... Herself - Actress 'Night of the Cobra Woman'
Jack Hill Jack Hill ... Himself
Jon Davison Jon Davison ... Himself - Executive Producer 'Robocop'
Nick Deocampo Nick Deocampo ... Himself
Eddie Romero Eddie Romero ... Himself
Gerardo de Leon Gerardo de Leon ... Himself - Director (archive footage)
Eddie Garcia Eddie Garcia ... Himself
Kane W. Lynn Kane W. Lynn ... Himself - Producer (archive footage)
John Ashley John Ashley ... Himself - Actor / Producer (archive footage)
Danny Peary Danny Peary ... Himself
Celeste Yarnall Celeste Yarnall ... Herself
Barbara Pokras Barbara Pokras ... Herself
Jonathan Demme Jonathan Demme ... Himself - New World Filmmaker
Judith Brown Judith Brown ... Herself - Actress (as Judy Brown)
Steve Carver Steve Carver ... Himself - New World Filmmaker / Trailer Editor
Dick Miller Dick Miller ... Himself
Allan Arkush Allan Arkush ... Himself - New Worl Filmmaker / Trailer Editor
Andrea Cagan Andrea Cagan ... Herself - Actress
Pam Grier Pam Grier ... Herself
Gloria Hendry Gloria Hendry ... Herself
Lenore Kasdorf Lenore Kasdorf ... Herself
Margaret Markov Margaret Markov ... Herself
Susanne Reed Susanne Reed ... Herself
Marissa Delgado Marissa Delgado ... Herself
Laurie Rose Laurie Rose ... Herself
Carmen Argenziano Carmen Argenziano ... Himself - Actor
Ferdinand Marcos Ferdinand Marcos ... Himself (archive footage)
Dean Tavoularis Dean Tavoularis ... Himself
Imelda Marcos Imelda Marcos ... Herself (archive footage)
Jan Merlin Jan Merlin ... Himself
Patrick Wayne Patrick Wayne ... Himself
Leigh Christian Leigh Christian ... Herself - Actress
Cirio H. Santiago Cirio H. Santiago ... Himself (archive footage)
Jayne Kennedy Jayne Kennedy ... Herself
Rosanne Katon Rosanne Katon ... Herself
Martin Scorsese Martin Scorsese ... Himself (archive footage)
Peter Fonda Peter Fonda ... Himself (archive footage)
David Carradine David Carradine ... Himself (archive footage)
Ron Howard Ron Howard ... Himself (archive footage)
Jonathan Kaplan Jonathan Kaplan ... Himself - New World Filmmaker
Digna Santiago Digna Santiago ... Herself
Colleen Camp Colleen Camp ... Herself - Actress
Ricardo Remias Ricardo Remias ... Himself
Trina Parks Trina Parks ... Herself
Darby Hinton Darby Hinton ... Himself
Bobby A. Suarez Bobby A. Suarez ... Himself - Producer / Director (archive footage)
Marrie Lee Marrie Lee ... Herself
Christopher Mitchum Christopher Mitchum ... Himself
Franco Guerrero Franco Guerrero ... Himself
Paul Koslo Paul Koslo ... Himself
Francis Coppola Francis Coppola ... Himself (archive footage)
Fred Roos Fred Roos ... Himself
Eddie Nicart Eddie Nicart ... Himself
Dick Randall Dick Randall ... Himself - Producer / Distributor (archive footage)
Imee Marcos Imee Marcos ... Herself - Daughter of Ferdinand Marcos
Corliss Randall Corliss Randall ... Herself
Alan Birkinshaw Alan Birkinshaw ... Himself
Uncredited Cast
Weng Weng Weng Weng ... Himself - Actor (archive footage)
Vic Diaz Vic Diaz ... Himself (archive footage)
Leo Fong Leo Fong ... Himself (archive footage)
Leon Isaac Kennedy Leon Isaac Kennedy ... Himself
Efren C. Piņon Efren C. Piņon ... Himself
Produced by
Veronica Fury Veronica Fury
Mark Hartley Mark Hartley
Melissa Hines Melissa Hines
Andrew Leavold Andrew Leavold
Mark Woods Mark Woods
Original Music by
Jamie Blanks Jamie Blanks
Additional Info
Premiere: July 24, 2010
DVD Release: November 01, 2011
Country: Australia
Distributor: Dark Sky Films
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia Facebook
Production Companies
Screen Australia (presents)
Fury Productions
Bionic Boy Productions
Melbourne International Film Festival (in association with) (Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund)
Film Victoria (in association with)
Screen Queensland (in association with)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (in association with)
Film Victoria (with the assistance of)
Screen Queensland (with the financial support of)
Melbourne International Film Festival (with the financial support of)
Celluloid Dreams
  (2010) (World-wide) (all media) (as Celluloid Nightmares)
Dark Sky Films
  (2011) (USA) (DVD)
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